Ricoh/Pentax 2015 updated lens roadmaps for Q, K and 645 mounts *UPDATED*

Ricoh/Pentax released updated lens roadmaps for their Q, K and 645 mounts (click for larger view):

Pentax Q mount

  • Telephoto macro lens (90mm?)

Pentax K mount *UPDATED*

  • DA wide angle zoom (12-28mm?)
  • D FA fast standard zoom (25-70mm?)
  • D FA standard zoom (28-110mm?)
  • D FA fast wide zoom (15-30mm?)

Pentax 645 mount

  • Standard zoom lens (45-85mm?)
  • Tele zoom lens (95-190mm?)
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  • Kunzite

    The K-mount roadmap is incorrect, in addition to the DA Wide zoom there are 3 D FA zooms: “large diameter” (f/2.8) wide and standard zooms, and a 2x-10x mm standard zoom.

    • ha, they changed the roadmap – I will upload the new one

  • The way I’m reading it, 15-30mm, 24-70mm and 28-105mm lens are on the roadmap. The former two are probably D FA* (professional-grade) constant f/2.8 zooms; the latter is probably the kit lens for the upcoming full-frame K-mount DSLR.

    This looks like a great way to jump-start the full-frame K system. Keep it up, Ricoh!


  • Rob S

    Look closely at the K-Mount lineup.

    Besides the new lenses just announced, the FA 35 f/2 and FA 50 f/1.4 are back to being officially part of the Pentax lineup. That means the Pentax quietly added two essential full frame primes to the lineup as well as the full frame zooms.

  • TinusVerdino

    My guess a 24-70 F2.8, a 28-105 F3.5-5.6, a 15-30 F2.8, The DA zoom 12-28 F4.

  • sperdynamite

    I don’t understand why the 25mm F4 was discontinued. I was never going to buy one personally, but it the last thing they need to do is reduce 645 line up. And zooms? C’mon 645 users want good primes.

    • Jeffrey Horton

      Yes, why was the 645 25mm discontinued? That is so sad, I was literally going to buy a 645Z and this lens, now I’m looking elsewhere.

  • aziz khouni

    i own a Ricoh KR-5 and i am looking for a Cheap wide angle lens any tips ?

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