Adobe Lightroom for iPad, Camera Raw 8.4 and Lightroom 5.4 released

Adobe officially announced the previously rumored Adobe Lightroom mobile version for iPad that lets you:

  • sync mobile edits, metadata and collection changes back to the Lightroom catalog on a Mac or Windows computer
  • automatically import images captured on an iPad and sync back to a Lightroom catalog on the desktop
  • work on images, even when your iPad is offline, for a truly portable experience
  • sync photos between Lightroom 5 and Lightroom mobile; synced photos can also be viewed from any Web browser

Adobe Lightroom for iPad is included in the Photoshop Photography Program ($9.99 per month) that also includes Lightroom 5, Photoshop CC and Behance. The iPad app will only be available trough a cloud subscription:


Adobe also released Camera Raw 8.4, DNG Converter 8.4 and Lightroom 5.4:

Here are few Adobe Lightroom for iPad how-to videos:

Via Adobe

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  • Oh man, I’ve been looking forward to this! I hope there is no stupid “cloud” gotcha.

    • Big Al

      I have the desktop version of LR5. I downloaded the update and I now have access to LR5 for ipad… only I don’t have an ipad.

  • George Kalogeris

    Hoping for an android version.
    Not limited to tablets

  • Mike

    So wait, I just upgraded to standalone LR5 last week. Does this mean I’m f’ked and can’t make use of this? It’s pretty awesome concept but if it’s reserved for top tier customers I.e. subscribers, Adobe continues to alienate a portion of their client base. I would love for someone to tell me I’m wrong.

    • If I’ve understood correctly, it’s subscription only, but they’re not advertising teh fact.

      • That’s my understanding too, but I was able to download LR to my iPad from the app store. I did not have time to play further.

        • If you go through the trouble of making an account, you can try it for 30 days. This is the worst launch ever. Communication anyone?

          • Actually I was able to login with my Adobe ID. I do have Lightroom but do not subscribe to the cloud.

  • Rob

    The fact it’s being thrown in to the $9.99 p/m package is good news shame it’s restricted to the Apple, smaller market, less powerful devices.

    I wasn’t happy when Adobe switched to subscription based, but I understood it. And to be honest, now I’m on it I don’t even hold any negative vibes towards it. I think people just need to get with the times. TV, Music, Software, it’s all going to service base and if you can not adapt to change, then you’ll just be left behind.

    • Ken Elliott

      It’s my plan to stay behind.

      This kind of “subscription” model occurs in the IT industry from time-to-time. You use an open-system model to gain market share, then close the system to isolate your customers and then raise prices. Then a new player/device/technology comes along with an open model and it all changes again.

      I can still open my 20-year old AutoCAD drawing, only because I still have access to the program used to create those drawings. I’ve not needed AutoCAD enough in the last decade to buy it again, nor rent it. But at least I’m not held hostage.

      I won’t do Creative Cloud. I’m sticking with packaged software that I buy (well… license, actually), and don’t want to pay rent for the rest of my life just to retain access to my intellectual property.

      Yes, I still buy music on CDs.

  • Martin

    Hi, I can’t find out how to update metadata and keywords on my iPad. Although mentioned in your article it doesn’t feature on the Adobe website. Anybody know the answer

    • Goosey

      You can’t. What a miss by Adobe. Also it relies on very fast internet. a local fast wifi doesn’t help you. And the changes you make to a photo on the app only get a label: from Lightroom mobile in the history

      • Martin

        Thanks! V1.1?

      • LarryC

        That’s a fail to me. I was anxiously waiting to head home tonight to download LRM after receiving the notice from Adobe this morning. But if history doesn’t transfer, it’s a non-starter for me.

  • Global

    Man, the Apple people pushed their way into every art classroom despite being a miniscule part of the business world, do we have to pretend that everyone uses their tablets too. Would much, much, much prefer if this was going live in Samsung Galaxy Notes first, as well as WACOM’s new tablet gizmo thingy that looks pretty cool.

    I just think that the Galaxy Note series was born for this. Apple didnt even care about pen sensitivity until much later. The Note needs this app. Adobes original mobile Photoshop was junk though… i hope they improved.

    • minivini_1275

      You make it clear that you aren’t an Apple fan, but like it or not iOS has a major market share. Android has more users (or about the same, I can’t recall the most recent data), but it’s fragmented between devices and versions so much that it’s becoming more and more difficult to develop for with really connected apps like this.

      That said, I think we all know there will be an Android version of LRM. The fact that The iOS version came first shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. My biggest hope is that they’ll develop it for Windows users, as well. A more touch oriented app on my Surface Pro would be greatly appreciated.

  • Gil

    A news, not a revolution. Since last year, i have a LR in mobile version with ma Windows Surface tablet.. 🙂

  • Foogee

    Anybody know if support for Fuji’s x-trans raw files improved? In-camera editing is a PITA.

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