This is the Samsung NX1 mirrorless camera

Those the first pictures of the long rumored, top of the line Samsung NX1 mirrorless camera that will be announced on Monday, September 15th. I also received a new set of NX1 specifications (see also this post):

  • 28.2 effective megapixels
  • 23.5 x 15.7mm CMOS Sensor
  • 3-inch Super AMOLED touchscreen tilting LCD screen with 1,036k dots
  • XGA EVF (OLED) with eye contact sensor
  • 15 fps with tracking
  • Magnesium alloy, weather-sealed body
  • Wi-Fi and NFC connectivity
  • 4K video recording capabilities

The Samsung NX1 will probably be one of the most interesting cameras announced at Photokina this year.

Thanks to the mysterious reader Nokishita for sending those in. Please keep me updated in the future.

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  • Global

    Is this full frame or APS C?

  • gfd

    Both this and the LX100 sound VERY interesting. Probably more excited about the LX100 but this Samsung could end up being an amazing camera.

    • I agree, those two cameras sound really interesting. There is just nothing else – hopefully there will be a surprise.

      • Zos Xavius

        Hopefully…. 😉

  • PrettySexy


  • Rui Nelson Carneiro

    Go away Samsucks.

    • Dummy00001

      Calm down, hot boy. Apple doesn’t manufacture ILC yet.

  • I think that the edge of the right top side should be more like the left but aside for that, I really liked the curves. Sony tried curves on their SLT but it didn’t work so much for me, I liked this better. Samsung’s phones department could learn a bit from their cameras design department, at least this is not boring.

    The feats look nice, unfortunately Samsung is a couple of years too late for me. I had hopes for Samsung back then, now it is a bit too late. Unless somehow Samsung blow things out of the water and even tops Panasonic and Sony’s video quality, but it feels a bit unlikely. There is also the rumor about Samsung being able to apply their ISOCELL tech in this new sensor for increased DR and sensitivity, which I hope it’s true even if I’m not going to buy it because it makes everybody move to catch up.

    If Samsung can deliver they can get a bit of the share Sony gave up at the APS-C high end market. Fuji owns that market in the photographic department but if Samsung can deliver a hybrid, they may have a chance to start something. But as Samsung has been talking big as ever and not really delivering, it’s just a very small chance. I would like them to succeed, the more competition and options the better for consumers.

  • Daedbird

    SO, its a nice looking camera, and specs-wise, the 4K and FPS aspects are impressive. And Samsung has a decent lens lineup.

    But who does this steal potential buyers from? FujiFilm is getting a more impressive lens lineup. Panasonic and Olympus have smaller sensors, but m43 has a wider array of lenses, and both have 4K abilities as well.

    Action photographers may want the FPS, but do they feel the lenses are there? I am just curious on how much Samsung can get marketwise…

    • I think if they can do anything is to capitalize on the market that Sony chose to neglect in order to bring the E-mount FF, the high end APS-C with video feats. The problem is that although it has 4K, it doens’t seem to have all framerates options. Sony pushed their A-mount with 12fps but as Sony is completely ignoring A-mount cameras in general, another reason for Samsung to invest in that.

    • JB

      7d user and long time canon buyer… Im looking for a replacement for my 7D, not sure what it will be, but it definitely won’t be a Canon (7DII looks like crap)

    • Ratty Mouse

      Fujifilm is fatally hampered by their idiotic sensor.

  • Rog

    Thank god no retro look bullshit here.

    • Pedro Spinoza

      No, but plenty of that new-look unappealing bullshit.

      • Huen

        It will handle well, which is the point.

  • Bryan Mordt

    Anxiously waiting for that all important price. I hope Samsung prices it competitively. I’m looking forward to Samsung’s presentation at Photokina.

    • I think previous rumors were talking about $1300-1500 body only.

      • Marco –

        1300$ could be acceptable for the launch price. Not more, though.

  • Carlito May

    Fugly as sin. They just can’t make a decent looking camera to save themselves…

    • JamesT

      Style is always very subjective, but what were you really expecting? It looks like every other DSLR, which is because it’s an ergonomic and proven design. If you blacked out the labels and colors, I don’t think most people, including a lot of photographers would be able to tell most DSLRs from each other.

      What DSLRs look good to you?

      • Arn

        Who really gives a s*** about how looking a tool ?
        We need good picture machines, not some fancy stuff to put in your GF’s purse.

        • arn

          Yes, utility is more important than looks, but perhaps you could refrain from using my name?

          • Arn

            Sorry, it’s mine too 🙂

      • pelillo

        Analog it logic try nikon f5 kodak ektar 100 and gossen starlite 2 mostly the best precision lightmeter ever made one mesurement shoot with f5 and goodbye MMMMMEEEEEEGAPIXXXXXEEEELLL

  • JamesT

    Looks good. I might actually buy a Samsung camera. Never thought that would happen.

    A lot of Nikon users were crying over the lack of “Pro ISO/WB Dial” on the D750, so I guess this makes this camera more “pro” than that one.

  • arn

    Now, this camera does look really good. The button layout and operability appears to be very similar to a Canon/Nikon DSLR, which is a GOOD thing as they have that thing fine tuned to perfection over the years. This samsung looks like a camera meant for photography. A compact mirrorless with what appears to be great photography oriented controls, I don’t see what more to ask. What’s with the silly haters? :/

    • Toni

      The layout if flawed. There is not perfection in Canon/Nikon layout, it’s just legacy from the film days. You had to put the shutter/mirror/viewfinder in the middle and the roll of film in the left and the space where it was winded to the right. In the left, you’d have the rewind knob, and over time, additional controls (ISO/comp. dial usually, but once they put wind/rewind motors, that space was used for many other electronic controls over time).

      In a digital camera, specially a mirrorless one, there is absolutely no reason to place controls in the left shoulder. All controls, at least all the important ones, should be on the right and you should be able to access them with your right hand (thumb and index fingers), while the left hand supports the camera or lens (important with heavy/long lenses). The left hand should only control the lens (focus/zoom rings, aperture ring if present, buttons like Samsung’s i-function) or buttons/switches placed by the lens (like the AF/MF switch in Nikon DSLRs that you can easily access with your left hand’s thumb while still holding the lens).

      Putting things like ISO and metering in the left shoulder, it’s simply bad design. Completely wrong. That it comes from a company with no film legacy, with no tradition of decades and a user base that is used to it, with a new 100% mirrorless digital system, is baffling. The only reason for them to do this, is to copy what is a popular design thanks to the popularity and prominence of Canon and Nikon. In this regard, yes, if it’s popular and people is used to it, why not? But there is not perfection in it, quite the contrary. Samsung lots another chance to innovate and just copied (this sounds familiar). See how well that worked for Sony in their beginnings. Sony is doing better now that they stopped following Canon/Nikon. Samsung should have done the same, bring their own interface. What user base could they alienate after all?

      • Marco –

        I totally agree.

      • Ebrahim Saadawi

        So you’re dismissing the entire company and predicting their utter failure just because you don’t like the positioning of the left couple of buttons?

        Why are you guys on these camera board so angry at any new product?

        Even with one that is the highest speced camera on the market. In terms of specs, there is absolutely nothing to complain about here. 28mp, 15fps, 100% evf, 4K video, nice customizable layout, I mean come on!

        • Toni

          Wut? Dismissing a company? Predicting failure? Seriously, where the heck did you read that in what I wrote? You have a serious reading comprehension problem.

      • Zos Xavius

        I think pentax cameras are some of the few cameras that will let you change all major setting with one hand with your eye at the viewfinder. Yet another reason I love those cameras. Canon almost gets it right, but the buttons on the top of the 5d are cumbersome IMO and I hate the rear dial.

      • Rob Elliott

        I thought the same thing. I think the thinking about having ISO etc and the drive mode on that left side is that if you have to take your eye off the EVF is should be on the left if you are holding it on the right grip as that will be your free hand.

        Ideally I’d like to have no LCD which has the same info displayed on the EVF, and have the ISO etc and Drive mode dial right there.

        Though this is the same set up that Panasonic decided on with the GH4, a similar positioned MFT.

        I agree with you, but I have a basic understanding of why Samsung did it.. DSLR users are fickle people who do not like change. 🙂 The addition of the LCD screen I think is designed to say hey look you don’t have to change.. try this new light design.

  • ornery

    Is there a good, fast aperture telephoto to go with those fps or is it just for dogs and kids? Samsung should convince Sigma to port their 120-300 to NX mount to make a good 180-450 equivalent.

    • Dummy00001

      Samsung has 50-200mm lens, and the reviews are generally positive. AF-C is way too new in NX, haven’t seen any reviews. It’s darkish – f/4.0-5.6 – but cheap (~250€ in Germany).

    • Rob Elliott

      The Rumour is that a 50-150 f2.8 (maybe 2-2.8) will be announced at the same time..(it may be wishful thinking though… I have that wish though

  • Eno

    The design is not so inspired, but who cares, if the camera in great! LOL

  • Marco –

    Wow, a perfect canikon clone…made uglier!

    • Usee

      I’m happy that I can manage to restrict my comments to products, I would buy.

      Which are far less, than those, I would not buy…

      …your mileage may vary.

      However, sometimes I make exceptions in the case of really extraordinary examples, like a Hasselblad Lunar, Pentax Swarovski edition, Sigma SD1 wood edition etc.

  • Marco –

    Xga evf: so they finally catch up with the now 3 years old nex 7. I was really expecting something more from Samsung, at least in the 1280 resolution range. Quite poor.

    • Dummy00001

      Past certain limit, resolution doesn’t really play any role.

      NEX-7 EVF was pretty bad (compared to Epson’s EVF found in Fuji or Oly) and resolution was really pretty much a gimmick.

      What’s more, NEX-7’s EVF was OLED, meaning that, just like with any other OLED screen, you simply can’t rely on its color reproduction.

      • ethan

        Tell that to Sony’s Tri master OLED Movie Mastering screens 😉

    • saywhat?

      NEX-7? ROFL !
      you dare to even mention that piece of garbage EVF of the NEX-7. you have such very low criteria as a basis of quality.

      • Marco –

        I was referring to resolution. And this will be oled as well, so don’t expect miracles. Anyway nx evf are quite bad as a whole, up to now.

        • Usee

          A high resolving sensor without high resolving lenses is…

          …not really high resolving, which was the case with the NX-7…

          …and which was the reason, why I didn’t bought one…

          …I wouldn’t choose a camera, based on the resolution of the EVF, would you?

          • Marco –

            OT. I was talking about evf here. Anyway no nx camera has even gotten close to nex 7 body till now, and all the reviews around the world agree on this.

  • McDonnie

    154 cross-type sensors ?

  • McDonnie

    yummy….but it’s samsung….;p

  • Carl Showalter

    How they shamelessly copied the top left button layout from Nikon …

  • guest

    Anyone know if it will record 4k internally?

  • Aaron Carn

    I’m not bagging this one until some reports come in on it. If it tracks well at 15fps… :O. I do have concerns with how the camera will handle high ISO given the 28mp aps-c sensor (a new high for a 1.5 – 1.6x crop isn’t it?). I have owned and NX11 and was quite impressed with the camera given it was a relatively early iteration of the NX series. I did however prefer the ergonomics of a larger dslr style grip.

  • EcoR1

    Looks interesting. It’s a pity though that Samsung have a slightly flawed mount design. All other major mirrorless mounts have a flange distance between 17mm and 19.25mm (including Sony, Fuji, m43, Canon and Nikon). Because the flange distance between mounts is so similar, it’s easier to 3rd party manufactures to design lenses for them. But Samsung NX-mount have 25.5mm flange distance. That’s so big difference to others that once Sigma, Tamron etc. really start designing lenses for mirrorless cameras, Samsung will be left out for those options.

    Even now, if you own some Leica-M lenses, you can’t adapt those to NX-mount, like you can do with any other mirrorless cameras – adapter would be too thin.

    It’s a pity, and I would not be surprised if Samsung made a new mount for FF-sensor at some point with a smaller flange distance.

  • food b4 cameras

    And I would choose this against my present SLR system because…??

    • Usee

      …because it is more lightweight, more compact and delivers the needed image quality at a lower price tag??

      • Ratty Mouse

        Lower price? I don’t think so.

        • Usee

          The image quality is to be expected, as the best in APS-C class…

          …thus you can compare it with a weather sealed FF camera – price wise.

          • Zos Xavius

            Samsung has best in class image quality? I hardly think so. Their sensors are pretty good (better than canon lol) and have really great color, but surely are not best in class compared to sony sensors.

          • Usee

            I wrote: “is to be expected”… 😉

            Because the things, that were published according the new sensor, hint to the possibility, that it is (at the moment) the best in it’s class.

            Former sensors are of no interest for this prediction.

            Canon sensors are not that bad…

            …if one is aware, that Sony, Nikon and Pentax deliver a pretty cooked RAW in comparison to Canon…

            …this is why astronomers prefer Canon cameras over other brands. 😉

          • Zos Xavius

            That’s silly. All raws are cooked in the pipeline. Nothing comes out “raw.” Astronomers prefer the canon brand because canon makes cameras specialized for them. Also there is a large conversion market for canon cameras. Its supply and demand really. No secret there. I’ll take “cooked” raw over half baked raw when the DR is 2-3 stops greater and I can push shadows +3EV without any real degradation thank you very much. Even the 5dmk3 still has banding in the deep shadows. A pity really. Not that bad and great are two different things, wouldn’t you agree?

          • Usee

            I wrote:

            “…pretty cooked RAW IN COMPARISON to Canon…”

            …silly is something else.

            …astronomers prefer the less cooked RAW – simple as that. 😉

      • Marco –

        Not much more compact, actually. And surely not cheaper at launch. Samsung is famous for its crazy pricing. No third party lenses, limited lens choice, no third party accessories, poor flash system. Wow, who would go nx1 if invested in canikon, Pentax or Sony???

        • Usee

          …people who want a more lightweight, more compact camera which delivers a image quality of a current, weather sealed, FF camera, at a lower (street) price tag??
          And don’t forget size, weight and price of (weather sealed) FF lenses…
          …in comparison to the Samsung lenses.

  • TinusVerdino

    I would have replaced the mode dial with a mode button, for a bigger lcd. (Like on the pro D4s D810 1Dx)

  • Ugly Sasmung

    it’s really ugly. And the gap between the lens and the grip is too small for a real man fingers. What is this LCD on the top for? There should be two dials like on fuji camera. With dials photographer see the setting in one glimpse. Dials are faster then menu. Pro camera should have dials not lcd. And where is long promised wide angle prime? where is longer telephoto? do you samsung think that pro photographers would use pancakes?
    What about flash? Do you samsung think that people will pay $500 for ugly version of Metz flah that is outdated at least 10 years? Samsung tell us, do you really think that pro photographer needs you wifi more than radio flash?
    Samsung you have no clue about needs of photographers.

    • Zos Xavius

      Shows how much you know. And two upvotes too. SLR design long ago ditched shutter speed dials because they only offer a limited range of options. Digital has less latitude than film traditionally. The shutter dial on fuji cameras is quaint, but completely necessary and borderline useless in a lot of situations (like setting long exposures). You can also control the shutter speed with one of the dials. Go figure. The top plate LCD has graced every pro oriented SLR since the first camera they slapped one on. It won out because the design is superior.

    • Usee


      your writing style reminds me to the user “common (non-) sense”… ;-D

      Pro cameras, especially those, which are used in dim light conditions or in the dark, have a control LCD on top, to see all the relevant settings in one glimpse, from a convenient position…

      …beside that the NX1 has already enough control dials, that one more dial on that position would neither add ergonomics, nor useability…

      …and I bet, that some “common (non-) sense” writer would moan, if it wouldn’t have that LCD screen on the top – as a pro camera!


  • Mike

    So many design rip offs from other brands. The Canon mirror hump, the Nikon 4 button selector on the left shoulder. The Pentax rear selection dial, Canon front selection dial….. consistent with a Korean brand.

    • Neopulse

      Damn…. that was quite a burn.

    • Pepe

      Well mate, there are not TOO many solutions for the same problem… (you forgot about the Sony looking lens, and Fuji like rear, and… pffff).

      what do you think, maybe Samsung should launch a camera operated with your toes???

      • Mike

        So you see it too? :-). Toes? Now that’s just silly talk. (There’s no one to take cues from anyway).

  • Joe

    Would like to see the 4k recording specs, unlike Panasonic or Sony I don’t think Samsung have a in-house video codec

  • MonkeySpanner

    15fps – with tracking. I think this will overshadow the 7d mk ii.

    • Troy Past

      That depends on the tracking… Using the main sensor for PD has thus far come close, but the keyword is close…

      • Marco –

        Totally agree. I’ll have to wait and see, before believing in Samsung’s marketing hype. They are always the greatest on paper and among the worst in real world.

  • aZu
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