Adobe Lightroom CC to be announced tomorrow

Update: the Lightroom is now officially announced.

A quick update: the new version of LR will be called Lightroom CC and I am now 100% that it will be announced tomorrow morning (EST). Some of the new features are HDR, fusion panoramas, face recognition and CC integration.

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  • Neopulse

    Does it require a subscription to use?

    • minivini_1275

      “CC” certainly implies it’ll be subscription based. That also possibly explains why there was no typical beta release. While I would like to maintain the purchase option for Lightroom, the subscription format has gotten so reasonably priced, it doesn’t bother me, personally.

      • R.

        Yeh, it’s not like they will put the prices up once everyone accepts the renting business model. /sarcasm
        Bless you, you are like a lamb to the slaughter.

        • minivini_1275

          “…like a lamb to slaughter.” Like ridiculous hyperbole much?
          Also, if you want to try reading between the lines, try a little harder – you don’t seem to have much talent for it. I all but said I’d purchase it (if you can be bothered to reread), as I prefer that option, but I already subscribe for photoshop which I only infrequently use.

          Personally, I couldn’t possibly care less how many of you guys want to whine and cry over the subscription model. It has no bearing on what I choose.

          Those who are concerned about these Adobe products working offline, they absolutely do. You still load the software and use it as normal. You don’t have to even be logged in. The online components (storage, publication, web stuff, etc) won’t be available, but the software otherwise works as normal. If you go more than 30 days without paying, you lose access, but a constant connection isn’t needed.

          • R.

            Yeh right, you couldn’t care less so you waste your time writing all that guff.

          • minivini_1275

            Quite the little narcissistic troll, aren’t you?

          • R.

            baa ram you

          • Ric

            “Couldn’t care less” means he cares, just a little.

    • Not sure. My guess is that they will release both.

      • KL

        you are clueless… and you spreading again false rumors.
        the name will not be LIGHTROOM CC…. but there will be a LIGHTROOM CC version.

        • yes, see my previous comment – both will be avialable

  • TinusVerdino

    no standalone no sale

    • Eno

      Totally agree!

    • Eno

      Totally agree!

  • But, what happens if Adobe goes offline, or the internet is offline? What happens to all these “subscription” products? Can you still use them on your files?

    • Jarret O’Shea

      Yes, as long as your connection will come back within…at least several days, and maybe as much as a month. The programs still live on your computer, it just phones home to check your subscription from time to time.

      • Thanks. I’m more concerned about a possible scenario such as: adobe goes out of business (or something similar). I would not expect to get any program updates thereafter of course, but all my life’s photo work (on my photos) is in adobe, and what if “adobe goes dark”? As I understand things, I”d lose ALL edits done to the files in LR/PS CC versions, after they fail to “call home” for a period of time…they lock you out (of your own files!). Yes, I can still get my camera raw masters back, but I’ve spent years worth of time-hours editing files…all would be lost, yes? Has anyone every been bothered by this besides me? The option of staying standalone isn’t viable long term, as it will get so obsolete it won’t be worth using.

        • geoffthekiwi

          If Adobe goes broke as you say… Lightroom will still work with the Develop and Map modules disabled as happens now….

    • Eric

      As Jarret says, it is supposed to be a month between reauthorizations. No problem using it on the plane or on your usual vacation. Adobe is not that stupid.

      Also, If you look at Lightroom 5, you can do an amazing amount of stuff with *no* license. The license keeps you from using develop, but you might even be able to export your existing photos. You can certainly use most of the library module.

      I hope they continue to offer a stand-alone application, but I’ve already decided to go subscription to get Photoshop and the online/LR mobile integration.

    • ThiefMaster

      You simply enjoy your fixed version that doesn’t need to phone home to Adobe at all!

    • james wong

      I had a licensing issue with my creative cloud account a few weeks back. The Adobe tech informed me that my local machine contacts the Adobe servers every 21 days. I’m not exactly sure what you can do to refresh the 21 days say if you were about to go off the grid for a week. Could you force a call to the Adobe servers prior to heading out? Not sure.

  • dclivejazz


  • KL

    CC = subscription.. no way adobe will only anounnce a CC version.. they won´t dare.

  • Joel

    No standalone, no sale. End of story. I use Affinity Designer for Illustrator/Vector stuff, and am using Affinity Photo for Photoshop stuff. Just give me a reason to abandon LR. I dare you, Adobe.

    • Joel

      I also use Tumult Hype 3 Pro for Muse-type WYSIWYG web-editing. You’re dead to me, Adobe.

    • Maybe Adobe will introduce two versions: LR 6 for standalone and LR CC for cloud subscription.

      • Joel

        Adobe has NEVER impressed me with how they choose to do business nowadays. I’m not holding my breath…

  • Let’s stop the FUD!

    Q. Will Lightroom become a subscription only offering after Lightroom 5?

    A. Future versions of Lightroom will be made available via traditional perpetual licenses indefinitely.

    • Spy Black

      Politicians promise no new taxes either…

      • They do indeed. But you’re not paying attention to who made the promise for a perpetual license indefinitely so go back to the URL. As long as Tom is the product manager, this will be true. Again, enough FUD and silly rumors.

        • Spy Black

          Not sure what makes you think that makes it gospel. However, I’m certainly on board with it not being subscription-only, but this is Adobe we’re talking about here.

          Eventually all commercial programs will run off the cloud, and our computers/tablets/phones will merely be dumb terminals like in the dawn of the computer age. I see this just a couple of years from now. Those who won’t like this concept will have to make do with the likes of Raw Therapee, GIMP, and various other open source options, which probably won’t be as bad as most people think.

          • I don’t think it’s gospel. I know Tom, and he’s said as long as he’s product manager, there will be a perpetual license option. He could be fired, move on, so yes, it is entirely possible LR could go solely subscription. But I very seriously doubt it will happen tomorrow or the next day or when LR6 ships. What we’re seeing here is mostly rumors and FUD about CC being subscription only. It’s rather unlikely based on the facts that:
            A. Tom made a promise on the blog.
            B. He’s still the PM.
            If and when Tom leaves, let’s chat.

        • like I already mentioned, there will be two LR versions:

    • Joel

      Wow – I couldn’t find info on that ANYWHERE. Kudos for making it available. Being pushed away from EVERY other Adobe product has my defenses up… lol

    • both will be available, like I already mentioned yesterday:

  • photo570

    Such short memories.It has already happened, May 15th last year to be precise. And if it is “Your time” to phone home you are stuffed. Severely affected several large media companies in north america if I recall.

    Anything that can go wrong, will, according to sum guy called Murphy. Just sayin’.:-)

    • FredBear

      O’brien’s law simply states that “Murphy was an optimist” 🙂

  • Marius Linauskas
    • thanks, will post this online – I bet there will still be people who will not believe me…. Lightroom CC like already said

  • Thomas Streiff

    I can’t find any information on the Kelby site of any events (as mentioned here only), being a member of Kelby I scoured my emails and see no webcasts or secret events announced. I see no mention anywhere else about lightroom 6 being released today (April 21) and nothing on Adobe’s site. Either the author has an insider no one else does and knows something no one else knows, or I call BS. I hope it’s true. Long time coming.

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