This is the upcoming Leica T type 701 mirrorless interchangeable lens camera

A quick update from LeicaRumors: this is the upcoming Leica T type 701 camera. For additional details see this post:

  • Announcement on April 24th
  • The new T model will not be a MFT camera and it will not be based on an existing Panasonic model
  • APS-C sensor
  • Optional EVF
  • The body will be made in Germany and it will be very solid built with a special new/unique design/production process
  • The new T lenses (both primes and zooms) will be made in Asia (most likely by Panasonic in Japan).
  • Touchscreen LCD
  • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • A new adapter that will let you use M lenses on the T body will also be announced
  • US price: over $3,000 for camera+lens kit.
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  • Ranger 9

    I don’t buy into the Leica mystique, but this actually looks interesting — especially if they are doing something to optimize the sensor for use with M lenses (often dodgy on existing M-adaptable cameras.) BUT… the EVF is optional? Ewww… unless it’s much better integrated than existing optional EVFs, which stick out awkwardly from all existing cameras that offer them.

  • Babiosio

    NO thank you! I won’t buy.

  • Vin

    I like it, and I know other people that will also, … love Leica lenses
    hope its close to Leica M 4/3 lens prices, otherwise I will stay with Fuji and Nikon,
    Maybe Leica wants to try a new audience and win some new fans.

  • Jassem

    Rich fanboys would be butthurt for the change in design.

  • ed leskin

    This is overpriced junk! Hello Fuji and Sony!!!!

  • db_ch

    Yet another mount..

  • hexx

    That’s very ugly looking camera. Can’t believe Leica would put their ne on it

    • hexx


  • Karen G.

    Only good idea – Panasonic with APS-C … but expensive.

  • sperdynamite

    I can’t wait to hear the X Vario apologists come up with reasons why this camera is ‘superior’ with ‘solid feeling build.’

  • BP2012

    German camera and japanese lenses?
    I prefer japanese cameras and german lenses.

    • vwk

      Yes. Japanese cameras and German lenses makes far more sense.

    • BidA

      agree totally!

      but maybe leica has another plan. with this camera they will improve on camera body technology. and with their already superb lens, in the future they can do both camera+lens without help from japanese partners.

      • Benjamin

        They will never be able to compete with Japanese on camera technology. German camera manufacturers can only sell their cameras as luxury goods to charge a premium for their brand equity (Mostly History in my opinion). Just like LV handbags for ladies, if you have some money and do not care much about the utility value, why not?

    • Blake

      Pretty much all Zeiss-branded glass is now made in Japan by Cosina (or Sony) (I believe their rangefinder glass may still be “made in Germany” but it’s a drop in the bucket compared to SLR lens sales).

    • Crowdedhousenl

      BP2012… You’r iright…but some Japanese lens aren’t bad too

  • TT

    Looks like a Samsung, and thats not a compliment.

    • madmax

      Entry level Samsung NX or Sony NEX cameras are not very nice looking. This is about the same, but worse, because pricing is ridiculous.

  • Cynog

    Why does it have a Zeiss lens on it?

    • Blake

      Good question. It’s a ZM rangefinder lens, probably mounted on an adapter.

  • fjfjjj

    I really hope this doesn’t have a shutter speed dial. I wouldn’t want it to damage the market value of my M collection.

  • Wificor27

    Very very very expensive. Leica make a new joke.

  • lord eels

    3000 $? ahahahahahhahaa

  • camaman

    Now watch them make the flange distance longer than M mount and shoot themselves in the foot.

  • Zos Xavius

    Why would leica start building an aps-c system at this point in time? Oddly, outside of the S2, this would be their only modern mount. Most of the new mounts and mirrorless solutions have all focused on APS-C or smaller. I don’t think aps-c is going away anytime soon. In fact it still seems very much the active focus outside of sony and canikon.

  • BidA

    Camera body does not look Leica-y at all. Hate the design. Looks like it is from some unknown Chinese company making knockoff cheap designs. WHY?

  • MJ Coffey

    Looks interesting..

    • madmax

      Really? I think it looks like a cheap camera.

      • NerdBuster

        I think you look like a horse arse…

  • MJ Coffey


  • EnoughJunk

    3000 USD for APS-C? This is even sillier than M43.

    • madmax

      APSC or not APSC is not important, but the quality of the camera. You, fullframemaniacs, are only wannabe photographers. This said, price is way too high for a camera without an integrated viewfinder and probably outdated technology.

      • TwatMax

        Shut up twitty twat…

  • Mark James Luzzi

    I think Leica and Hasselblad need a REAL camera person running them,not some bean counter producing lame rebadged products at high prices.

  • Blake

    I suppose that Leica has decided not to use μ4/3 because of the sensor, not the mount:

    – they feel that low-light performance isn’t good enough (& presumably APS-C is…)

    – All interchangeable lens Leicas up to this point have had a 3:2 aspect ratio, not 4/3.

    But even taking these factors into consideration, they are a 4/3 member and releasing a new camera system in this day & age without using an established lens mount is one nail in the coffin before it’s even launched (I’m looking at you, Samsung…).

    Only Fuji seems to have been successful at that game & it’s likely due to the combination of having a lot of very good inexpensive lenses that make the system attractive, and a slew of adapters to other systems being available early on. I don’t imagine either will be the case for this Leica.

  • Blake

    Looks suspiciously like a Samsung body design…

  • Crowdedhousenl

    Leica has a wonderful tradition in Glass, in Lenses.
    There Leica M3 from 1952 has never been better bij any M.

    So if they don’t make their superior Summiluxes, Crons etc in a small AF variant and let Panasonic or other make a 21st century M3, maybe Cosina, than Leica will be the next Hasselblad

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