Samsung is rumored to announce a new NX Achromatic (black and white) mirrorless camera

Here is some additional information on the upcoming Samsung mirrorless camera with a black and white sensor I already mentioned last week: Samsung will unveil a new limited edition version of the NX300 mirrorless camera with a black and white version of the same 20 megapixels sensor and no low pass filter (similar to the Leica Monochrom).

The new camera will be called NX Achromatic and most likely will have a full metal body. I am not sure if the new version will be just for the Asian or few others select markets. The specs are not different than the NX300M with a new firmware and different "RAW shooting modes". The new camera will be offered as a bundle with one or two pancake lenses. Stay tuned for additional details.

Update: Nikon already has a 16MP full frame monochrome sensor.

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  • SamsungWasher&Dryer

    Destined to be the biggest marketing flop of the decade.

    • Antonio

      I wouldn’t be that sure specially if it comes at a price not much higher than NX300 it can be very tempting even for people with other systems as there are lens adapters in the market.
      With a viewfinder it could attract much more people’s interest.

    • Kodachromeguy

      Why will it be a flop? Just because you might not be interested in a monochrome camera does not mean that plenty of serious photographers would not jump at the chance to have a mono sensor at a price much lower than the Leica Monochrom.

  • Brendan

    Will probably be the first camera equipment I have ever pre-ordered. A little disappointed it won’t be on a camera with a viewfinder but otherwise very excited.

    • Seb

      Id buy an X100 mono in a heartbeat. Viewfinderless cameras are an absolute no-go for me.

  • fjfjjj

    Admin, is that a “limited edition version of the NX300” or of the NX3000 shown in the photo?

    • The picture is of the current NX300. I do not have a picture of the upcoming limited edition NX300 monochrome, but they should look the same.

      • Kynikos

        The logo (bottom left) says 3000.
        What am I missing?

      • fjfjjj

        No, it’s really not.

  • pepe

    These days Samsung is making the right steps. Me likey !

  • antek

    OMG, why not just put the sensor in a new, worthy body? The NX300 is a toy. They’re missing a huge opportunity here…

    • maybe they are just testing the demand first

    • Marco –

      I agree, but while the nx300 is, at least, a small and “pretty” toy, the nx30, which has the same hw, is a big and ugly toy.

      An a6000 styled camera with the nx1 performance would be perfect.

      • Mark Jenkins

        Already exists. Called the X-T1.

        • Marco –

          X-t1 has a SLR style, not rangefinder. I’m also not sure about its AF tracking capabilities. I tested it with a subject running towards me, and it did not impress. A6000 seems better and, on paper, nx1 seems even better. But while the former is a nice and small body, the latter is as big (and heavy) as an average DSLR.

      • Mark Jenkins

        But I am excited about the upcoming NX400. I like my NX300 with the 30mm lens and 45mm lens, but hoping for a faster body, both processing and focusing. EVF would be great, but we’ll see.

        • Marco –

          I agree, but in the last three years I learned how the ppl at Samsung “think”. They’ll strip down all the interesting features from nx1, like eg the decent buffer, the faster CPU, the good and fast evf (replaced perhaps by a sequential low res unit), leaving in just the specs that fill the flyers, eg the 28mp sensor and the 200 pd points. They’ll put in a flappy LCD for the selfie generation and a GPS for instant Facebook tagging, and the nx400 is cooked.

          So if you want a decent camera, you have to buy the hulky bulky one. You can’t have a small body with good specs, from them.

          Of course I’ll be happy to be proven wrong.

  • What is the advantage of a BW-only sensor? Better tones? Better detail? Does it make for a better print after being processed in, say, Photoshop or Lightroom?

    Serious question, not snark.

    • OttoVonSchriek

      1) When used without lens filters you should get a 1 stop increase in ISO and effectively improved NR when working at high ISO.

      2) When used with color lens filters as with traditional B&W film you get roughly the same ISO sensibility (i.e. no penalty for using the filter); lower noise especially when filtering with reds or blues (you will be using more data from the sensor) and improved sharpness and detail (as a result of reduced chromatic dispersion in the lens).

      • Kevin Purcell

        You won’t get a 1 stop improvement at all. I know everyone on the net says this but it’s not true. Even if you left off the filter layer.

        They will need to add a uniform filter layer to the sensor to balance up the response to look like film or the eye not “raw silicon” which has too high a response in the red (and NIR). Leica did this in the Leica monochrom.

        What you do get is about 1.4x improvement in resolution and reduction in artifacts from demosaicing.

        Tonality might improve a little but that’s more a factor of photon count noise than anything else (and that’s not going to change by much).

        It will be less than people expect.

    • mma173

      They make use of light waves beyond the visible spectrum. This is supposed to improve sensitivity and details.

      • fjfjjj

        You’re way off the mark. Some greyscale sensors may have sensitivity beyond the visible spectrum, but that’s not to improve detail. Most greyscale sensors (Leica M monochrom) are sensitive to the visible spectrum only.

        • mma173

          Well, I remember reading something similar about the Leica Monochrome somewhere on the web. I might be wrong.

    • fjfjjj

      Better tones and detail. You can demosaic Bayer-patterned sensor output and then remove chroma information, but that won’t get you panchromatic luminance data from each photosite.

      • El Aura

        About 3x as much light or 1.5 stops, very hopefully no AA filter (there is no colour aliasing to fear) and probably most importantly: no de-mosaic thus as sharp as the full-colour Foveon sensors.

  • OttoVonSchriek

    I notice there are a lot of contacts on that flash shoe; is there an OVF unit available?

  • Kenko

    Oh, an excellent replacement for that achromatic Leica! But wait.. Samsung-mount is not compatible with Leica-lenses. Never mind. Next!

    • Pepe

      we should burn all the non Leica lenses in the world don’t you agree? 😛

      • Zos Xavius


  • Marco –

    One day, perhaps, at Samsung they’ll understand that “cool creators” (their terminology) want a good evf and great performance in a stylish small body.

  • Steve Linke

    Weird … they show this monochrome camera with a color image on it’s LCD screen. Go figure…

    • mikeswitz

      Because that is not an image of the new camera. It appears to be an NX3000.

    • This is not the new camera, but it will have the same design.

  • I like the stylish retro look of this camera.
    Perhaps the mirrorless cameras are the ‘next big thing’ in photography.
    I’d certainly love to own one to take with me on my trips.

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