Kodak film price increas in Japan

Kodak will have another film price increase in Japan effective on February 4th:

  • Professional color film price increases: 7% ~ 134%
  • Black and white film price increases: 6% ~ 191%
  • Amateur color film price increases: 39% ~ 101%
  • Kodak chemistry and color papers increase: 15%
  • A roll of Tri-X will rise from 650 yen to 950.

Via Tokyocamerastyle

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  • Spy Black

    Those are pretty damn wide ranges of increases, either that or I don’t understand what those numbers mean.

    • Must be for different sizes and or emulsions in each category.

  • Benjamin Brosdau

    Check out this PDF:


    Highlighted in yellow are raises in price, new ones on the right. Some have been raised slightly, some massively. So there is indeed a huge range of increases.
    I relly like Ektar 100 (135) and has seen a raise of 66% !!!

    • Tijmen

      Nice! The prices used to be really nice. Now with the increase it’s getting worse, but still not too bad.

      Fuji is priced REALLY nicely I think. A 5-pack of RVP50 220 is only 5700 yen. That’s a little over 40€. 8€ a roll for slide 220 is sweet. I can only imagine how great the prices were a year or three ago before all the price hikes.

  • John

    This sucks. I stil depend on film for my work

  • sperdynamite

    I wonder if this is currency or import related and on that line of thinking I wonder if this is why a roll of Fuji 400H is nearly double the cost of a roll of Portra 400.

  • booh

    They have been expensive in Japan for years, while high-end Fuji staff (like Pro400H) take their hike in price on this side as well.

    Now that Neopan 400 is completely gone, Ilford would be a viable choice.

  • I’ve been thinking about getting a film scanner. This is another consideration now.

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