Canon EOS 5DS and EF 11-24mm f/4L USM prices revealed

Canon EOS 5DS cameraCanon EF 11-24mm f:4L USM lens

I received the EU prices for the upcoming Canon EOS 5DS full frame DSLR camera and EF 11-24mm f/4L USM lens:

  • Canon EOS 5Ds: €3,499 (around $4,000)
  • Canon EOS 5Ds R (no low-pass filter): €3,699 (around $4,200)
  • Canon EF 11-24mm f/4L USM: €2,999 (around $3,400)

Expect the US prices to be lower.

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  • Kris

    It’s funny how Canon prices it’s products. If you want an AA filter, you pay EUR 3,499. But if you don’t, so we put one less component into your camera, you pay EUR 200 more.

    Makes perfect sense given that they also give you GPS, WiFi, NFC, a touch screenso you can pull focus while shooting video, a popup flash IF you buy their $500 camera. Were you to buy their EUR 3,499 camera though, don’t even think about those features. I mean it would be so amateurish to make taking photos easier, wouldn’t it? I’m surprised they even put AF in there. I mean a real pro doesn’t need AF. A real pro can focus manually 🙂

    This is why I bought a 6D vs. a 5D III (and because of the higher IQ and much lower price.) I would really like to buy this 5Ds thing. But once you tried those “amateurish features”, it’s hard to go back.

    Oh well, we’ll just have to wait to see when the 6D II comes out – probably equipped with a whopping 1 point (10 out of the 11 points are complete garbage) AF system again… It’s shameful how much better a Rebel’s AF system is…

    • Dan

      Volume. If they are making 20,000 sensor units with the AA filter, vs 10,000 units without, it is going to cost them more to manufacture the ones without, so it would make sense that the lower volume option would cost more, even if it has fewer materials in it. I’m not surprised to see that Nikon opted to do the D810 exclusively without the AA filter after the success of the D800E. It seems a pretty safe bet that the people looking at the high-MP lines are going to want the models without the AA filter. If some did not need that maximum possible sharpness, they’d probably be considering lower MP models as well as an alternative.

      People make fun of how many different versions of full-frame cameras Nikon has, but it’s working. The D610, D750, D810, Df, and D4 are all pretty unique in their offerings. The only 2 I’d really place as kind of a toss-up are the D610/D750, where it is kind of a how much do you need vs how much are you willing to spend valuation.

      WiFi, GPS, and NFC have problems with the full-metal bodies of pro level cameras creating interference. Nikon got around this on the D750 using a metal chassis with carbon reinforced plastic rather than an all metal body. Some people can tolerate a plastic body, others can’t. The flippy screen also introduces potential durability issues. These features require pretty heavy design compromises in other areas to incorporate.

      Why Canon can’t put pop-up flashes on their cameras is beyond me. Yes, the full frame prism is larger, but Nikon has been able to do it with the D6X0, D7X0, and D8X0 cameras. Nikon also has more motivation to, though, as the pop-up flash acts as a commander.

  • Neopulse

    Any news on the price of the normal 5D Mark IV they were going to make also?

    • LlocQ

      It has to be a rumour of the body itself first, the price part comes later.I don’t think they are going to announce the 5D Mark IV tomorrow, more possible it will be announced at the second half of 2015

  • DStudio

    I understand that camera bodies with ever-impressive specs keep creeping up in price. I suppose I can even accept this in light of how poor an investment they are for anyone who doesn’t derive revenue from their use (because of rapid depreciation).

    What I don’t understand is how an f/4 lens *without* IS warrants a $3400 price tag!!? It would have to be some kind of miracle worker! Just because it goes 1mm wider than the competition? How do we know it’s even a mm wider? Think of the Samyang 14mm lens. It must be something like 13.6mm, because Vivitar sells it as a 13mm lens, while Rokinon advertises it as 14mm. So is Canon going all the way out to 11.4mm wide?

    This lens had better have PERFECT image quality at f/4 at every focal length!

  • Jenda Pepé Pajda

    Bad joke!

  • LlocQ

    The 5DS/R price (if true) seems ok (with Canon standards) but the 11-24 is totally overpriced…..I don’t really get it…..I’m sure the lens will be a state of the art in all of its aspects but that f/4 is a deal breaker for me especially at that price.

  • Dario

    Official prices from Canon USA website: 5DS $ 3699 – 5DS R $ 3899.

    I don’t know where did you take that prices but I hope that the euro price will be around 3300 for the 5DS

    • Those were the EU prices converted to USD. I clearly stated that US prices will be lower – they always are.

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