Blackmagic Pocket Cinema camera II leaked online


Update: on second thoughts, I think the picture of the camera is fake. See this post for the "real" upcoming Blackmagic cameras.

A new Blackmagic Pocket Cinema camera II appeared online (with Micro Four Thirds mount). The new model has the same design as the previous version - the only obvious difference is the sensor:

new model:

previous model:

You can see the specifications comparison between the two models bellow:

new model:

previous model:


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  • Eric Calabros

    so no 4k without external recorder which will eliminates compact size advantage

    • Daniel Lowe

      I was really excited until I read that.. What’s the point of making a tiny camera if you have to strap on a huge, $2300 recorder that gives you the ProRes codec anyways?

      I love ProRes, I own 2 BMPCC’s, but I also already own a GH4 and a Sony A7s. If I buy an Odyssey 7Q+, now there’s no reason at all to buy the BMPCC mkII, I might as well use the GH4 or my Sony A7s.

      4K internal codec, or bust.

      • MdB

        Because the Atomos/Odyssey units are and will forever be the only way to record 4K externally and their price will never change? Ever think that maybe a newer, cheaper 4K recorder might be on the way as well, maybe a 4K hyperdeck shuttle from BM? Oh and this is completely fake so…

        • Daniel Lowe

          I think this rumor is fake, I agree with you.

          Why is the GH4 the only camera with an internal 4K codec in its class? Certainly the other manufacturers can do this also.

          Very very soon, we’ll be living in a world where, not having an internal 4K codec and only having 1080p will be obsolete.

          A smaller external recorder would be nice, but it would be just as nice for the GH4 and A7s as for the BMPCC. Plus external recorders, with all the cables and such, are unsuitable for some applications, such as aerial.

          • Could be a fake rumor – the sensor inside doesn’t look like a M4/3 sensor

          • Not taht this proves anything but I did a quick Photoshop and the sensor seems to be within the Micro4/3 image circle, it just got rid of the expendable part, only keeping the part within the 17:9 4K area.

          • The two pictures of the camera appears to be identical (lights, shadows). Unless Black Magic did the photoshop themselves, I think those are fakes.

          • As I said, this doesn’t prove it’s not fake, I’m just saying that the assumption of this being fake because of the sensor is not a valid point, since it’s actually within the Micro4/3 image circle.

          • I see, thanks for the clarification

          • Duncan Dimanche

            samsung does it too… nikon 1 also…. and the gopro…. sigh internal 4k would make the horrible battery life twice as bad as it already is

          • Daniel Lowe

            the BMPCC has horrible battery life. I mean, almost unusable at times. I’ve had one die from 100% to dead in 18 minutes. I had to set up my shot using one battery, then swap to another for the real shot.

          • disqus_Wz58Qq14ii

            you are an idiot

          • Daniel Lowe

            *anon user replies 9 months later*

  • Marcel van Leeuwen

    I do know BM is working on a new model, but we will see tomorrow. There will at least be a new very small cinema camera (see the NAB posters), with an LP-E6 battery on the back, so i think that will be the new pocket:


    • I can’t see the picture – can you post it again please?

  • This model has some interesting points, a true Micro4/3 sensor with 4K and still the same 13 stops of DR, this is much better than the Super16 2.7x crop, making this camera much more usable.

  • Philip Bloom

    And how exactly would a Canon LP-E6 battery fit into this Mark II body which looks the same size as the current camera??

    • Chris Wake

      shut the fuck up


    Was this a hoax, or did Blackmagic start over from scratch? Any news, now over a year later?

  • Pierluca Taranta

    I would love to see a pocket with m43 sensor 2.5. A little bigger body just enough to fit LP-E6 battery

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