New Pentax leaf shutter 645 medium format lenses coming soon

Michael Reichmann from Luminous Landscape posted an interesting comment over at the PentaxForum:

"Pentax says that tethering in studio is coming before the end of the year. There are new leaf shutter lenses coming as well."

Maybe the official announcement will be during the Photokina show.

You can see the currently available 645 medium format lenses here.

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  • That was kind of what was missing in the Pentax system, wasn’t it?

    • sasa208

      Indeed. Good news

    • sasa208

      Indeed. Good news

  • TinusVerdino

    That would leave the critics of this camera without a con to hammer on. They’ll need to search for another one.

    • Arn

      There is a new critic made by the beautiful hassyphaseone crowd :” It’s just a big D800″

      Yep, seriously, that’s the new mantra.

      • Norman Head

        A D800 only has about 20% better resolution than my K-3. The 645z has about 20% more resolution than a D800. I guess a D800 is just a big K-3? What’s wrong with these people?

  • John Flury

    I’m waiting for mine to arrive the next couple of days and if these news would become reality, it would simply be heaven!

  • x4rd

    They are stepping up really hard in the game if this rumour will come true

  • speedPhoenix

    The lens that will come very soon is 80-160mm, but nobody knows if it will be leaf shutter.

  • Neopulse

    What worries me a bit, is how this line up is going to go down. Will it be lenses MADE for the 645Z or lenses made for the future. Will it be compatible with the true 645 format or the 44×33 size format? And will they try to go all out against the Schneider-Kreuznach or Fujinon lenses’ lines?

  • redbird

    MR himself also states in the LL forum section for MF, that this is only a rumor.

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