New Samyang Optics teaser for April 28th

Samyang Optics teaser
Samyang has a new teaser for a "second step of Samyang Optics in 2014" that will happen on April 28th. My guess is that they will announce a new line of autofocus (AF) lenses and a redesigned logo (previously reported here).

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  • madmax

    Samyang needs going AF to gain share in the lens market. Their lenses are very good but most pros need AF and most amateurs also want AF lenses. Only MF lenses are a niche market for a few pros, some very specialized amateurs and a bunch of snobs and hipsters.

    • stoooopid

      Yup. I like Samyang glass, but no AF keeps me from buying it. I shoot Nikon that has no focus peaking or any of the cool stuff being done on mirrorless. I actually tried and returned the 85mm Samyang because I just could not get a high keeper rate because of out of focus subjects. So yes, Samyang needs some sort of AF, even if it is just a simple motor and gears (like all AF lenses before all the hypersonic whatever motors). Even something simple would be infinitely better than missing focus almost all the time.

  • Alex

    New cine lenses?

    • They have that already, right?

      • Alex

        Yeah, but that’s what the teaser image would suggest.


    my guess from the image is a fisheye for mirrorless with geared rings like the cine lenses for canon and nikon

  • SZRimaging

    Looks like a cine lens with the gears and the “T” on the side.

    That said, wouldn’t it be cool if they had user changeable mounts like some of the high-end cine-lenses? Need PL, just put the mount on. Need F? Just switch to that mount. Need M43, just put on this mount that includes a speed booster.

  • camaman

    I am still hoping for a sharp, fast and cheap 55mm lens so I can speedboost it on my m43. I really like the 85mm for this.
    58mm would be best.

    But they did talk about AF. That will just make them big and expensive.

  • 3irikur

    I would hope for a line of af mirrorless lenses. a whole line for sony e, fuji x, and mft. Please make 85mm af for A7! 🙂

    • reddit kid

      Mirrorless is dead already

      • 3irikur

        Please do elaborate.

      • Patrik

        Actually, it nearly did die. A new concept pushed by many a big company without gaining a sustainable market share for several years will not live forever. How did this happen? Well, most mirrorless cameras didnt feel like cameras, didn’t look like cameras and didn’t really work like the $5k-20k spenders are used to. Plastic toylike, no or poor viewfinder, settings in menues instead of external controls and/or too small sensors dont sell well. However, now both olympus, sony and fuji have well selling offers of cameras that are well loved. In some cases they even bring back missing features that the big dslr makers have tried to same money by taking away, like aperture ring and a viewfinder suitible for manual focus as well as AF. So now they both feel like, work like and look like cameras, in some cases even more so than big clumpsy modern DSLR:s. There is no way the third party lens producers is going to miss that trend, they dont loose money by supporting it like Nikon and Canon.

  • TinusVerdino
  • Ms.KrystalMeth

    I am willing to take a Samyang 50mm 1.4 Manual.

    • TinusVerdino

      Just get an old s-m-c Takumar. 50mm 1.4 They’r great.

  • Remedy

    You couldn’t be more wrong with this one Admin. 😉

  • Nick

    Admin, there is a closeup of the lens they are going to “release info” for… and its the 8mm previously announced. AF needs a lot bigger housing that the one in the picture.
    Besides that, Samyang already said that AF are rumours that are not going to be realising.

    • Few weeks ago I saw the press release for the Samyang AF lenses from a major photo website. Unless they were planning an April 1st joke, I am not sure why they would write that. Regarding the picture – I am not sure, obviously this is an existing lens.

  • Kasper

    Hi. Do you think samyang are working on a zoom lens ??

  • Luis Santos

    I disagree that Samyanf needs t go to AF to compete on lens market. High quality optics and mechanics MF lens still have its niche. But for teles high aperture lens, all Samyang glasses should have AF confirmation chips, and not just for selected mounts! I would buy again my lovely 85mm f1.8 lens if it had a AF confirmation chip for Canon EF mount…

  • Luis Santos

    Well, it´s April 28th today. So, which are the real news?

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