Sony quietly announced two FE new lenses

Sony-FE-lens-roadmap Sony-lens-Roadmap

With the A77MII announcement last week, Sony also quietly introduced also two new full frame (FE) lenses:

  • Zeiss Vario-Tessar 4/16-35 mm ZA OSS (SEL1635)
  • FE PZ 28-135mm f/4 G OSS (SELP28135G)

A new macro and another Zeiss fast prime lenses are now also part of the roadmap.

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  • Kynikos

    I don’t think it was “quiet”.

    I just think nobody gave a rat’s.

  • Jason

    I gave a rat’s. I am excited to see this.

  • Neopulse

    The Zeiss designed 16-35mm I’m curious to see. That would be a welcome addition to the lineup. And with upcoming lenses like Macro and large aperture prime? Macro they have already the 50mm and 100mm. Maybe a mark II to the full-frame version.

    • El Aura

      From all we know, those Sony-sold (and -made) ‘Zeiss’ lenses (as well as with the PanaLeicas) are designed by Sony (or Panasonic) but their optical (and mechanical) quality has to pass approval from Zeiss (or Leica).

      • Neopulse

        I already knew that. They have the same standards as Zeiss since they are directed by them in making lenses. Although materials used are different including the glass elements involved. Although I would like to see a Zeiss 70-200mm designed by Zeiss and made by Zeiss for the Sony system with AF. Although one can only dream.

        • interesting. .. what did you hear about the difference in the source of glass?

          • Neopulse

            Sorry for the late reply:
            The difference is where it’s mined and other particles (or elements) involved and of course the processing of making it into glass. It’s different from others. Not all lens compositions are made the same way. There are differences, (ok stating the obvious I know). Even stone itself has unique characteristics depending from where it’s quarry is found.

          • Ok but first I’m wondering where you heard this from.

        • CJH

          Not likely as Zeiss doesn’t produce Af lenses, only the Sony released Zeiss ass Af (or colors can adapt some Mf zeiss for Canon Ef).

          zeiss released a 70-200 T2.9 telephoto lens specific to emount in 2012, it is however a cine lens costing $19k, so don’t expect to see it on many photogs cameras. Despite the price it offers optical attributes that no dslr lens can match for video work…
          Axial shift, breathing, parfocal design, directly coupled focus system, etc etc etc

          • Neopulse

            Oh, I know that Zeiss doesn’t produce AF lenses, just wishful thinking hoping to see one day how a lens like that would perform. Yeah, I saw that cine lens not too long ago (well saw I mean online and not in person) and yeah, it’s expensive, but well worth it for video no doubt. Would like to see a 70-200mm APO design with the cine finishes they do for DSLRs. Might weigh a lot though :-/

      • CJH

        While the Sony-Zeiss in some compacts and camcorders is debatable, though subject to meeting Zeiss specifications, to imply the E-mount & A-mount zeiss glass is akin to the “Leica” lenses from panasonic is ignorant. Don’t lie to people just because you dont know the facts.

        How do you distinguish an actual design that Zeiss was directly responsible for? Every legit zeiss piece has a unique zeiss serial number printed on the lens. Every Sony-Zeiss E/A mount carl zeiss has two serial numbers – a Sony identifier, as well,as the carl zeiss serial number for the optical assembly printed on the lens barrel or near the filter threads.

        If it has a zeiss number – element sourcing & designs, and directions are straight from zeiss, assembled by Sony.

        If there is no Zeiss serial number it is Co-branded and meets Cz spec, but entirely Sony made.

  • Furtin

    What’s with all those f4 lenses? Up the ante Sony – 2,8 or bust!

  • John

    Very clever, I like F4 for compact size and absolute quality (it’s easier and cheaper to make).

  • johnny

    You may disagree but I still have to say that SONY’s A7/A7R did not fully take the advantage of a real mirrorless camera. It just save the room for mirror box, and that’s it, nothing special. You can’t put a symmetrical designed of WAs on it, because of strong red shift and smearing effect. You are limited to retrofocus lenses which is bulky and that’s why SONY only give you f/4 version of these lenses. If you put a f/2.8 version on it, the combination just looks unbalanced and perhaps ridiculous.

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