The new Panasonic LX8 camera will have 4k video and $900 price tag

Few weeks ago PhotoRumors broke the story about the upcoming LX8 model. The new camera will have 4k video recording capabilities and the US price will be $899. As previously reported, the LX8 will have a build-in EVF and a larger sensor. The official announcement should be on June 16th.

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  • Dummy00001

    At this price it would also have to have an more than just “good” lens.

  • Eno

    I have a feeling the LX8 will use the Sony 20 MP sensor from AX100 mark 3 and other video cameras from Sony. The lens should also be similar to Sony RX 100 mark 3. If so, than it will be a very interesting package!

    • Ken

      No, the lx8 will have the same 1 inch as the Nikon 1.

      • MdB

        Why? Do Panasonic have a proven record of using Aptina sensors, or Sony sensors?

      • CRB

        hummm..thats bad…

      • Eno

        I pray you are wrong!

      • BdV

        The inch is the same, but that’s just a way to measure it.

    • Doesn’t Panasonic usually use their own sensors? And about the same IQ as Sony sensors?

      • Ross

        They used the same Sony sensor used in the Olympus cameras like OM-D E-M5, E-M10, PENs E-P5, E-PL5 & E-PM2 in their GH3 camera.

  • Windmillgolfer

    Aren’t Panasonic working with Fuji? What sensor could they provide, assuming Panny don’t have one of their own.

    • MdB

      Fuji don’t make sensors.

      • Chaitanya

        yws fuji doesnt make sensors of their own. but that does not mean they cannot be involved in sensor development.

        @windmillgolfer- fuji and panasonic indeed are working together in developing organic sensors. I read somewhere it wont ready till late 2015 or early 2016.

      • Yes they do – they make their very nice X-Trans sensors.

        • Marco –

          X-trans is not a sensor. The sensor is made by sony; the difference is that in front of it, it has a custom designed filter, instead of a bayer one.

    • I’m betting it’s not a Fuji sensor unless they’ve suddenly decided to commit to video, which they really haven’t done. Fuji has a big announcement coming the week after next, though, and if they’ve come up with some video-enhanced version of their X-Trans sensor, that would be huge. If their X-Pro2 has something like that, that may be my next platform. Either that or the GH4. If they come out with an LX8 with a 1″ sensor that has great video, that would be a good tech base to compete with Sony on. Any larger sensor than that, and the camera will start to get physically larger, and it becomes something other than their LX lineup has traditionally been. Not that that’s a bad thing, but it seems like it would compete with their Pen lineup at that point, which doesn’t seem likely.

      • Jody

        “Fuji has a big announcement coming the week after next, though, and if they’ve come up with some video-enhanced version of their X-Trans sensor, that would be huge.”
        I agree as the video I have seen to-date from the X-Trans sensor, including on an F900EXR compact I own (a camera with a nice extended dynamic range function), is unacceptable to the degree that I will not again purchase Fuji cameras until the video improvies on Fuji cameras. I use video on cameras as much as I do still pictures.

  • BP2012

    For 899$ it must be at least m4/3 with fast pancake zoom or the camera is dead. RX100M3 is 100$ cheaper.

    • Lee Martin

      Some sites are saying $799 as opposed to $899

      • Lee Martin

        I agree with the sensor size. Four thirds or even APSC would be a nice default size now

      • MrLee

        I hope its 799.00 release price… 899.00 or more is a NO GO for me….

        • Lee Martin

          I think as ever they will test the market and if it’s slow selling at that price it will soon drop. It will have a lot of competition from the new Panasonic LX8 that will also have a 1inch sensor and an evf. Combine that with the Fuji X30 and it’s a buyers market. I’d certainly wait until after Photokina as earlier versions of these cameras will tumble. They are now offering the premium Sony case for free with the original RX1

    • I disagree, but we’ll see. Besides, LX models tend to start out overpriced and then drop off quickly.

  • I wrote this on some article about the RX100.

    Feats, it all depends how you do it. 4K is unterestingm eve more from Panasonic because we’ve seen that the benefits far exceed just the resolution. You get more infornation, it grades better, the conversion to 1080p makes better 1080p than the camera itself, crop ability, etc.

    If Panasonic can make this camera featuring 1″ or larger but still being able to have decent aperture, that’s big. More than that, if Panasonic chooses to sacrifice part of the size in torder to have both good aperture AND a better focal length range than RX100MKIII, then, it’s a BIG win.

    My main question being about the sensor. Fuji is also rumored to announce the X30 featuring a 1″ sensor. Panasonic and Fuji have been partnering to produce sensors, using both micro color splitter and organic sensor’s tech, I don’t think that this will feat these but anyway, they have a partnership. With the latest sensors from Panasonic, they’ve showed that they can compete with Sony in terms of sensor tech. The Olympus E-M5 and Panasonic GH3 use Sony, The E-M1 and GH4 use Panasonic.

    So is it a brand new – probably with less MP, multi-aspect 12MP would be great for 4K – or is it a 1″ from another manufacturer? Between Sony and Aptina, I think that Panasonic would buy from Sony. And then, can Panasonic put everything together?

    Nobody really saw the RX100MKIII coming, that was a move that you don’t usually expect from Sony. So I wonder if Panasonic’s move is purely bold or were they trying to respond to Sony only – because then, this camera woul probably feat a slow aperture like the previous RX100 models.

    I’d gladly pay $900 in a 1″ sensor with good aperture and focal length range and Panasonic’s 4K. Can Panasonic put a better EVF than what they used on the LX7? A bigger one. I’m also intesting to get more info about the X30. The premium compact is really getting interesting.

  • madmax

    I´d pay so much money for a compact camera if it has a 1″ or 4/3 sensor and:
    Wide end zoom 20-21 mm eq.
    Tele end 80 mm eq. or longer.
    f/ numbers about constant f/2 for 1″ sensor or constant f/3 for 4/3.

    Plenty of manual controls.
    Video mic and earphone sockets.
    High speed video at Full HD.
    Fully articulated screen.
    EVF included in price.

  • DStudio

    It’s amazing how the prices keep going up, isn’t it?

    I realize this camera has improved technology that’s supposed to justify the price, but does anyone remember when improved technology came in at the old price? It wasn’t very long ago!

  • Jezz
  • vasras

    What’s the point?

    It still won’t resolve more than 700 lines of resolution.

    So not even full HD, in terms of final output (due to optics and small sensor).

    Pure marketing gimmickry.

    Nothing to do with real 4K or real 1080P (fully resolved).

    • Zos Xavius

      A 1″ sensor won’t resolve 700 lines? really?

    • 5472 x 3648 is the native format of the Sony 1” sensor and it reads the full sensor and then sizes it down to produce its very good 1080p video quality. The RX100 III does the same.

      Consumer 4K is 3840 x 2160 (at a 16:9, or 1.78:1 aspect ratio and the industry standard or cine 4k is 4096 x 2160 (at a 1.9:1 aspect ratio)

      Now Panasonic might do several things differently if they make their own sensor which they are capable of doing. They don’t have to buy a sensor from someone else. For instance a 12mp sensor is about 4000×3000. They could easily produce a slightly higher then 12mp resolution sensor and provide true cine4k with improved low light capability, consumer 4k and quality stills. Or they might take the same approach as they did with the GH4 using a higher rez 14 or 16 mp 1” sensor, but then pull a native 4k off of the sensor with a small crop factor.

      If they did use the Sony 20mp sensor or even an aptina sensor, they could also take a similar tact and read the full sensor then process it down.

      I am also sure they could take other approaches. Panasonic, like Sony does like to try new approaches on occasion. So yes it can be real 4k on a 1″ sensor. It won’t have the low light capability of larger sensors.

      I for one like the idea of a 1″ sensor of about 12-12.5 mp and much improved low light ability due to the lower resolution. It would be a pocket video monster still capable of excellent still images printable up to 16X20 from RAW and cine 4k without cropping, and consumer 4k with minimal cropping. At the same time it could include its video ETC (extra tele-converter) where it uses a 1080p portion of the sensor with a no loss 2.3x converter making the 90mm a 207 lossless telephoto for 1080p. (if you want that otherwise it bins down the full sensor to 1080p.)

      So many possibilities…. will be interesting to see what Panasonic really delivers. My best guess is they will leverage the GH4 tech scaled down to the 1″ sensor, but who really knows yet.

  • Baaaahh

    Why not make it a round grand? That would suit the largest toy and hype factory in digital photography.

    • Thom

      Exactly, why don’t they stick to hoovers and leave us alone. This market should consist of tools for creativity, and they have already thrown enough worthless garbage into it.

  • stoooopid

    I wonder when someone will make something like the Fuji x100s, but with 1″ sensor. 13mm f/1.8 lens. Small, but well featured.

  • I fear that people in the industry are loosing sight of why these cameras are popular with serious enthusiasts… as pocketable “weekend” cams for people with other complete cameras systems (DSLR or mirrorless). $900 is the price of a primary camera, not a small secondary one.

  • Jón Ingólfur Hermannsson

    what is the sensor size? if price $899 then $100 more then the RX100m3 and I hear it will be larger then the RX100m3 – not sure 4K will be a huge magnet for the average consumer as it will be 2-3 years at least before the average consumer will be buying a 4K TV and a computer at home with 4K display – for the GH4 it is fine as it is meant to be a somewhat a video machine for filmmakers etc – but the LX8 cannot be that kind of a machine so I think people will rather go for the RX100m3 for $100 less –
    the LX8 has to have some other compelling things for that kind of money –
    I see the LX8 and RX100m3 as point and shoot cameras with the best IQ in that class of compact cameras – so size is important –
    I am not going ape over 4K as I primarily shoot stills and do no have 4K displays or TV’s at this time – still 2-3 years off – for crying out loud we do not even have full HD on all our cable or satellite channels – so it will be awhile before we start see many channels go 4K – I see in the US that many cable/internet providers have stopped or really slowed down on rolling out fiber to neighborhoods so bandwidth is still an issue in so many areas –
    I was hoping that Panasonic was going to compete on price with the RX100m3 as Sony has a large head start with the 1 inch sensor –
    I think many will opt for the RX100m3 due to the $100 price difference and the RX100m3 being a bit smaller

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