Kipon announced the world’s first focal reducer for medium format lenses to full frame cameras

Kipon announced the world's first focal reducer that will let you use medium format lenses on full frame cameras (the focal length and aperture will be adjusted based on the 0.7x focal reduction ratio):

After KIPON released 5 new Handevision models IBERIT full frame lenses with German IB/E Optics, today we release the world's first optic reducer to use medium format lens on full frame cameras and get rid of the crop factor and increase the aperture at the same time. IB/E Optics worked on the optical design for this adapter.

The first model Baveyes HB-S/E 0.7x (Baveyes Hasselbld-SONY E 0.7x). is expected to go on sale in early February. Retail price is 415USD.

More Baveyes for using medium format lenses on full frame cameras are under developing now.

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  • harvey


    • Duncan Dimanche

      To use amazing medium format lens on a full frame… how is that hard to see ? there are a lot of cheap medium format lens out there that now can be used on awesome cameras.

      like : Mamiya lens, zeiss and so on. for less than 500$

      …. so CHEER UP !!

      • harvey

        there already are adapters to do this with. I can put Blad and Mamiya 645 lenses on my Nikons and Pentax 67 and 645 lenses on my Pentax.

        • Cynog

          I think this is on the lines of the Metabones speed booster for using FF lenses on smaller formats: the field of view will stay the same as it is on a medium format body, and the effective aperture will be greater. I could be wrong, though.

          • harvey

            I know about the metabones, but again why this? What MF lenses deserve this? With the exception of perhaps a few lenses, FF lenses resolve better and there is more variety.

          • johnny

            Perspective for example. Put on a MF 35mm, you get distortion free (geometry distortion, not barrel or pincushion) super wide angle on 135 FF.

    • markz

      source please?

      not saying it isn’t so but that’s a bold statement without supporting evidence presented. I’ve heard it before, but again without supporting evidence just vague “bigger lenses mean bigger flaws” statements (which would mean phone camera lenses are the big daddy of MFT (and yes I’m being slightly facicious there)

      would not using focal length reduction optics (if up to scratch) effectively increase the MFT once projected on to a smaller imaging circle?

  • johnny

    I wonder if 0.7x shrink is enough to get rid of crop factor on 135 FF sensor.

    • TinusVerdino

      From digital MF it is. Not from film

      • johnny

        I think so. 645 MF is very large. It has to be 0.5x in order to fit into a 36mm x 24mm format

    • FountainHead

      While it might not be true 100% of the time, lots of the time the centre of the lens is what you want anyway. (Vignetting, more likely to be sharp, etc.)

      • harvey

        then any kind of edge problems will just be magnified by this optical reducer.

        • FountainHead


  • ms

    Please…..Mamiya 7!

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