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Pentax K-3 II DSLR camera
The Pentax K-3 II DSLR camera is now $729.

Zonlai 25mm f:1.8 lens
→ Check out this new (?) and cheap Zonlai 25mm f/1.8 lens available for Sony E, MFT and Fuji X mounts (see also this lens review and sample photos on flickr).

Samsung patent describes interchangeable lens camera for smartphones (via Galaxyclub).

→ CM33 is a new project on Kickstarter for a compact, sharp and fast manual pancake lens optimized for Fuji, Sony and Canon mirrorless mounts, with "Mod" image effect upgrades.

Red Scarlet-W entry-level 5K video camera
Red launches the Scarlet-W, an entry-level 5K video camera (more info available here).

First video footage from Raven, RED's new budget 4.5K camera.

→ Cinema5d tested the new SLRMagic 50mm f/1.1 lens for Sony FE-mount ($349):

"This was supposed to be a normal comprehensive lens test/review of the new SLR Magic Cine 50mm f/1.1 made with a production unit we received from the manufacturer about 2 weeks ago. After working with the new lens, we've raised our concerns to the manufacturer especially about the softness of the image at the corners of the picture when shooting with a wide open aperture and setting the focus point to infinity."

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  • Licheus

    The 25/1.8’s barrel design is easily mistaken for a 35 Summicron v1, plus that the logo and box also closely resemble Leica offerings. And it’s called Zonlai – “Chinese Leica” – quite blatantly!

    Wonder when they’d stop this nonsense.

    • Mistral75

      > Wonder when they’d stop this nonsense.

      When people will stop buying them. This lens costs less than $80 in China.

    • BP2012

      Most Leica users are not interested in lens design, construction, logos, fonts, etc. They only want a red dot and I don’t see a red dot on Zonlai. So Leica and Zonlai are completely different markets. Case closed.

  • Mark Jenkins

    Does the 25mm lens have autofocus or manual only.

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