Tokyo Blues with the Ricoh GR camera

Tokyo Blues with the Ricoh GR camera is by Haoyuan Ren (website | Facebook | Twitter):

I spent few days in Tokyo in January on a whim.  I've always wanted to go Japan since I was a child, and the desire stemmed from being influenced by many Japanese things surrounding me during my growth.  As a street photographer, I have always used my camera to further understand the new, unfamiliar and intimidating place. Sometime it acts as a magnifying glass but also it functions as rose tinted glasses to protect me from the truth.  I saw rawness in a city full of colors as I tried to access the mundane daily grind of my subjects.

I carried my DSLR with me daily through my explorations of the city, but the only camera I have used through the entire trip was the Ricoh GR.  There were several reasons for me to use the Ricoh GR over my DSLR: The camera was extremely discreet.  I used to shoot with the DSLR a lot but eventually I switched to large sensor compacts altogether for street photography.  The size and the shutter sound was unnoticeable. It was small and quiet enough to not raise awareness to the subjects as I was capturing them.  Finally, the image output from the sensor is great.

The Ricoh GR is highly customizable to the individual user's liking, this is how the camera worked for me:  I used a combination snap focus, auto ISO and the viewfinder to help me capture the city.  I often got away with shooting my subjects in the face at arm's length.  I smiled and looked like a tourist in awe, with arms stretched taking photos of everything around me while examining the screen with the smile of a village idiot.  I find by using this technique, I was able to even use the on camera flash to the subject while still remain oblivious.

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  • MissLilly

    Really amazing moments Also love the high contrasts, it makes the moments even more dramatic

  • That’s what the little RicohGR is made for.
    And it’s the reason why I have always this camera with me.

    (Waiting for a new version now)

  • Fantastic photography.

  • Zos Xavius

    thanks for posting this. the GR is an amazing camera.

  • speedPhoenix

    The GR replacement is coming this year. Around June/July we will also see K-3 replacement, and October for Pentax FF. This year is full of fun for Pentax.

  • Lephotographeur

    Amazing shots! I love the contrasty black and white, the tonality and the stark contrast. May I ask what kind of post processing is made? I have always been interested in the GR but if an update is coming this year, maybe I should hold on a bit more. Im also curious about Pentax FF.. maybe this is the year I shift from Nikon to Pentax/Ricoh? 😀

  • Daryl

    Nice shots, I find the GR is a great camera to keep handy, quick and no compromise in quality. You give the camera too much credit, please post more.

  • Musouka

    Nice shots.

    However, I would be more careful about posting pics of people from Japan online (especially if you live in the country). Japan has strict privacy laws and if anyone found out you got a picture/video of them online without their permission and deemed it inappropriate for whatever reason, they can sue you to take it down.

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