Another, more detailed set of specifications for the upcoming Samsung NX1 mirrrorless camera

Samsung NX1 mirrorless camera teaser
A reader posted another, more detailed set of specifications for the upcoming Samsung NX1 mirrrorless camera:

  • 28 MP APS-C CMOS ISOCELL sensor
  • DRIMe Image Signal Processor
  • 154 cross-type sensors
  • Advanced Hybrid Autofocus System / 2nd generation of Phase Detection Auto Focus System
  • ISO 100-51200
  • UHD 4K 3840×2160 at 30p/24p
  • Full HD up to 60p
  • 3″ Tiltable AMOLED Touch Display
  • Water and dust proof
  • Wi-Fi and NFC Connectivity
  • Magnesium Alloy, Weather-Sealed Body
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  • mememe

    Would be great to have one if that 4K video is decent. Not so sure about its stills capabilities though, or why would anyone pick this over offering from other brands…

    • JvC

      Because these rumored features would put it in a class by itself. They only negative I can see is the high pixel count could impact the video quality, but in this instance, I think that is a smart compromise to pursue top still IQ.

      Canon and Nikon have been pretty weak in the higher end APS-C market as of late. There’s A LOT of potential for success in this market. I personally think this is the single largest market in the business. It encompasses amateurs, enthusiasts, and pros.

      • El Aura

        If the AF is as fast as the off-sensor PD AF in the high-end APS-C DSLRs, on might compare this with the APS-C DSLRs from Canon and Nikon (though I am still not convinced by the EVF, I use them on mirrorless cameras because I can have a more compact system but if bringing the DSLRs is not too much of a hassle, I still prefer DSLRs).

        Thus to me, comparing mirrorless with DSLRs is still comparing apples to oranges, also because of the more limited lens selection (yes, there adaptors but to autofocus a DSLR lens, designed to only be used with PD AF, on mirrorless is still not quite as smooth as focussing a ‘mirrorless’ lens, partly probably because mirrorless cameras use PD AF and CD AF in tandem).

        • Marco –

          And considering that this camera is as big as a DSLR, why bothering? 🙂

          • Phil

            It will be smaller and lighter than a e.g. Canon 70D.

          • Marco –

            Yes, but not that significantly as to change the way you carry/use it.

            A7 is for example a big step from 6d or d600. Much lighter/smaller.

          • Remedy

            …until you mount ANY lens on it.

          • Rob Elliott

            From the looks of it, it is smaller then a D90, or a D3300. You also then have the advantage of have a NX300 or a NX3000 which are super small. APS-C and use the same lens’

        • Troy Past

          The PD and numerous cross sensors translates to a sports camera. This means giant lenses, monopods, etc – which kind of defeats having a small camera anyways. It would be nice to see however a mirrorless camera actually track like a d4 or 1dx. The a6000 comes close, so this is perhaps just one move closer to parity on tracking. Now for dynamic range, low light sensitivity, and a viewfinder with no lag…

          • Rob Elliott

            This fallacy needs to end.

            Big Lens are needed for Sport. But if the same lens system can then be put on a small camera too… like the 30mm Pancake, which will name near fit in a pocket at that point. That is the advantage of mirrorless, you can do the big thing when you need it, and then switch up to the small but still have access to the lens when you need them.

            I strapped my NX20 with a 30mm Pancake, stuck it on auto and let a 3 year old go nuts, during a shoot. Would have been better with a NX300, but it was small he had a blast and went from being disinterested in photos to being very interested. Would you trust a 3 year old with a DSLR? the weight alone would be annoying after an hour.. (he actually ended up getting a decent shot of his sister)

            The ISOCELL will have very good Dynamic range, and should have a low light profile that is near if not at the top of the APS-C, and will likely rival (will have to wait to see) some Full Frame.

  • JoeJohnBear

    154 cross-type sensors…seems too good to be true. Then again, I’m not up to date what the marketing literature on mirrorless cameras are like these days.

    • longzoom

      Looks impressive in second power on paper. Most advanced camera in its class on the market today. I’ll wait for the test I may honor.

      • JoeJohnBear

        A rumored camera is hardly “on the market.”

        • longzoom

          You perfectly got what I mean. So what is your post for?

          • JoeJohnBear

            What I meant by my comment is that paper specs mean jack shit and calling the camera “most advanced…in its class” is a bit of a stretch. But I get what you mean through your Google-Translated English.

          • longzoom

            Oh sorry I didn’t realize you really need Google – translation. That is why your posts are a bit ahh…aggressive, I’d say. “On paper” means on paper, doesn’t it? You should learn English a little bit deeper, then you may admit that MY posts are peaceful.

          • JoeJohnBear

            I guessed that you used Google translate based on your first comment and your long past comment history on Disqus. My apologies, if you’re a new English speaker who doesn’t use automated-translation, don’t let me discourage you, keep up the good work. However, your first comment never made any sense to me “Looks impressive in second power” and “I’ll wait for the test I may honor” are phrases that are not common nor syntactically correct. If you could clarify what you meant instead of your indignant “So what is your post for?,” please do.

          • longzoom

            2 in second power is 4, 5 in second power is 25. It is the way I want to exaggerate my expression from specs. To honor something is to pay my respect to anything – to the future test, in this case. English is not my second language, not even third. But I believe I am making myself perfectly clear and readable. My students, at least, thinking so. THX for your time! LZ

  • TinusVerdino

    specs looking good, hopefully their high iso is up to sony levels this time.

  • Agachart Sukchouy

    ISOCELL !!! ,really?

  • Samsung?

    If true, the camera all Nikon and Canon users wish the 7D mk II and D400 was.

    • knows

      You are saying that you know the wishes of lots of people you don’t know, and you know they are unhappy with something and know why.

  • MonkeySpanner

    Wow – impressive. Probably have in impressive price too.

  • J.R.

    Samsung’s explanation of ISOCELL:
    “Compared to conventional BSI pixels, the ISOCELL pixels decrease the crosstalk by approximately 30 percent which results in higher color fidelity to reproduce the original color with sharpness and richness, and increase the full well capacity (FWC) by 30 percent which leads to greater dynamic range.”

  • Frankie

    if the video quality in 4K is as good as on the gh4, I’ll sell mine in a minute!

  • whisky

    hope it’ll come in Canon and Nikon mount versions. 🙂

  • Jeff

    The numbers are impressive, let’s see how it handles, if they got the controls right, the menus right etc. Most mirrorless fail horribly at usability.

    • Marco –

      Also the rumored price is awfully impressive 🙂

    • MonkeySpanner

      Yes, most mirrorless have failed horribly at usability – mostly because most mirrorless manufacturers think they have to make the bodies as tiny as possible. But at a certain point, smaller isn’t always better.

    • Rob Elliott

      Over all Samsung has been very good with the menus. I’ve only ever shot on the Samsung NX system.. and the menus are as good as any camera I’ve ever tried..

      Performance is where Samsung fails, and it is what put them behind Sony early on when the two had the same space in my local camera stores… now Samsung has a tiny portion of a shelf, and Sony has a row of shelves.

      My hope is this bring Samsung to the table again, the lens are really nice.

  • Ms.KrystalMeth

    my krystal meth toof is tingling.

  • Skeptic

    I’m just wondering if people are REALLY willing to spend their money on a camera made by Samsung regardless of what the ‘paper’ specs say…? Really? Samsung?

    • fjfjjj

      10 years ago: “Really? Apple?”

      • Samesung

        Problem is, theres already better products out there than Samsung, they are not innovators.

        • MonkeySpanner

          Canon and Nikon survive pretty well on non-innovative products.

          • bakanecko

            yeah, because their brand heritage and consumer loyalty……

          • CN

            Ever tried one? You might see why people don’t buy m43s or sonys, or they toss them soon. C&N are just in a better league.

          • Nuno Guerreiro

            and because consumers are stupid to get almost the same camera specs over 2 or 3 generations… good for them

        • nzswedespeed

          Same thing would have been said about their tv’s 5 years ago…

    • Marco –

      Nope. No way. Nx camera sell only if and when they get heavily discounted (to a price they are worth).

    • anonymous

      Canon/Nikon/Sony/Olympus/Panasonic/Fujifilm don’t have a zoom with f/2 like the Samsung 16-50/f2-2.8. Even Sony’s premium Zeiss standard zoom is stuck at f/4!

      • Daedbird

        Exc. the Sigma 18-35 1.8 that is on many mounts….

      • Troy Past

        Specs on paper again….and in this case they are unlike. It is simply not the same to compare f/2 on a crop sensor (aps-c) camera to the f/2 on a full frame sensor. The amount of light (information) that actually hits the sensor is much better on a full frame than on an aps-c. If you are going to compare an image’s brightness and depth of field then the f2.8 on a full frame canon will create much better results than the f/2 on an aps-c camera. If you want to talk about sharpness and dynamic range – then the full frame nikon and canons simply blow the aps-c cameras away. It is not to say you cant get good pics with an aps-c camera, its just not the same as a full frame. Samsung appears to be producing an evolutionary (not revolutionary) camera that will enthuse many. I am just not convinced consumers are demanding a really high end aps-c camera that costs as much (or more) as a full-frame. I think Sony is more on the correct path with amazing full frame cameras that will continue to get better glass. Sony’s 50MP full frame A7X should be announced at the same time as the NX1 and probably cost the same. The A7X with the forthcoming 16-35 f/4 should produce some amazing results. Sensors keep getting better and better, making ridiculously expensive glass a thing of the past.

  • Here’s how this could get interesting – if that 4K video is 10-bit, records in-camera, and has good DR, then yay, especially if Sigma et all start producing for this mount (especially cine lenses). Plus the price, of course, has to be reasonable. Plus we’ll have to see what Canon has up its sleeve (and at what price) with the 7DMk II. We’ll know soon enough.

    • Ufupuw

      In camera 10 bit is unlikely, as even GH4 doesn’t do it. 28 MP sensor is going to skip lines oo so aliasing would be an issue. 3K only needs 8 MP sensor

      • jim

        Is GH4 skipping lines or is it performing a full readout and downsampling on the fly? Although I seriously doubt something like that could be achieved with 28mp…

        • Tom

          It skips lines, but it doubles as an overpriced hoover.

    • Troy Past

      For Sigma to bother making lens, Samsung needs to sell ALOT of cameras. SONY is way ahead and Sigma is 1 -2 years behind Canon and Nikon to make SONY glass. At these prices I do not think Samsung will sell many.. As for Canon, they need to wake up and perhaps we can thank Sony/Samsung for this. If the Canon 7d mk ii is a only 20mp then they deserve to lose more market than they already have. Canon has millions of loyal customers and in light of all the improvements, their customers deserve some innovation.

  • Who is

    Same specification as published in The New Camera @ Aug 30 – I think your source is a fan of the new camera –

  • whensly

    Does it have a viewfinder?

  • samchung

    this will be samsungs first ‘APSC DSLR..not mirrorless

    • Daedbird

      No it won’t Samsung is not making a DSLR – they rebranded Pentax models, but then decided to go mirror less, and they won’t be going back…

  • DouglasGottlieb

    I don’t see a class leading EVF on that list. 🙁

  • Nuno Guerreiro

    Canon and Nikon are sleeping!!!!
    They need to put 4K on their dslr (full and non full frames bodies) !!!!
    I’m not switching my 60D until they put 4K on their bodies!!!

    • Pete

      Right, because most if not all photographers really carry around their SLRs for shooting videos…

      • Nuno Guerreiro

        some do… but that’s not the point… even actual cameras, like 5D MkIII have the capability of shoot 4k videos, with magic lantern… they can release bodies with those specs unlocked… we all know why they don’t want to…

    • Tom

      You don’t need it…

      • Nuno Guerreiro

        So, maybe we could still be with a dslr from 2000, cause those specs are sufficient to shoot… why do we need for those specs evolutions that we been all seeing year after year… heck, maybe we could still be with a analogue SLR… why the hell we need a digital camera… I don’t know…

  • Daedbird

    No, they are the most prevalent, being in every major box store. Being able to hold one, even if you may buy one online ultimately, really helps sales.

    DSLRs have advantages, disadvantages, as do mirror less cameras. I like both for certain tasks, and loathe one or the other for other tasks.

  • NoMeJodas

    Some of these Samsung cams do look really good, at least on paper. But unfortunately Samsung designed the NX mount in such a way, that no adapter for the M mount can be made for it. By doing that, they lost me as a customer from the beginning.

  • bakanecko

    In fact, i am a nikon shooter. i am shoot with nikon d600 with a lot of nikon lenses (85mm/1.4, 70-200/2.8 & a alot of them) , and i am start using Sony CSC 2 years ago with nex 5n and recently sony a6000 for my c/y zeiss lenses. And you know what 80% of my shooting can be supplemented by the Sony CSC, and only 20% of my shoot use specialty tools (Nikon CSC). And of course for my paid works i use my Nikon as my clients love to see “My big gun”.

    Do you know why CSC is lagging in sale? because CSC is only appealing to camera nerds/geeks and people around them, the rest of population don’t event know what is CSC, and they still think bigger camera produce a prettier result. Majority of DSLR user even never buy additional lenses.

  • fred frost

    and in simple none googel-translated english:

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