This is the new Pentax full frame K-mount DSLR camera

This is the new Pentax full frame K-mount DSLR camera. As I already mentioned earlier today, a prototype will be on display at at he CP+ show next week. No specifications were released for now. Shipping should start by the end of 2015. The product name is still to be decided. The camera will be compatible with DA lenses, using an image-cropping function.

Update: see the rumored specifications.

Ricoh just announced two new full frame lenses. More lenses and accessories will be released in the future for the upcoming full frame camera.

Via Ricoh Japan

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  • sperdynamite

    Hallelujah it’s real!!!

  • Anthony

    the photo looks 3D printed…

    • Yeah. Sure looks it.

      • Kenspo

        Its a dummy model..

        • Anthony

          Do you think that Pentax’s model image is going to be of a 3D printed prototype?

        • Spy Black

          …for dummies who just want a cool-looking camera around their neck…

          • Zos Xavius

            I’m a dummy? Thanks. Didn’t know that!

          • Spy Black

            Actually, it wasn’t meant that way. It was meant to compliment the comment I replied to. This new camera is long overdue, and will be a site to many sore eyes.

          • Zos Xavius

            I guess a *whoosh* is in store. 🙂

            You generally are pretty right fwiw.

      • TinusVerdino

        It’s a model dummy..

      • Samuel

        Dummy it’s a model..

      • vamzen

        Model, it’s a dummy. What?

    • fjfjjj

      I didn’t know you could 3D print a photo.

      • Anthony

        haha I meant the product in the photo 😛

    • SimenO1

      It just means the final cast isnt ready for production yet. Nothing to worry or get excited about.

  • nice!!!

  • Should’ve been posted on the first day of April. Must be a mistake.

  • sperdynamite

    Also, image cropping function is a great feature for this camera because the DA Limited lenses even in the APS-C format for Pentax are fantastic. They’re not all tack sharp like people want now, but their contrast and rendering is up there with Zeiss, with AF.

    • SimenO1

      I hope the cropping function is possible to override. Its a lot of DA lenses that perform decent enough on larger area then APS-C. I would love to squeese out about 1,25x crop from my Sigma 18-35 f/1,8.

      • sperdynamite

        I can’t imagine that they’ll force you to use the crop. Nikon doesn’t.

  • Neopulse

    Looks like it’s compact like the D750, chances are this might be more rugged, better weathersealed and cheaper than the D750.

    • Frank

      There’s no “chance” about it. It will trounce the D750 in every aspect.

      • Neopulse

        We’ll see. Maybe body wise it will be amazing. But what worries me is the AF-system they have if it will compete with the 51-AF point of the D750 which is known to work amazing in low light. And then there’s the ISO performance. We’ll have to wait and see.

        • johnny

          Applying a FF sensor will not make it the leader. Unfortunately, Pentax is still far behind in every aspect.

          • Zos Xavius

            Pentax only lags in AF and that’s about it. Troll much?

          • Kunzite

            Pentax – under Ricoh – made a significant step forward with the K-3 and the new 27-point AF system; but to improve just the camera is not enough. Another necessary step would be the introduction of fast AF lenses, and guess what… 😉

          • Zos Xavius

            Give Ricoh time. They have shown significant improvements to Pentax since they bought the company.

          • SimenO1

            “Far behind in every aspect” Really? Name a few for us that doesent know a single one.

          • ThreeRing

            speed of AF, number of AF points, variety of lenses, third party support, pro features, PC sync port, flash sync speed. (1/180 sec Pentax K3 vs Nikon D7000, D7100 at 1/300th)
            I love Pentax. Don’t get me wrong. But seriously, both Olympus and Pentax are behind in many categories, but in EITHER case, there will be fans that don’t acknowledge the limitations.

          • Kunzite

            Interesting. How much do you actually know about Pentax?
            The K-3 (and the K-5 series, K-7, K20D, K10D before it) has a PC sync port. Pro features, which ones are missing? I mean, it’s not a pro camera (nor priced like one), but that’s more about performance than features.
            Third party support has no relevance here; it’s not Ricoh Imaging’s job.


            I am a very loyal Pentax user.

            I really don’t see the point in having the best low-light performance (K5) when your camera struggles to focus in such low light.

            The flash system is a joke: in 16 consecutive shots in P-TTL mode, the K-5 IIs with the AF-540 has given me amazingly different results in every shot. OTH, only Nikon has decent flash performance.

            And of course, they have no idea how to properly implement Video in their DSLRs.

            That said, as I mostly shoot landscape, I can deal with poor AF and even poorer flash. Their glass is great for the money and the cameras are built to last. Battery performance is great and usability is the top in the market.
            I am currently selling all of my camera bodies (4 – except the K10 that will be buried with me) to start saving money for their forthcoming FF camera…

          • Zos Xavius

            They fixed p-ttl exposure with the k3 mostly. The system has its limitations for sure, but I get pretty consistent bounce results on the k3. Flash is such voodoo for aystems anyways that I much prefer manual control over flash.


            Only the over $1K top-of-the-line camera of the entire brand can work with a flash “pretty consistently”, and this with a flash unit that is very expensive itself.
            Sorry, but I don’t find it acceptable if your top of the line can’t perform as well as any flim P&S did 20 years ago. I know it’s a basic fault of the digital era (metering out of the sensor is unreliable due to the sensor’s reflectivity), but yet, it seems that Pentax hastily baked a barely working system and left it untouched for generations.
            Once again, I am a Pentax devotee, but I don’t believe overlooking at our system’s weaknesses is good for us or for the brand…

      • MonkeySpanner

        I have no doubt that pentax can make a sony sensor perform well. But lets see how the af system performs before we declare a winner.

        • Ed Bundy

          Doesn’t Nikon use Sony sensors??

          • Daedbird

            Yes, but even with Ricoh’s expanded NR on the K3 for a default, Nikon goes way too heavy on NR…

          • MonkeySpanner

            Yes, they do on some bodies – why do you ask?

      • Global

        Maybe they’ll call it the PX-760.

      • Don

        Nikon is playing pretty broad in the full frame space from lower end models like the 610/750 to higher end like 810 and D4S. I expect the Pentax will be a nicer camera than any one of those models with clean high ISO, a high but not crazy MP count and things like a 1/8000 shutter speed. Pentax have to do so because they only have one model. I use both a 750 and an 810 and use them for slightly different purposes and that suits me just fine.

        Personally I’ll be happy to see some comparisons between this Pentax camera (likely at 24MP) and the D750 pitting things like Nikon’s 35mm against the 31mm and the 85mm against the 77.

        Exciting times for people using either brand 🙂

    • I am just not sure about the “cheaper” part.

      • Neopulse

        Yeah true 🙁

      • sperdynamite

        I would guess $2.5-3k, though considering how they price the 645z, maybe right in line with the D750. They make the Z for high resolution so hopefully this will use a modern 25mp sensor. They can do everything the same as the K-3, except for this camera they need an AF to match.

  • sickheadache

    Do you all think, Pentax will use, like Canon and Nikon..the Sony 50MP???

    • Arn

      24 will be enough for me 🙂

    • I say they will use Sony’s 24MP sensor.

      • sickheadache

        Remember Sony has a 36mp,

      • speedPhoenix

        Nope, best probability will be 36 MP.

      • Zos Xavius

        Current rumor is 36mp. IBIS too!

      • sasa208

        I sure hope not. That would be of no value since the K3 already has that sensor. (cropped of course) Hoping it wil be the 50 mpixel sensor and that Zeiss wil make an K-mount for the Otus lineup.

    • Roberto Duran

      I think that they will use 36 because is a sensor that is affortable and that they had time to stury and to squeeze it.. but.. who knows, perhaps they will put the 50 inside..

    • Cynog

      I hope it’s 36 Mpx myself. I don’t really see any advantage in having 50 Mpx for my type of photography.

      • SimenO1

        Its the _first_ Pentax FF DSLR, not the only ever. Im shure Pentax will build a broader range of pixel count.

    • SimenO1

      The new Sony 50 Mp FF sensor launching next week is an obvious choise for the first Pentax FF. Later on i guess they launch FF cameras with lower MP count too.

  • Arn

    This is my next camera !

  • Seeky

    The Sony A900 reïncarnated….

  • Anonymous

    They damn well better call it the K-2 as a nod to the first ever K-mount camera ever made.

  • Global

    They should put a green little swoosh where Nikon puts their red one on the hand grip. Just kind of a fun thing. The all black is a bit tuxedo.

  • Read the FAQ

    I hope it’s a no nonsense for real DSLR. Weatherproofed, rugged, reliable, and robust. It looks sort of like it. I like it as it is, but with Pentax spelled backwards so I can take a proper selfie in the mirror.

  • Spy Black

    Hell just froze over. Hopefully it’ll also work with legacy Takumars.

  • Don Carpenter

    Time to start hoarding old FA lenses.

  • KT

    If they are truly planning on releasing the finished product by end of 2015, then there is no way of avoiding the 50MP Sony sensor. By that time both the 24 and 36 MP sensors will be near their end of life cycle. There’s no way Pentax will release a brand new camera line wrapped around a discontinued sensor????

    • Roberto Duran

      50MP could mean bigger images.. but.. does it mean better quality?? no body knows. What is for sure is that if Pentax picks the 36MP they will squeeze the sensor till the last drop.

    • SimenO1

      The 50 Mp sensor wont be alone, but i think its the obvious choise for the first FF camera. Sony 16 Mp FF should still be in production, and i guess the 24 Mp will be replaced by 32 Mp.

    • reignoffire

      may be 12mp sony a7s sensor.

  • I thought Pentax would go FF mirrorless since there is only Sony and also because they would do so before Canikon. But Pentax was never a mass market camera, so maybe it’s ok to play the cards this way, nonetheless it would had been interesting to see them competing on FF mirrorless market.

    • true

      Mirror AF > Mirrorless

      • Mirror AF… LOL!

        • true

          Canikon + pentax > oly , sony , pana .. for bif that is

          • I don’t really get the point you are trying to make but I have the feeling you are trying to convince me of something despite not saying anything that supports your claim.

            Anyway, one simple tip, just buy and use whatever fits you better.

          • true

            I’m saying that mirrorless is for still photography, or when you don’t need to capture fast action, like sports or bif.

            Different photography styles. I’m saying because I’ve read ppl post about them using sigma 400 f5.6 for bird photography, and that shouldn’t be possible unless the camera has a good AF system for tracking birds, which from what i’ve read, seems to be missing from mirrorless cameras (samsung nx1 got bad rep for this)

            You can agree to disagree if you like to

    • SimenO1

      Pentax was definitly a mass market camera. Actually the market leader for decades. Its time to rise again from the single digit market share.

      Pentax dont have a large budget for making loads of new lenses. Thats why they stick with the K mount. I think that is a smart move, and very welcome for me since i have lots of FF K-mount lenses.

      • As I said, I do understand that it’s just that it’s a big missed opportunity. Sony is far from providing the same durability, reliability, ruggedness, etc like Pentax, so that part is missing in the FF mirrorless market and exactly because Pentax doesn’t have the same budget as Canikon they should invest in this newborn market, because they should do so BEFORE Canikon.

        Fuji also doesn’t have the same budget as Canikon, but they went true high-end in the mirrorless APS-C market and that paid off since no one was doing that before them, they are cultivating this niche and with their high-quality cameras and optics, they carved a niche from themselves and that’s exactly what I think Pentax should be doing.

        It’s just a matter of time before EVF becomes as solid as OVF – the X-T1 was already a big step in that direction – and it will not be long before the hybrid PDAF and CDAF used in mirrorless cameras can be as good tracker as DSLR – some tests already show that in some tracking situations it can be as accurate or even better. So why not take this opportunity to invest in in this market that lacks exactly what Pentax is known for and that offers so much potential instead of the DSLR market that is dominated by Canikon and soon enough even them will make a move towards mirrorless?

        I would had liked to see Pentax/Ricoh quality in a FF mirrorless market, it would be a nice competition.


        I can’t believe that Samyang is a bigger company than Ricoh so they can introduce so many more lenses than Pentax in a far shorter time. Perhaps Pentax/Ricoh should just relaunch the amazing FA* line.
        If Ricoh needs to amp their lens game, they should buy a company like Tokina (they have been rebranding Pentax lenses for a quite while) and assign lens production to them.
        Don’t forget than in the early time of digital photography, Pentax stayed alive by designing and making lenses for Casio, who was the biggest seller of the time – so they obviously have the potential to fill a full lens line.

  • Stanky Eggo

    I like how the top comes to a rounded point. It reminds me of the old Pentax 6×7

  • D800GUY

    The sun has risen from the west!

    • reignoffire

      next is half life 3.

  • booh

    So the design is a reminiscent of the Pentax 67. Looks much more refined than Fuji’s X-T1 which is also legacy-inspired.

  • true

    Welcome pentax!

  • true

    FF body that has a IBIS AND MIRROR for PROPER AF?!!

    • SimenO1

      The new FF lenses doesent have any glass shaking stabilization. I take that as a reassuring confirmation that it has SR, making old lenses stabilized too. At no extra cost.

  • Daedbird

    Going to make a crazy guess – based on the overhang on the pentaprism hump over the lens, this camera will have some sort of flash system

    • SimenO1

      I cant see a notable overhang, but i see a large prism probably meaning an unusually large view in the finder.

  • Daniel Högberg

    Too little, too late. Should have been a digital Pentax 6X7 with a real 6×7 sensor now to give some stir..

    • sasa208

      Digital Pentax 6×7, same size and weight with a 6 by 7 cm sensor..
      Hell yes!

    • SimenO1

      That 6×7 camera would cost at least 100k $. Way out of my league but i would love to read about it. A FF camera is within reach.

  • ivan kalchen

    I would do something as simple as the idea of extender in the cameras because the effect they gave are purely awesome and to be honest nothing can be done quite the same way as something that could be honorably done. And the shot pros and confirmed the idea as well.
    Hope It helped you

  • Marcelo Tezza

    Looks like it will have a very big viewfinder! Cool! Hoping for better AF!

  • Karol Wojdyna

    In 2013, here: I was sarcastic about the news that it may be March 27th, but year 2017…

    I was not very precise though, but it seems – closer to the reality than PhotoRumors and Pentax-FF-believers here 😉

  • Karol Wojdyna

    Somebody mentioned AF possible issues.

    I am experienced Pentax user. Actually – used Canon EOS (analog), then Pentax K (both analog and digital) and now Nikon (digital: FX and DX). Also – mirrorless Samsung as well.

    I disliked Canon (underexposed shots too many times – I had 3 models – amateur-semi-pro – all did that) and switched to Pentax. But I dropped Pentax long ago because could not wait that long for them to compete with Nikon (D700 is still one of greatest cameras of all times, by the way) – no optics, no FF, no accessories, no views for future.

    But let me say something about AF. Maybe I got much more good shots from it than from Canon (I used analog top MZ-S and digital K20), but in both models AF was just terrible. Not just worse than from 10 years older Canon – just incomparably terrible! Always too dark to function, and even if not too dark – so unstable, not precise and slow…

    In means of AF – everything I had so far – mirrorless, very old analog, not to mention great in that field EOS3 or D700 – was a way better.

    I do not know if they improved it in K-7,K-5,K-3 or anything else, but in my opinion – if it is not at least as good as in D700 (which is already behind the times itself) – they will not sell it to anybody except most faithful customers.

    And to cut all speculations – I am not Nikon-paid troll. I really liked my Pentax system (I still keep my LX – a camera to take to war, if needed), but I really dislike their strategy, which is quite much a failure. I sold my Pentax system with big loss of hopes and money.

    I wish they succeeded now!

  • Ken Elliott

    Hey, Pentax. Why don’t you share the .stl file, so we can print our own and give feedback on the layout?

    (Yes folks, that is a 3D printed model.)

  • Pablo

    I really don’t mind paying high end price if i get a high end camera, id rather pay D4 prices and get a D4 class Pentax, a battle camera, something that is rugged and awesome and made for photographers that love doing the same thing over and over, messing with the light, honing their craft.. I mean that’s what I have always loved about Pentax, its a camera for someone who wants to go Manual all the way.

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