Canon EOS 750D/760D camera specifications

Canon Canon EOS 760D DSLR camera
Here are the latest Canon EOS 750D/760D DSLR camera specifications:

Canon EOS 750D

Canon EOS 750D DSLR cameraCanon EOS 750D DSLR camera kit

  • Enable 24.2MP CMOS sensor
  • DIGIC6 processor
  • Finder penta mirror. Field of view 95%, magnification 0.82 times, the eye point 19mm
  • AF 19-point cross-type. Center F2.8 corresponding dual cross
  • 7560-pixel RGB-IR photometry sensor. 63 zone TTL metering
  • ISO100-12800 (extended with 25600)
  • The shutter speed is 30 seconds -1/4000 seconds (Synchro 1/200 sec)
  • Continuous shooting 5 frames / sec.
  • LCD monitor 3 inches 1.04 million dots. Vari-Angle
  • Built-in guide number 12 flash
  • New hybrid CMOS AF III
  • Video Full HD 30fps
  • Wi-Fi · NFC
  • Remote operation by smartphone tablet
  • Battery LP-E17
  • The size of 131.9 x 100.7 x 77.8mm
  • Weight 555g (CPA criteria). 510g (body only)

Canon EOS 760D

Canon the EOS 750D DSLR cameraCanon EOS 750D DSLR camera top

  • 24.2MP CMOS sensor
  • DIGIC6 processor
  • New development of 7560 pixel RGB + IR photometry sensor
  • AF 19 points
  • Hybrid CMOS AF III
  • Dynamic tracking continuous shooting in live view
  • Top LCD panel
  • Intelligent Viewfinder
  • Vari-angle LCD monitor
  • Wi-Fi · NFC
  • Remote control with smartphone and tablet
  • Creative modes including HDR movie

Via Digicame-info

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  • D800GUY

    So what is the difference between 750 and 760? just the top display?

    • KT

      and the control dial on the back and probably some extra video functionality/features that will be totally lost on the customer base for whom this camera is designed. I have to say the specs look pretty respectable for an entry level DSLR.

    • I updated the post with specs and pictures for both cameras.

  • Global

    “D750” vs “750D” — are Canon and Nikon kidding…..

    • KT

      Subtle differences so choose wisely

    • Andrei

      It was 40D – D40 or 70D – D70 before.
      Never caused a problem. Only for some who
      write D5 instead of 5D on forums.

      • Global

        I don’t think its a problem…. it just epitomizes the “CaniKon” duopolistic thinking they have. I think Nikon is starting to get the message, though (due to experience with D600 & seeing some sales go to Fuji, Sony, etc). But Canon is still a bit out of it — although… they do seem to be responding to Nikon! So as long as Nikon keeps moving due to Mirrorless pressures, Canon will move to respond to Nikon (the most conservative companies are always the ones with the most sales).

        But its so weird when the two power houses have all their products have practically the same name. Its like they are screaming to the world, “We’re the monopoly here; anyone else — go away!” Well, the rest of the world kept coming. Mirrorless is going to destroy them one day, if they don’t get their new formats in order.

  • Paco Ignacio

    So this is the new Canon 400D!!

    Oh, wait…

    • Andrei

      Because the 400D had 24MP, 19 all cross type AF,
      remote control, Wifi/NFC, 12800 ISO, full HD
      video, 1M dot vari-angle touch screen, top LCD, phase detect live view AF.

      Do you trolls even think before writing comments like this?
      Sick of reading all your nonsense all the time.

      If you don’t like a brand or a product, just KEEP QUIET and
      choose to buy something else FFS. There is plenty of
      choice these days.

      Or at least try to write something constructive!!!

      • Paco Ignacio
        • Andrei

          Of course you are incapable writing a proper reply :))

          • Paco Ignacio

            I can, but why wasting time on a fanboy that can’t understand a simple joke and whines when anyone writes or comment something negative about his brand?

            If you don’t like any harsh comment about your brand don’t take it personal, just KEEP QUIET and let it go. :))

    • Andrei

      Even if Canon would put the 1Dx in a rebel body and
      sell it for 500$, people like you would still complain.

  • Missed the part where it says 4k ready.

  • reignoffire

    is this sony sensor?

    • MonkeySpanner

      I asked the same question. No one knows. Canon uses slightly smaller sensors than the standard aps-c everyone else uses. So if it is Sony, it would have to be a special fab for just this sensor. Still possible though. I assume volumes would be high enough to support that. And it is likely we will see this same sensor in the EOS M3.

  • ThreeRing

    Keep in mind that the Rebel is the low end, equivalent to the nikon D3200 etc. Actually decent specs considering this is their bottom-end DSLR.
    The addition of the top LCD is cool.

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