Ricoh to announce HD Pentax-D FA 70-200mm f/2.8 and 150-450mm f/4.5-5.6 lenses

Pentax-D FA 150-450mm F4.5-5.6 lens HD Pentax-D FA 70-200mm f:2.8
The two prototype lenses that Ricoh displayed during the 2015 CES show will be announced on February 5th (pictured above):

  • HD Pentax-D FA 70-200mm f/2.8
  • Pentax-D FA 150-450mm f/4.5-5.6

Both lenses are full frame, giving all Pentax fans hope that a full frame DSLR camera should be coming soon.

Update - here are the HD Pentax-D FA 70-200mm f/2.8ED DC AW lens detailed specifications:

  • Dust and water sealed (sealing in 13 different places)
  • Image circle covers 35mm format (full frame lens)
  • New nanotechnology coating called "Aero Bright coating II"
  • HD coating
  • Two super ED, two ED and four low dispersion elements
  • Quick shift focus system selector: "QFS / A", "QFS / M", "MF"
  • "QFS / A" autofocus priority. "QFS / M" manual focus priority
  • DC motor
  • Circular aperture
  • 3-stage focus limiter
  • SP coating on the front lens
  • New removable tripod mount
  • Price in Japan: 260,000 yen with tax (around $2,200, expectUS price will be lower)

and the specs of the HD Pentax-D FA 150-450mm f/4.5-5.6ED DC AW lens:

  • Dust and water sealed (sealing in 21 different places)
  • Image circle covers the 35mm format (full frame lens)
  • HD coating
  • Three ED, one low dispersion element
  • Design for high megapixels sensor
  • Quick shift focus system selector: "QFS / A", "QFS / M", "MF"
  • "QFS / A" autofocus priority. "QFS / M" manual focus priority
  • Four places of the AF button (every 90 degrees to the lens barrel)
  • Focus preset mode for storing the focus position
  • AF Cancel fixing force the focus position in the continuous AF
  • DC motor
  • Zoom lock lever
  • Circular aperture
  • 3-stage focus limiter
  • SP coating on front element
  • New removable tripod mount
  • Price in Japan: 275,000 yen including tax (around $2,300)

Via Digicame-info

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  • Cynog

    Very tasty! I don’t need the 70-200 mm just yet, as I love the 60-250mm f4, but that 150-450 mm is a definite buy for me, if this is true.

    • this is true, if you compare those photos with the prototypes from CES, they are identical

  • Neopulse

    Are these full frame?

    • silent_tyrant

      YES. The *FA* in the lens name is the giveaway (if the focal lengths don’t do it for you).

  • sperdynamite

    a 70-200?! No way that doesn’t cover a full frame sensor.

    • I believe both lenses are full frame.

      • Neopulse

        Let’s hope. If they start churning out FF lenses shortly before the release of their FF camera that would be great. A great prelude of things to come.

      • Global

        The only reason I chose the D700 when it first came out was because Pentax didn’t have a full-frame that I knew about. At the time, I was quite interested in Pentax, but I just didn’t see it as “fully built out”. Sad it took this long.

        How did they totally miss the opportunity in Mirrorless, by the way????? Pentax is the “other Fuji” that should have been!

        • they have the Q line which it seems they abandoned

          • Global

            Oh gosh.. that one with the weird double-nobs on the front of it?? I do remember that now! I never understood why there was a nob where the hand grip should be….. pretty ugly.

          • Zos Xavius

            Doubtful. It is actually a big seller for then in the east. They just released a new q body too. If no new lenses appear you might be right anyways though.

          • They announced the Q-S1 in August, 2104:
            If I am not mistaken, this was the last Q announcement.

          • Cinekpol

            7 months ago. I know some companies throw a mirrorless body every 4 months or so in a hope some of them will stick, but let’s not think it’s something normal or to be praised. Lack of body since August last year doesn’t mean that they abandoned anything.

          • Kunzite

            They didn’t abandon the Q; it’s just not the kind of a system which needs much to be done. Launch a camera now and then, have few lenses… and that’s it.
            Next Q lens will likely be the macro.

          • Rob S

            Wait what? The Q is alive and well. It has a pretty steady upgrade rate (4 versions, first in 2011) and a large array of lenses. I just finished a week long business trip and took only my Q7 and the 5-15 lens. It was wonderful.

      • Zos Xavius

        They are.

    • TinusVerdino

      They are D-FA which means fit for APS-C as well as Full frame.

    • Both lenses are specified as D FA, indicating full frame coverage. A closer look at the image of the 70-200mm lens will further reveal that it is designated D FA*, indicating that it is a professional-grade lens.

  • Rob S

    So anyone want to bet against a Pentax FF body now?

  • Global

    “Ricoh” should change its name to “Pentax.” “Pentax announces…” sounds great! Young exciting artists are saying something! “Ricoh announces…” sounds like…… old men who make printers and printer accessories…. are saying something. Eh. I guess it worked for Canon.

  • speedPhoenix

    150-450mm will compete with Canon 100-400mm MK II. Price will also be in the same territory. I hope the pentax one will have better performance, to get real attention.

    • Cinekpol

      It’s got a lower zoom ratio (4:1 in Canon, 3:1 in Pentax) so Pentax got quite significant advantage at the very beginning (3:1 zooms are a classical category which makes designing high quality optics much easier)

  • Gum Li

    Let’s guess will the FF body release in 2015? Or at least…announce?

  • alex

    please respect pentax name, dont put richoh on pentax brand even if it yours, we know its ricoh, doesn’t make any difference. hoya respected that

    • El Aura

      But then Hoya wasn’t a camera brand while Ricoh is one.

      • alex

        imagine a camera to write canon in the front and nikon in the back then, doesnt inspire trust, does it? pentax is a name of trust, at least all the pentax users believe. you can put name ricoh as a small signature detail, it will be more inspiring and it will show respect to the elder pentax

        • El Aura

          Ricoh is a name of trust as well. They make and made some of the best fixed-lens cameras.

          • alex

            yes i agree but your answer doesnt solve the problem. unless its not a problem for you. personally i didnt get the k-3 only for that reason, and many people did the same. customers are always right you know. change your job immediatly because your company is losing money and its your fault too

          • Global

            It still sounds rather fuddy-duddy. “Pentax” really does look exciting and sounds exciting. I know this is really subjective area — but phonetics and spelling are important (sort of like how a song “sounds” happy or sad, etc; words have a “sound” that has a real effect — “Pentax” is bright; “Ricoh” is dull, even if both are decent brands).

  • TinusVerdino

    Bigger pics plz. Can’t read the lettering on the switches.

  • jvossphoto

    If Pentax uses the sony 24 and 36mp, just as they’ve done before and announce 24 and 36mp FF bodies that have AA filters removed. They could be as good as Nikon D750 and D810. Also there are absolutely out standing used K mount glass out there to be utilized. Such as the Pentax A wide-angle primes, fisheye, and 200mm macro that’s as sharp a lens as any Canikon. It’s never too late I guess.

    • Neopulse

      The only thing that might mess up the cameras is if they get out of the 27 pt AF system to something more spread out meant for FF rather than adapting a DX to FF setup like what Nikon did to the Df and D610.

      • Performance is also on my mind. How fast will the camera shoot? I hope it’s at least 8 fps, perhaps in a reduced resolution mode, but ideally at full resolution with dual PRIME III or faster image processors. I also hope to see dual SDXC UHS-II slots for maximum writing speed.

        Pentax is trying to push for the pros. The new full-frame DSLR must meet their demands.

        • Neopulse

          For sure, they need to implement the UHS-II cards if they want to make CF cards a thing of the past.

  • krishnamurthi sunderrajan

    Pentax full frame lens will be sharper than nikon. Is there any possibility to use for nikkon D810 ?

  • johnny

    Let the Pentax FF saga continues…

    • Kenspo

      It is not a saga anymore. Its due for release soon. I have even seen it!

  • raziel28

    I would like to see re-born Zeiss ZK mount lenses too…

  • true

    Wow.. even Pentax knows better than Nikon what the hobbyist birders want. Probably going to outresolve both of the 150-600 zooms, and only weight half. Why nikon doesn’t have a 400 f5.6 or 100-400 (that doesn’t cost arm and leg) is beyond me..

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