Not a rumor: new Canon PowerShot compact camera with a large sensor under development

Canon is now officially working on a new PowerShot compact camera with a large sensor, high zoom capability and compact body as you can see from this official Canon Hong Kong press release (thanks to the anonymous reader who sent me this info):

New PowerShot Digital Compact Camera Under Development
Featuring large image sensor, high zoom capability and compact body

Canon is developing a new premium digital compact camera that combines the merits of both large image sensor and high-magnification optical zoom lens in response to the demands from users looking for high quality high zoom performance. Offering both convenience from a compact body and excellent super telephoto performance, this camera is perfect for everyday or travel shooting in high quality.

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  • Wild Cangaroo

    RX10 / FZ1000 clone?

    • Michal Rosa

      No. Canon has no reason to clone anyone.

      • TZ

        Right, because they invented everything on earth.

      • kurogoma
      • Wild Cangaroo

        Well they cloned the RX100/LX100 with their G7X..

        • Karl

          So, what should they do so that they don´t “clone”? Build a camera without a lens? One comes up with 30x zoom, others follow. One includes FullHD others follow. Are others cloning Panasonic when they implement 4K? What are you talking about???

          • photoviking

            Go back up the thread and read what Michal Rosa said about Canon not having to clone anyone. Wild Cangaroo is right. Canon DID clone the RX100/LX100. They sat on their thumbs while others with smaller R&D budgets innovated and brought game changers to the market. Now they get to play catch up.

          • Karl

            Ok, one first has to think about what the word “clone” means! It means exactly the same (genetically). That’s nonsense. Pansonic used the 1 inch sensor later than sony, now comes canon, next year nikon an others will follow. If you go back in (camera) history you’ll find a lot of examples of manufactures doing things others have done before…what else should they do? Really, i’m not a fanboy of a brand, and i’m not saying canon is innovative, but blaming a company to join a market later than others makes no sense. Competition is good for the costumers…that’s how the system works. Btw the Powershot G1x is a clone of what?

          • Maximo Tozzi

            “…smaller R&D budgets…”?

            Sony? Panasonic? Is a joke right?

          • NerdBuster

            Get a job.

          • photoviking

            Get a life.

      • 5r

        But they just did – G7X is a absolute clone to rx100 II and III. It is completely logical to make a sibling to RX10/FZ1000 since all of them (Sony, Pana and Canon) use exactly the same 1″ sensor and there is a certain demand for advanced bridge cameras. But if the new camera has the same size and weight I really wonder why they insist on calling them “compact”. It is everything BUT compact.

        • ZZ

          Nothing wrong with cloning a successful design/concept … now the Canon homers can buy G7X, instead of mulling over getting a Sony …

      • I do not see any similarities between those two cameras. There are at least another 100 camera models out there that look like that.

        • Ayoul

          I don’t know a lot of camera with 1 inch sensor in a compact camera body, with a short but luminous lens covering the standard focal lengths… And there is even a good chance that the sensor is the same.

          On paper, the only differences are 100 mm vs / 70 mm, tiltable EVF vs screen only. If we compare with the RX100 II it’s even closer, with a more luminous lens at the end of the range for the Canon body.

          It is obviously the closest competitor and you really “don’t see any similarities” and think that there are “at least another 100 camera models out there that look like that”? Really?

          From an aesthetic point of view, of course there is nothing new and a lot of camera look like that, but i’m almost 100% sure it wasn’t the point of SAR admin and kurogoma…

          • Hal

            I agree with you, but I’m more excited for the Canon for it’s more direct controls, better menus, and color. To me, the G7X beats the RX100. I never got along with the colors I got from the RX100, except for landscapes.

      • Eh. Looks more like Canon’s own S120… and that one just evolved ever so slightly from the S95… which dates back 4 years ago, which was two years before the RX100… so yeah.

      • Vágner Rondon

        Canon will be transformed into a company that only makes lenses for mirrorless market.

        A worsened Zeiss.

        • Michal Rosa

          That’s literally the stupidest thing I have read on the Internet this year.

    • Harry

      Probably similar (they all are), and most likely better made. Instead of some cheap electrogimmick, we might get a useful photographic tool… Noobs don’t understand this stuff but photographers do.

    • The same general idea? 1″ sensor bridgecamera with f/2.8 wide open? Yes, I’m pretty sure that’s what they’re meaning by that.

      Will it be a clone? Nah, I’m sure the Sony and Panasonic will be still be superior in almost every way.

  • Robert F.

    Note the use of the term “high quality” twice in the press release.

    Definitely feeling the heat from smartphones, and trying to differentiate this new compact product.

    A big sensor is certainly the most logical way to do it … at least with present technology.

    • This is also the first time I remember they pre-announce something in a press release.

      • Robert F.

        Perhaps even more interestingly is what this will mean for Nikon. As goes Canon, so goes Nikon … and vice versa. The slumbering duopoly may be awake.

        I think they both see that storm clouds are forming on two fronts: smartphones decimating sales of compact cameras on one horizon, and serious mirrorless contenders slowly starting to threaten DSLRs on the other.

        As Michael Reichmann said, “If you’re not prepared to eat your own young, someone else will.”

      • onlyme

        Yes, it feels like they are trying to prevent Canon fans from switching to another brand to the buy an RX10 or FZ1000. Haven’t they also mentioned working on a new mount for a mirorrless camera? Canon seem concerned about their competitor’s new cameras.

        It’s a bit of a confusing statement about this new camera. Smal size, large sensor and high zoom can not all be true, one is going to have to give. I’d love to know the sensor size and zoom. At least we know one thing from this announcement, it will not be cheap 🙂

  • Gunnar

    it`ll only take them 4 more years 😉

  • HowCanonWorks

    I think Canon really know how to make proper products.
    They obviously do their own research, and they will not con their customers with products that are not up to standard. They let the third-tier “innovators” like Oly, Fuji etc do that, and con their customers.
    However, once the standard is reached, Canon will pounce and it will be game over for our gadget factories.

    • Narretz

      Nice trolling, I give you 9/10.

      • CN

        Go back to nano four thurds forums kiddie.

        • Narretz

          Stop stalking me! 🙁

          • LoveNerds

            Nobody wants to talk to you nerd. Even less stalk you.

    • Tom

      True, none of the so-called “innovations” have delivered anything comparable to the “old-fashioned” Canon stuff. Canons simply operate better and deliver superior results. Even with their own shortcomings, because perfect they are not, Canon are just in a superior league to the gadgety competition.

      • The Subversive

        Which is not to say how good Canon is, but rather how bad the competition is – most of it, really. I only save Nikon and Pentax.

      • photoviking

        Did Chuck Westfall pay you for this comment? You sound like a shill for Canon.

        • Tom

          Do you work for some o the “great innovators” (aka cheap consumer electronics manufs)? How much do you get for your drivel? 1 dime a line? Some job!

    • photoviking

      Doubtful. Canon missed the opportunity to lead in this emerging segment. It’s only course of action now is to churn out a bunch of “me too” products and hope to chip away at the lead held by Sony.

      Same goes for Nikon. Where were they at Photokina? Oh yeah, another evolution of the D700/800-series. Nothing groundbreaking.

  • TinusVerdino

    MF zoom compact?

  • Jack

    Seriously, does anyone really care?

  • Klopf

    I am a videographer. There are many people including myself looking for a pocketable (or nearly) compact zoom with 1080p/60fps, external mic jack and articulated screen. Hopefully this camera will be the first to deliver those specs. 4K is useless and merely eats your disk space, who needs it when the broadcast industry standard will be HD for many years to come?

  • Sean

    The Canonites will eat it up, but sorry it’s a little too late. Sony and Panasonic are leading the market. Sony did the G7X over 2 years ago, where was Canon? Panasonic surpasses the disastrous G1X II with the LX100.

  • MonkeySpanner

    Yes, this will be an RX10/FZ1000 clone. Canon has better sales channels and can buy more shelf space at the big yellow tag store – so they will do better – but it probably will still lack 4k vid.

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