Rumored Pentax full frame DSLR camera specifications

I received a set of rumored specifications for the new Pentax full frame K-mount DSLR camera that got revealed yesterday:

  • TYPE : Digital SLR Camera
  • SENSOR : 36 Megapixel CMOS Full frame without lowpass filter
  • FRAME: Pentax KAF3 with stainless steel bayonet
  • SYSTEM APPROACH : SAFOX XI with phase detection with 27 pts (25 in cross and 3 of f2.8 )
  • VISOR : pentaprism Coverage: 100 % LCD
  • DISPLAY: 3.2 "TFT swing
  • EXTERNAL FLASH : Zapada (P- TTL ) high-speed sync and wireless compatible with Pentax flashes - take X -sync
  • STABILIZATION : Sensor system with reduced movement and rotation compensation system ( 3.5EV TBD)
  • MEASURING SYSTEM LIGHT : TTL using a 86000 pixels RGB sensor
  • ISO Sensitivity : 100-102,400
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  • Daedbird

    Wonder if it will have a headphone jack….

    The fact that the name is a sticker makes me wonder – are they going to change the name on the front?

    • Jigar

      It looks like a 3D printed model on the picture

  • TinusVerdino

    I think this is pure conjecture

    • tomnewtn

      I’m with you.

  • To be away from the Canikon universe, I would get one.

    • Bing

      I’v used Nikon FF for a while. no love.
      now time to get some new babies.

      • Karol Wojdyna

        I used Canon 3 analog EOS’s – no love (often uderexposed). I used Pentax analog and DX – more love. I am using Nikon D700 and D810 now – a lot of love.

        What against Pentax:
        – late! late! late!
        – so very bad AF – far behind competition from 10 years earlier – if they want to sell to anyone else but Pentax faithfuls, they should at least reach D700 performance (which still is quite behind already);
        – no built-in flash? Come on! I remember people not getting Nikon F90 and F100 because comeptition (Minolta and Pentax) had built-in flash which is enough in “field condition” when you do not carry external one. Since Nikon went digital, you can always get pro model with and without built-in flash. So Pentax, what’s the big idea now?

        I wish Pentax a lot of luck though – competition is very good for us. I hope it is competitive and my remarks above (except “late”) do not refer to this case.

        • Bing

          haha. I’m using FX so.
          the only problem is it is so big. holding a FX+lens like 1835(glad i’m too poor to afford, 2470) is like a torture. i’m 6 feet but my hands are asian size, and it’s wayyyyyyyyy to heavy.
          hope Pentax FF can be sort light.

          • Karol Wojdyna


            FX is way too big and too heavy, especially D2/D3/D4 series. But EOS3 was not smaller nor lighter though 🙂

            But still – my Pentax MZ-S was soooo perfect-sized. I wonder if that was a reason for AF work so terribly…

          • Bing

            talking about AF, pentax is always behind. In the most recent K3 it “almost” catched up with his Canikon rivals.
            tbh i don’t have big expectations on Pentax FF’s AF, the only hope is: don’t be too shabby.

          • Karol Wojdyna

            Hopefully they catch up one day. I stopped my experiments with Pentax when K-5 appeared, as far as I remember. Still – too slow and to demanding in means of light. Number of “SAFOX” don’t mean a thing. I ordered my MZ-S on-line then, big SAFOX number looked promissing, but trying it turned out very disappointing. Safox XXX.. will not convince me before I try it or read serious test.

          • Roberto Duran

            The camarea is going to be just a little bigger than the Pentax K3 so for a full frame DSLR is a really nice size.

            Looking forward to get one.

          • tomnewtn

            and with a grip? That will be a real change from my IIs with grip. We’ll see. I just hope they maintain the same amazing handling. Every Canon and Nikon shooter who took hold of my IIS were very impressed….perhaps surprised….you could see their wheels turning big time. yes, I understand.

          • sasa208

            I shoot a Pentax 67 handheld and carry it up the mountains, no problem. Camera’s are not heavy, the real enemy is cold and fingers freezing on the metal body

          • Karol Wojdyna

            Of course – I used EOS3 with grip and big telezoom – it is possible to get used to. But believe me – when you take something with decent size, like Pentax MZ-S, which I enjoyed much except AF, you wish to carry your camera to more places.

            By the way – I carry my D3300 everywhere now just in case It could bring some interesting photo in a place that I wouldn’t normally carry a camera, because my both “real” cameras – D700 and D810 are just too bulky. D3300 is a great camera, by the way.

        • Rob S

          PTTL is so bad I dont think the lack of built in flash will be missed

          • Karol Wojdyna

            So our views differ on that point. Built-in flash is very useful sometimes – it would be a real drawback. Anyway – why not include it? If somebody does not like it – just won’t use it…

        • tomnewtn

          I shoot the IIS and auto focus (in low light even) is fast. I won’t miss the flash…..rarely use one, and it seems this is because I find it performs so well in low light and/or at high ISO. I’m not going to assume that more is better in the auto focus design. Like I said, mine nails focus quick and I’m very happy with it. I’ll keep it too for lenses that are a better fit for it, and as a backup with prime ready to go. Can’t wait to see real specs and how it performs in testing.

      • emjaysea

        What makes you think Pentax will do any better?

        • Bing

          not “do better”, but it has PK mount lenses since 60s. For me that means consistency, which is valued very high in my world.

  • speedPhoenix

    This is not correct. I know the source is Spanish website, and I think they speculated it. I believe pentax fullframe will be more than this

  • x4rd

    That is not true and for sure (maybe the real thing will be the 36 mpix sensor) the specs will change

  • Neopulse

    Dammit, why use the DX AF system? It’s like using the 39 AF on the D600 and Df. Hopefully it’s spread out. And also no UHS-II?

  • sickheadache

    Wait…didn’t i come close of why they wouldn’t use Sony’s proven 36mp, yesterday…I believe 2015 is going to be a great year for Photographers. Many new cameras coming out…Including Canon making it to 2015 with Sony’s 50mp sensor. But…What does Nikon have up’s it sleeve? A higher MP D900…lol

  • KAF3 is very questionable because this would mean screwdrive lenses will not function with AF. I think it’s too early to make any firm statements about specs—there’s only a prototype to show at CP+.

    • Bing

      indeed. R/P doesn’t have the gut to abandon the K mount, KAF3 does not make any sense.

    • kiwi.jono

      Agreed. I’m keen to go FF but lack of screw drive would stop me from buying it. I have some nice FA primes I would want to be able to use with AF.

  • sperdynamite

    I seriously doubt even Ricoh-Pentax knows what the exact specs will be. My guess is they have prototypes with different sensors out there now and will choose one in the Sony line up. 36mp would be a mistake if you ask me, but it would be an advantage considering how many great APS-C lenses they have in their line up. Then again, maybe my late 2009 iMac just needs to be replaced and I’ll stop hating on the high MP sensors.

  • peevee

    Kit lens? Of course they could try to reuse their old compact 24-90/3.5-4.5, a tiny thing for a FF zoom… but I doubt it is going to be any good on a 36 mix sensor.

  • Sam Spade

    If they do this, screw them. It would not allow af with the FA Limited lenses nor the FA 50/1.4 or FA 35/2 which are still in production.

  • Tasos Papazahariou

    How are Pentax lens compaired to Nikon and Canon?

    • nicolaie

      What Pentax lenses ? They have only a handfull of FF lenses, most of their modern lenses are crop and the FF ones are primes, most of them old, with screw drive AF. No 24-70 2.8 or f/4, no 70-200 2.8 or 4, they just announced one at 2200 dollars, no 14-24 or 17-35 ultra wide, no 35 f/1.4 or 24 or 85, only some primes with f/1.7 to f/2.4.

      They really lack FF lenses because they did not take FF into consideration until this year. Over the last years they only launched crop lenses.

      To be fair, you could buy Sigma lenses, they are stellar, the problem is that they don’t make some of them in pentax mount so it’s really a gamble. But if you want to collect expensive pentax limited primes, not very fast, not very fast AF but great build and looks, this is the camera for you.

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