Canon 7D Mark II: leaked picture and specs

Canon 7D Mark II
This is the first leaked picture and detailed specifications of the Canon EOS 7D Mark II DSLR camera - the official announcement will be in the next few days:

  • Rugged magnesium alloy body
  • Dust proof
  • 20.2 MP CMOS sensor
  • Dual-pixel CMOS AF
  • New 65-point AF, all points cross-type
  • Continuous shooting: 10 frames per second
  • Dual DIGIC6
  • Max ISO: 16,000.
  • RGB+IR new 150,000-pixel metering sensor
  • Video full HD 60 p
  • Built-in GPS
  • Interval timer
  • Bulb timer

Via Digicame-info

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  • If this is true, they’re _really_ protecting the upcoming 5D Mk IV, aren’t they? *sigh*

    • It’s the consumer-level 70D in semi-pro working clothes. The problem is that in the time that Canon was waiting to release the Mark II, full-frame became entrenched as de facto for professional work in many people’s minds.

      • Rob Stofa

        yeah… :-/ assuming it stays under $2k.. say around $1800 for the body ill probably spring for it.. I kinda hope it has a tillable LCD though.. esp. the way the 70Ds works, i think its great! no more laying down or sitting at funny angles to get those kinds of shots. lol.

  • aZu

    Valve > Bulb

  • Valve timer

    valve timer = bulb timer

  • Kind of embarrassing for Nikon!

    • SpeedPic


      • No D300 replacement and 10 FPS pretty much blows away anything they have in this class.

        • As D300 replacement you have the choice between the D7100, D610 and soon also the D750 – what more do you want?! Especially for this price-segment.
          And seriously… which amateur photographer needs more than 7fps? Or is this really the way you take pictures?

          • Sports

            If you need a screwdriver, you cannot use a saw or a hammer, can you, even if it’s the best saw or the best hammer in the world?

          • Rob Stofa

            actually… LOL..

          • Sports

            “which amateur photographer needs more than 7fps?”
            What you’re saying is that Canon are stupid??
            Look at the sales figures. It sure looks like Nikon is even more stupid, then 🙂

          • Eric Calabros

            so Canon has more market share because 1Dx has 1fps advantage in RAW burst mode? Well, what about buffer size? under 40 for 1Dx and 100 for D4s!
            I love to know the name of your business school

          • amaas

            How about an actual D300 replacement? Current DX sensor, pro build & ergonomics and a decent buffer.

            D610 is a joke as a replacement, it’s downspec from the D7100 in all regards except sensor size. D7100 is a damned solid camera, but lacks the build, control layout or buffer depth to really replace a D300, D750 can’t put enough pixels on the subject and most likely will also lack the build & ergonomics of a D300/D700 class body (last bit is speculation, but the lightweight body argues against pro build/ergonomics).

            Nikon’s spent years ignoring the D300 & D700 shooters. The D750 looks to cover some of the D700 users, but not all.

          • doge

            I take between 10 to 20,000 shots every time I use my camera. Usually 5-10 of them are keepers.

          • Jack S

            Eh? What the heck are you doing?

        • Paul Monaghan

          You haven’t seen the pentax k3 then.

        • Mike

          It’s funny isn’t it. People bash the D810 for file size, but no one says boo when you can fire 20mp images at 10fps. The D8x0 series is not really meant for high bursts but it’s pixel count is seen by some as a detriment. 60 20mp images will slow down the work flow, I’m guessing, more than several 36mp shots. And I bet the images from a D610/750/810 will require far less editing time too. If you’re a hobbyist, I would think IQ trumps all.

    • Rob Stofa

      i don’t think so.. probably will cost about the same price as a Nikon D610.. which is a full frame model, and a pretty damn good one.

      • pega

        the 7d is not a direct competitor of the D610, the 6d is.
        this one is aimed at telephoto shooters, that’s the only reason to keep the apsc size on this body, you can save up a lot of money and weight by carrying shorter lenses and factoring in 1,6X length multiplication

        • Rob Stofa

          didnt say it was.. I was just saying in relation to the OP comment, that Nikon has a full frame camera out which is technically and similarly spec’ed to the 7D mark II and full frame. I bet they are going to be priced similarly. I own a 6D by the way, and its pretty awesome.. so I’m not bashing it.. it was just a comment towards the OP comment. I really hope the 6D gets updated.. sometime during next year. *crosses fingers*

          • Bob

            The Nikon D610 shoots 10fps? Will the Nikon D750? Will the Nikon D7x00 or D9000?

          • Rob Stofa

            if ALL you care about is FPS then looks like you found your camera eh?

    • Guest

      I am a can


      Nikon now has a consider amount of advantage on pixel quality when compared to Canon. Not just DXOmark and Chipwork suggests that, also from real world comparison like this (

      • Bob

        That advantage is only at low ISO.


          I rarely use any setting beyond iso2000 with my 5Ds, so only “at low iso” is indeed a big deal.

    • Why that?!

    • dgr

      Still would be better if it had a Sony sensor. Just like the K-3 would be better if it had the glass that Canon and Nikon has.

    • JvC

      It’s possible Nikon has an answer in the D7300 or a D9000. Canon and Nikon don’t always release their higher end bodies directly against each other. Sometimes it comes months or a year later. The rumored D750 is FF, 6.5fps, and around $2,500. Maybe a Nikon DX competitor will be 8-10fps and $1500-$2000 body only.

      I agree though, there isn’t a camera in Nikon’s stable as of now that can compete with this camera in it’s segment. I don’t think the small IQ difference at base ISO is really a deciding factor for a lot of buyers in this segment. Their looking at the build, focusing, and fps/buffer. You know, everything Nikon has been neglecting recently in their DX lineup. The improved video will be icing on the cake.

    • stormwatch

      Why embarrasing? Sensors in Nikon are minimum 10 years ahead of anything what is currently in any Canon. People, everytime when start bashing Nikon for something, remember also that even in 2014. you still have a piece of 2005. in your DSLR’s.

  • David

    Too late Canon, moved on to Fuji X-T1.

    • Michal Rosa

      Thanks for sharing, enjoy the immense choice of native lenses.


        Such fanboy, much hate.

      • Actually, they have pretty good choices and the line up is growing pretty fast, lenses won’t be such a problem at all.

        • Hubertus Bigend

          Except, at least for now, if you need something in the serious telephoto range. The rumored XF 120-400mm, when it comes, while probably enough for hobbyists like me especially if a decent 1.4x converter might be added, won’t be enough yet for real enthusiasts and pros, when compared with Canon and Nikon. But, of course, it will be a start, and might even start to attract birders and such to Fujifilm instead of the big two.

          Fact is, no other manufacturer has been continually innovating and improving their stuff like Fujifilm in the past few years, and if the specs in the article are all what Canon has to offer for a semi-pro/pro DSLR, the thread starter won’t be the last person to choose Fujifilm instead of Canon.

          Come on, does it at least have a tiltable display? Since I owned the Olympus E-330 some eight years ago, I simply refuse to buy a camera which hasn’t.

          • Rob Stofa

            Man, i am so with you on the tillable LCD.. I love shooting at low angles and it sucks when I’m bending my neck in ways it shouldn’t or laying on the ground awkwardly bc i want to see the LCD in live view. the new Nikon D750 is supposedly getting one.. that makes me sad, i want one too! LOL

          • Doc

            you mean the TILLABLE screen is the farmer’s version…

          • Rob Stofa

            haha.. i want my camera to do everything! from taking photos to yard work, didnt ya know.. its on my wish list for my next camera specs.

          • D750

            if you want to shoot low, how about buying a vertical viewfinder or something that does the job. something like this would do the job.

          • D750
          • Robert Stofa

            I suppose I could, but just adds more bulk to the camera and more stuff to carry around with me. Honestly, I don’t understand why they didn’t put an articulated lcd. The dual pixel AF makes using live view pretty fun and very usable. On the 70D it feels like a no brainer.

          • Ratty Mouse

            Fujifilm, innovating their way to the slowest autofocus in the world. LMAO.

            Fuji innovating? The same sensor 3 years running.

            Fujifilm folded up their R & D shop years ago.

          • The Super Teles will come, it’s just that most of Fuji users didn’t buy Fuji because they wanted such long lens, that would make no sense. So for me, it’s pretty obvious that this will be the last part of the line up to fill. I never said they have it all, but for what people were buying Fuji for, they already have a pretty good range, even more considering how young the system is, just 2.5 years old.

      • Muc Cica

        Well, how many do you need?

        • Zos Xavius

          One 🙂

      • Mr.Black

        I also prefer Fuji because it gives me firmware updates for free. They are not trying to sell me one more old body with a new firmware as a new camera.

        • Ratty Mouse

          With Fujifilm’s half assed OEM firmware, you better believe they give free updates, to fix all the bugs.

        • SonyDontDoFirmwareUpdates

          Hey, That’s Sony’s Motto.

    • Ratty Mouse

      LOL!! That’s hilarious. I mean, absolutely hilarious.

    • No plastic please

      Pray that id does not come apart too soon…

      • Come Apart

        LOL Fujis tend to do that… I speak from experience.

    • whensly

      Fuji’s cameras are really only for Still Photography, the 7D in particular is specialized for video. Comparing fuji and a 7D is just silly.

      Now if Canon added an EVF mode to go with the current fnder i’ might buy one.

      • 4K

        Specialized for video? Really?

  • Captain Megaton

    10 fps. Not bad Canon, not bad at all.

    • Yep. Nice spec.

      • Bob

        65 point AF, all cross type looks pretty damn nice as well. Here’s hoping the buffer is good.

      • Eric Calabros

        I bet its jpeg-only burst speed. As Always

        • R

          7d mark I was not only with jpeg… his 8 fps were with RAW.

    • Clint

      10fps is definitely impressive…but personally I gave up on fps ratings 10 yrs ago when I figured out it doesn’t mean jack $hit for 95% of my photography.

  • Chris Weller

    I’m a full Nikon shooter, but I might buy this camera with the 400 f/4 and a 1.4 converter for a lightweight birding rig. Love these specs. Even if Nikon ever comes out with the D300 replacement, I don’t think it will match these specs.

  • Hanudiyan

    These rumors about 7D Mark 2 have been on the internet since.. since forever. Not sure if this one is real or not.

    • Did you see the picture? This is the real deal. Coming from a good source too.

      • Eno

        Thank you very much admin for the great job, leeks and picture etc. The sad news is indeed the possibility of using the old sensor and outdated video.
        It seems that if you want 4K, Panasonic and Sony are the only choices for now.

        • Gs

          And Samsung NX1.

          • Eno

            Yes, I forgot about it, I hope it will be a great camera with good 4K. Completion in this front is welcomed.

          • Wanda Vanilla

            When are you getting a job?

          • Eno

            I already have one, but thanks for asking :).

  • FAkau

    I got an email from Canon’s President Frank Akau…and he wanted me to send it to all canons fan boys! Dear Canon fanboys…we at Canon r very sorry for this new 7d Markll. We failed. We stuck in this new camera a very old 70d sensor…and went from 18mp to 20mp, in 5 years time. We Stoopid! Sorry canon fanboys.

    • Frank Akau

      I told you this in secret 🙁

  • Charles

    In my opinion those are small steps packaged with big ads just to make amateurs spend more money every year.

    • Wanda Vanilla

      Yep. Same as Fuji, m43, Sony. With a difference: Canon actually makes useful tools.
      They could add wifi and a tiltable display though. If true, this is stupid.

      • bakanecko

        Sooo the other company don’t make useful tools? damn

  • Really Random Guy

    Hmm, I have the orginal Canon 7D and Sony A7s, was planning to upgrade the action camera soon. Was thinking of replacing my 7D with the sony A6000, Which does 11fps@24mp and autofocus seems pretty damn good.

    Besides the obvious much better lens options and the magnesium body is there any other ‘serious’ reasons for 7Dii over A6000?

    • Phone

      No, go for the Sony, Canon is not for you. Even better, get a smartphone and be done with cameras.

    • Les

      Well, the optical viewfinder is important for an action camera. You’ll always be a fraction of a second behind with an electronic viewfinder.

  • Gommerang

    Identical specs to the ones CR posted weeks ago.

  • Mr.Black

    Canon is slowly sliding into fadeout. I bet that funny looking entry level Pentax K-S1 DSLR have better IQ than 7DMarkII. Shame on you Canon.

    • Zos Xavius

      What’s really funny is that it probably does with no AA filter and surely much better DR than a canon sensor.

      • R Leung

        I guess you’re not too familiar with Canon. They’ve been recycling the same old sensor tech with poor DR for years. It’s looking like the 7DM2 will just be the 70D in a better body.

        • Zos Xavius

          I’m pretty familiar with canon. I use a 5dmk2 for reproduction use. You are totally correct.

        • Ratty Mouse

          Just like Fujfilm, who stopped sensor development years ago.

          • Clint

            Seriously, are you like 12 yrs old?? What’s with the constant Fuji bashing??? We get it, you hate Fuji, now move along.

          • AlQaeda

            It is called “freedom of speech”. Best wishes for the 9/11 celebrations, by the way.

        • Teach me Hanna

          Are you “familiar with Canon”? Tell us, keep us amused. So exciting.

        • amaas

          Except for the fact that the 70D actually had an all-new sensor, the first in years in Canon’s APS-C line.

          Only downside is that it is still a generation behind the current Sony and Toshiba APS-C sensors in performance. Hopefully the real problem with the 70D was the processing chain and that’s updated on the 7DmII.

          • SonyIsNotThatGood

            Amaas = Sony Rep.
            He cant comment without stating how great Sony is in some way or another.

          • SonyIsNotThatGood

            Amaas = Sony Rep.
            He cant comment without stating how great Sony is in some way or another.

          • amaas

            LOL, hardly.

            More like semi-disillusioned former Sony user. Great sensors, everything else is a mixed bag. Nikon does better than Sony with the same sensors, but proved that they can do the same with Toshiba sensors if they can get them. Pentax does better than anybody else at APS-C IQ, but can’t deliver new lenses up to what they can get out of the sensor.

            The performance of Canon’s 18MP APS-C sensor was mediocre when new, and outdated today. The new 20MP is better, but still not state of the art n the 70D, but that might just have been the use of an older processing engine and not the sensor.

            I’m currently trying to decide between Canon and Nikon for my next body. I prefer APS-C and high-end bodies, so it’s the 7DmII vs whatever Nikon’s high-end APS-C body ends up being (If Nikon even bothers with high-end APS-C, which is the problem with choosing Nikon)

      • Education

        Canon 70D was announced summer 2013.

    • Mr.White

      What’s funny are most the people of forums like these. They’re never satisfied, are all optical engineers and machinists, Ph.Ds in Economics, shoot for Magnum, and are always held back by their camera gear limitations.

  • Excellent

    Excellent, a real camera, a camera for photographers, not for useless gadget geeks. This will take the best pics, and consistently so. I am glad we still have first-tier manufacturers.

    • Zos Xavius

      Bzzt. Wrong. The pictures are only as good as the person behind the camera.

      • NerdBuster

        Can stupid geeks like you take good pictures?

        • Zos Xavius

          Son, I can take pictures far better than you can possibly make insulting comments. Go home.

          • NerdBuster

            Relax sunshine, I do like some of your pictures, but I would not waste much time on them. And here you are just a loser writing geeky comments.

      • Harry

        Teach us more, sweetie. What is a camera? What is a loser?

      • LoveAGeek

        Are you any good?

  • Zos Xavius

    Did they even bother to upgrade the chassis? Looks like a 70D thrown into an original 7D mk1 body. I mean wow, I can’t really see why it took Canon 5 years to put this camera together. 10fps would be nice for some people I guess. Good thing Canon has a nice range of APS-C lenses to go along with this camera….oh wait.

    • amaas

      Well, at 11 months after the 70D, that’s about right for a chassis update, new processing chain and new AF system. Prior to the 70D Canon didn’t have a sensor to put into a 7DmII, since they were just iterating the 7D sensor.

  • aekn

    Canon fans…that’s gotta suck. Especially knowing this one will be around for awhile…

    • Ms.KrystalMeth

      They can move over to Sony’s 77 part duex…it is crap also. lol

    • Bob

      Actually, it has to suck for the Nikon fans who have to still shoot with their D700 or D300.

  • Do Tell

    Yus, but is full farme?

    • Nick


  • Mudblood

    I usually don’t fancy the priorities of Canon cameras and the prices they get. Here: Canon 7D never seemed interesting to me, it’s sort of fast (not too bad for sports, apart from ISO capabilities…there it sucks) but lacked an image quality (compared to Nikon D7000, while d7 always cost way more). OK I’m comparing it to another brand… Here: why does it cost so much more than D60? Really I mean the price compared to the specs… It’s interesting to me what Mark II will offer when it’s finally announced and what will the price be.

  • George

    This would have been impressive in 2008… maybe.

    • BP2012

      “Back to the future”

  • Michiel953

    I just go for the looks. This one looks awful. And who’s “Mark” anyway?

    • Kynikos

      The only guy who’ll buy this dressed up 70D.

  • Ms.KrystalMeth

    Oh my Lanta…Poor Canon fans. You all must be saying…5 years and we went from 18mp to 20mp. I know…I aint about MP…but your asking…lil timmy aint that the same sensor in 70d? is. Oh my. DX Canon Fan Boys..rejoice. Sony is not far behind you. Oh Look..what is that ahead? That is a new Full Frame Nikon D750. Canon..we build cameras like it was still 2008. And The New Canon 7d proves that. Po Po Dx Canon Fan Boys.

  • jstevez

    If those specs are true it will become the best seller action camera in history.

  • Michael Laing

    Everyone here is moaning about the Canon but the original 7D was a good camera and people seem to have forgotten that Canon gave 7D owners a decent firmare update (which is much more than Nikon ever did with the D300/D300s). Yes, Canon sensors are be slightly behind the competition compared to other manufacturers but the reality you don’t get any bad sensors in DSLR’s now day. The camera will have a decent frame rate for sports shooter and the AF will probably be excellent, if it is anything like the 1DX/5Dmk3 sensor. Video quality will be decent and if someone wants to use AF for video, it will do a better job than most DSLRs.

    It is probably going to be a much better camera, in most areas than the Fuji X-T1 (I do love the X trans sensor though). The Nikon D750 is going to be an exceptional camera but it is different to the 7D. I am a bit disappointed with the D750’s frame rate, as an action camera but it is a natural successor to the D700, which many Nikon owners have been moaning about for years.

    Maybe photographers should start being more positive about cameras. Yes, we are not seeing the massive updates very year, which we saw in the 2000’s with the advances in the digital sensor. All DSLR’s are good quality and most have more tech than most of us will ever need. So instead of being miserable whinging gits all the time, maybe people can be a little more constructive and even with their thoughts (well on everything except the Nikon DX, thats just a pile…)

    • MonkeySpanner

      I understand what you are getting at with being positive. On camera forums and the internet in general, not a lot of positive people saying positive things.
      BUT – I think what people are pissed about is that after waiting so long for a 7D update – this camera is 90% of the way there, but lacks in one of the most critical areas – the sensor. Looking at the specs this is a crop sensor dream camera for sports (well they didn’t say what the buffer depth is, but the original was good). But will always have a black eye because it does not have a sensor on the same level as the 24MP sensors coming out in new DX bodies right now.
      On a positive note – this does look like a very good camera for sports. 10fps – in a DX body – wow. And that AF system looks impressive. Overall looks very nice.

  • William Bruce Matthews

    Cool, that could move me to Canon after 40 years

  • MonkeySpanner

    Note to Canon:
    These people are pissed! Please just buy the Sony sensor and stick it in your body and make these people shut up!

    • dgr

      As long as the internet exists we will find reasons to complain. 😉

  • Nuno Guerreiro

    Yes!!! GPS integrated!!!
    On the downside, If that only had 4k enabled… only hoping that ML can hack this beast!!

    • MonkeySpanner

      4K enabled? You are talking video right? Not sure ML can “hack” 4K video.

      • Nuno Guerreiro

        You know that on a 5D mkiii you can record 4k video with ML, right?!

        • MonkeySpanner

          No, didn’t know that. That is why I said I was not sure about 4K video being hackable. Because I know that 4k video requires some pretty heavy duty hardware as well as software.

    • peterw

      Maybe change to Canon and find out at home that location data is not correct because the GPS was not in contact with enough satelites.

      What in the world does everybody want with 4K? Film your cat? Is a 4K player and a 4K monitor included in the wedding photographers contract?

  • fhf

    LOL! 7D owners have been waiting years for THIS?! What has Canon been doing all this time. What a pathetic update. Sadly, I’m sure they’ll sell tons. You’d think at some point Canikon users would open their eyes and look around to see what else is out there- oh well. Very underwhelming update, especially given how long it’s taken. And no 4k? Yikes.

    • Alasamorph


    • catinhat

      What are you missing here? I’m a Nikon shooter and I would be thrilled if Nikon released a D300 successor with these specs.

  • TinusVerdino

    When it’s autofocus is good then this would be a great camera for sports action animals and birding.

  • You know Sony and Panasonic are _really_ happy along about now. Looks like Canon has ceded the low-cost cine market. I’m not shocked, but a little surprised. I was hoping for more.

    Since the 5D Mk IV will undoubtedly be well out of my budget, looks like I’ll be splitting my equipment into stills and cine. Hopefully Fuji does something nice with the X-Pro2 for the stills side; their lens lineup is starting to look pretty solid for many of us.

  • Tom

    Amazing sensor, not so happy about:
    1) no tiltable display with peaking
    2) no wifi (which could be used with a smartphone to obtain a totally rmote display, like in other Canon products
    3) no radio flash trigger

  • Albert

    I’ve long since switched to Nikon. Good luck Canon.

  • koenshaku

    This is APS-C?

    • gf


  • NikonD400

    The only good thing about these specs are…… that Nikon will now release the much anticipated D400/D9300. LOL

  • Truthfully the bigger challenge to DSLR cameras is coming form the new medium format cameras like the Pentax 645z. While I think the Fuji XT-1 is a great camera, it still is not all the way there yet.

    One thing that bothers me here is that many people tend to focus on these types of cameras from a Pro perspective. Truthfully, if the major brands had to rely only on Pro purchasers, they would be our of business. The real bulk of camera buyers of this type are from the amateur or or semi-pro. These types of users generally are not looking (or can’t afford) an entire bag of lenses, much less a lens that is $2,000+.

    Take for example the point and shoot segment. Sure there were tones of cameras that had better image quality or better optic or more zoom or faster autofocus, but it turns our that the pictures they are taking with their camera phone are good enough for their needs, and now the point and shoot market is all but dead.

    Back to the real world. Not every camera is perfect. you need to choose the tool that is best suited for the shooting situation or they type of shooting you do. Sure, there are the 1% situations out there, but there are ways to work around them, and if push comes to shove, you can rent a camera and/or a lens for that specific shot your equipment couldn’t meet.

  • Nikon Rumors – What would say the chances of a Nikon D9300/D400 being announced before the end of the year if in fact Canon introduces a 7D Mark II?

  • CKDexterHaven

    I thought they were going to change the ‘top deck’ to the EOS1-style. I’m quite disappointed — not that i’m interested in a 7D, but if they didn’t change it for this camera, they probably won’t for the next 5D. Kinda sick of a pro-level camera that looks like it’s meant for amateurs. Nikon gets it right, i’m afraid to admit….

    • Neopulse

      What is the “EOS 1-style” to you? Didn’t get your post.

  • BrainBeat

    As a Nikon D7100 shooter and this being the equivalent Canon camera it does bring up some interesting features:
    New 65-point AF, all points cross-type – more than any Nikon
    Continuous shooting: 10 frames per second – +3/4 than I have now
    Built-in GPS – I would hope this and Wifi might come too

    Also as suggested in the Nikonrumors page this could lead to an update for me too which would be nice but now I need to decide if I should wait and get the update or get the D750 which would require new glass.

  • Guest

    Just came from NikonRumours page about the D750. When I saw these specs it blew my mind how much better this camera looks specs wise. The AF and burst rate alone make this better than any Nikon offering right now. Plus it’s actually professionally built unlike the D750.

  • Carlos

    I had the 60 d, 5 d mark II and 5 d mark III. Now that I have the sony a6000 to 11 FPS and avchd codec I’m amazed of because Canon left its users on the road in a mean-spirited way. Also just bought the lumixgh4 and make a better video than the mark III, since he recorded to 200mbs. I am now very interested in nikon’s d810 and the truth with many existing adapters not already worries me buy a nikon. At the time I had 9 cameras canon for my company, today the experience tells me that I have the best no matter what brand, sorry Canon stayed 5 years ago and it makes me very sad because I invested in many lenses, but either way, the final quality is everything.

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