First pictures of the upcoming Canon wide angle lenses

Those are the first pictures of the upcoming two new Canon wide angle lenses:


Canon EF-S10-18mm f/4.5-5.6 IS STM lens (with plastic mount)


Canon EF16-35mm f/4L IS USM lens

The official announcement should be in few hours.

Via Digicame-info

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  • jvossphoto

    Plastic mount…..that should go over like a lead zeppelin;^)

  • noble_elm

    Looks like a photoshopped 18-55 STM lens, down to the plastic mount

  • fjfjjj

    This could be the first ultrawide f/4L zoom that’s actually sharp at f/4!

  • jk

    I must compare this new 16-35f4L to my 16-35mm f4 VR, I use F to EF mount adapter and try to be fair to both, I would like to compare it on my D800E but it is impossible since there is no EF to F adapter. Or I may want to compare them on my A7R , then I will have to buy a couple of adapters and that will cost me a lot(I am not a big fan of adapter things). Hopefully this lens will be as compact as my 17-40mm f4L with Canon’s new FE coating. I guess I thought I would sell my Canon but I may keep it a bit longer since I love using many brand lenses. For me Lenses the masters and cameras are their servants.

  • Tony Harrison

    Canon have the ugliest lenses by far. They look like something out of a 1984 Argos catalogue. They would probably look lovely stacked on top of a Betamax in the living room.

    • Global

      A bit over the top, but agreed Canon’s can be pretty damn ugly. With the exception of certain Nikon DX lenses (such as the old 18-55, ugh, hideous thing).

      I love the look of Sigma’s newest lenses.

  • Global

    Are these FX or DX — I mean, full frame, or cropped body lenses??

    10-18 as a fullframe?? (Or would it be some kind of fisheye?)

    • grayson

      The top one is EF-S, designed for Canon APS-C sensors, the bottom one, EF, can be used for both.

  • The bottom lens is a photoshoped version of the 24-70 f2.8L II…

  • George Johnson

    I’ve got the 17-40mm f/4L, long been a staple of the serious enthusiast shooting full frame who can’t quite stump up the cash for the 16-35 f/2,8L wide-angle. An f/4 variation could well bring this superb wide angle down to within the budgets of most enthusiasts like me.

  • Dpablo unfiltered

    It’s good that the APS people can get a really cheap wide angle (16 mm equivalent). I’m guessing that the other will replace the 17-40 zoom?

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