Mitakon Speedmaster 85mm f/1.2 full frame lens review and sample photos

Tom published his review of the Mitakon 85mm f/1.2 lens ($799):

An 85mm portrait lens of f/1.2 has to be big and heavy. And it is. That's just physics, but it is exactly what makes the brand new Mitakon 85mm so fast and sharp at wide apertures. I had only a couple of days to play with this lens, but I tested it quite thoroughly at various apertures and lighting conditions. Optical properties at f/1.2 are just breathtaking. Chromatic aberrations only appear at really contrastive parts of the photo (classic branch-in-the-sky case) and the sharpness is just crazy. I feel like the lens designers have been paying a lot of attention to those new 30, 40 and 50-something-megapixel cameras. In case of this lens though I decided to stop down a bit for some of the photos as it helped edge of the frame sharpness considerably. The centre sharpness is very very good across the apertures.

Sample photos:

1 1a 2 3 4

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  • fanboy fagz

    Damn u need to have good eyes for this. Razor thin dof. Otoh bright vf for easier focus.

    I had the 85 ais and that was a nightmare to use. But when u got it right, it was magical. This looks the same but harder.

    Clickless aperture blade will be nice for vidoegs who I think will really be attracted to it.

    Nice price at 800bucks. A nice alternative to the canon 85 1.2 but compromising on af. The canon though is horribly slow anyway.

    Buy it or not, im glad we have alternatives.

  • Sang Pengembara

    Old people stay out for this lens then..LOL..fanboy fagz

    • fanboy fagz

      Whats the problem exactly?

  • Zos Xavius

    Nice IQ. A kmount version would be awesome. Lets see if they weren’t just blowing smoke.

  • Joseph Ferrari

    I recently looked at purchasing this lens, but went with the Canon FDn 85mm f1.2 L. About the same price and image quality but smaller and lighter.

    If no other options are available, it would make an excellent portrait tool.

    • Gabriel

      Actually this lens is better than the FD 1.2 in pretty much every IQ category from much better control on CA to much sharper at 1.2. Of course with the Canon name, it will be easier to resell in the future which is really the only advantage.
      Well that and the unknown of how long will this lens last vs a well build FD lens but speaking of IQ specifically, the Mitakon is the clear winner.

  • waterengineer

    Not one portrait shown with the classic portrait lens length.

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