Samsung denies withdrawal from digital imaging business, Nikon sell out

Korea Times reports that Samsung will not withdrawal from digital imaging business:

Market expectations have also been that selling the imaging sensors would be much more profitable for the company than selling cameras.

Samsung Electronics, however, claimed that it does not have an official plan to dispose of its digital imaging business division.

"It is true that we have not rolled out any new products since February," said a Samsung Electronics spokesman, ‘but we do not have any official plans to withdraw from the camera business. We still have employees working in the division."

They also denied any sell out to Nikon:

Samsung Electronics has denied market speculation that it will withdraw from the digital imaging business and sell its imaging sensor technologies to Japanese camera maker Nikon.

"I doubt that Nikon is interested in acquiring Samsung's camera technologies because the Japanese company already has advanced optical technologies," she said. "Should Nikon seek Samsung's camera business, it could be for diversification of its product portfolio."

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  • Geoff C. Bassett

    You know what would shut us up? A new NX1 firmware update or lens.

    • Marco –

      I was about to post the very same comment. My main issue with samsung it that they suddenly stopped any activity related with nx since august.

    • Jón Ingólfur Hermannsson

      I would not put money on a lens – but very small odds on a firmware update – but then again why would they ? they are out of the camera business – they now only do sensors

  • duott

    It’s Olympus/43 or Sony/A-Mount all over again, this time for Samsung
    “We are still committed..”

    • Jón Ingólfur Hermannsson

      maybe Fuji will buy sensors from them – Nikon will I bet – and maybe Ricoh

  • Jón Ingólfur Hermannsson

    I expected this – no more bodies but they will sell sensors to Nikon for sure now and other users as times goes on – just amazing how poor they have been in marketing and finally when they come out with two good products they pull the plug – lets face it, no more Samsung bodies – even with two janitors they can legally say they have employees working 🙂

  • Jeffry De Meyer

    After some of the largest european markets have confirmed they were quitting in their territories.

    Sorry samsung I’m not going to be spending €500 extra for shipping from korea to get a product without local warranties

  • El Aura

    ” We still have employees working in the division.”
    Yes, the ones tasked with selling the remaining stock in an orderly fashion.

    Ok, it could be that they restrict their presence to maybe Asia alone (or Asia + a couple of other countries), in the same way other mirrorless cameras (and lenses) had been at times withdrawn from the American market.

    • AYWY

      At least in Singapore, the cameras are going at fire-sale prices. And all NX products have gone missing from Samsung showrooms. Looks like they are saying bye-bye.

      Think they did this with the laptop product line as well. 4-5 years ago I recall seeing Samsung branded laptops. No longer see one around.

  • CaMeRa QuEsT

    “According to a Samsung Electronics report in 2013, the value of its digital imaging business fell to zero from about 82.6 billion won the year before.” That was 2 years ago, they should be deep into red right now. So the mandate is to stop the bleeding and rethink the business model, and since they have been downsized to just a “business team”, it should be pretty easy to close it down and have the staff re-assigned to the mobile imaging department. The sensor chip fab and camera assembly line can also be re-purposed pretty easily, so the only real write off would be the lens factories, which of course could be sold to Samyang, for example. Folding the camera business should be a very painless deal for Samsung and its employees. Then they can really concentrate in making a DSLR/mirrorless killing cell phone cam.

  • Eagle of Morningcalm

    Those fake rumor sites were probably want to have their attention. but it’s all fake rumors after all.

  • TinusVerdino

    This says exactly nothing. Their actions speak though. CES is just two weeks away. I guess we’ll know more after that.

  • Eagle of Morningcalm

    who do you want to believe ?
    Those other fake rumor site ? or press from samsung ?
    who do you think are the law ? I think lot of people are missing on this point.

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