Canon EOS 1DX MKII to be announced in February/March, shipment will start in April

The new Canon EOS 1DX MKII flagship DSLR camera is rumored to be announced in February/March timeframe. Shipment will start in April, 2016. The new camera is expected to have 4k video and costs around $5.999.

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  • TinusVerdino


  • Marco –

    Who knows, perhaps on some other rumor site they’ll hint that this is indeed a samsung…

  • nwcs

    Makes sense. They wouldn’t want Nikon to have the “glory” for long. It’ll be interesting to see how it measures up. I’m sure all the Canonites will enjoy it (as they should).

  • 4K, really? That’s so not Canon, I wouldn’t really expect that.

    • JoeJohnBear

      Uh, 1DC, hello?

      • Please, read the title of the article, it doens’t say Cinema line up or 1D C, does it? It’s about their flagship DSLR so I still don’t expect Canon to put 4K in their non EOS C line up.

        • Eddy Kamera

          they may now, to answer nikon’s offerings.remember the d90, first dslr with video..then canon released eos 5d mk2 with video feature…the rest is history.

          • There is no need for Canon to do that BECAUSE of Nikon, that doesn’t make sense at all. The D5 has a 3-minute limit and the D500 is an APS-C that only records 4K with heavy cropping.

            More importantly, when it comes to video there are far stronger competition than Nikon, like Sony, Panasonic and Black Magic, if Canon hasn’t implemented 4K so far, if they do, it’s not BECAUSE of Nikon, even more because Nikon just did so BECAUSE Panasonic, Sony and Black Magic.

            History tells that after the EOS C, Canon doesn’t give an eff about video improvements on their DSLR, which comes back to the fact that it’s unlikely that Canon will put 4K on the 1D X. But who knows, they might do that, but everything they’ve done lately tell otherwise.

          • JoeJohnBear

            “History” is only 4 years long. Stfu.

          • It’s a simple play with words! I’m actually playing with the guy saying “the rest is history”, it wasn’t a literal take on the word “history”. No need to Wikipedia me, just simple text interpretation and you would had gotten it.

          • JoeJohnBear


            Your history/wordplay is stupid and cherry-picking data. The 1DXII will merge the 1DC and 1DX. You just wait and see.

          • Weren’t you the one that didn’t even get – and as it seems you still don’t – that stupid wordplay? hahaha…

            But let’s put this on hold and you come back and we talk again when you turn 15 or 16, okay? Maybe then I won’t feel like talking with a kid that writes things like “Eat shit”! hahaha… So damn cute!

            See you in a couple of years – or never.

          • JoeJohnBear

            Well, you’re quite a clever playwright. /s hohoho

          • JoeJohnBear

            Seriously though, if you still think Canon will not bring 4k into a DSLR soon, you’re lying to yourself based off of 4 years (one product cycle) of trends: Which is just cherry-picking a data sample that is ridiculously small. If it’s someone who will get it right, it’s Canon and not Nikon.

          • Nikon? Who cares about Nikon, they are not a major player in the video market and they are yet to truly deliver in that area. They have done some cameras with good video quality, like the D750 that can deliver better video than the 5D MKIII – which you can check around the Internet or even in the EOSHD page. But as they have showed with their 2 new cameras, they are quite clueless, just like Olympus. Canon, on the other hand, they are yet to show any big improvements in video ever since their firmware updates for the 5D MKII, not even the 5D MKIII showed to be much better, while it happened, Panasonic and Sony have stepped up their game big time and they are the ones innovating things in this forgotten market of indie filmmakers that Canon let aside to pursue their Cinema aspirations.

            Sony and Panasonic brought 4K, log profiles for consumers, etc. BlackMagic brought accessible ProRes and RAW footage in a very high quality video. Canon is quite invested in their EOS C line up and ever since they started it, they have shown no desire to innovate on their DSLR front. Will Canon bring 4K with their 1DX? Who knows? It would be good for consumers if they did but as I said, there is nothing that shows that they are really worried about it.

            So no, I’m not lying to myself I’m simply analysing it based on what has happened, the difference is that you are treating it in a fanboy way and in my case I couldn’t care less about Nikon or Canon beef. So I’m not rooting against Canon bringing 4K, I would be happy if they do, it’s just that I don’t have such expectations over a manufacurer that has not shown any sign that they are interested in doing that and there should be nothing wrong with that. And 4 years of trend in such market is far from being small when every year there are new things, new cameras, new tech. I may not be rooting against Canon but I’m rooting in favor of those that innovate and bring new things to consumers and Canon is not doing much of that for non-Cinema filmmakers.

            Right now I’m more interested in Sony’s FS5, BlackMagic’s Ursa Mini and the GH4’s successor from Panasonic. If Canon or Nikon can bring something interesting, that will be a bonus. If Panasonic can bring something like the FS5 but with better codec implementation, or even 10-bit 4K, then it will be a winner.

          • JoeJohnBear

            Eh, you’re a keyboard filmmaker. Blackmagic is a nightmare to order from and work with.

            I’ve kept up with 24 years of digital camera industry, which is not quite the same as consumer electronics industry, as much as you’d like to think it is.

            I’ll let you continue to type away while I get some real work done.

          • How come if you are not even 16?

            Again you get everything messed up with your poor and flawed logic.

            From me saying that I’m interested in manufacturers and products that innovate and giving you examples you jumped to I’m a keyboard filmmaker that will buy a BlackMagic? Which I’m fine with whatever you might think, I don’t care, it changes nothing in the real world. But that coming from a guy that was stuck in a delusional Nikon argument? I should had known better, I gave a chance to discuss because you stopped being an idiot and look where I’m at.

            I’m well aware of Blakc Magic’s flaws and I’m far from saying that I’m going to buy one, you took that long shot by yourself, which actually makes sense based on the things you concluded before and again, silly me for having any kind of faith that this could actually become productive.

            It’s pretty simple though, innovative products can initiate and infuence other manufacturers to respond to what they are bringing or even the price, so I simply listed interesting products, which you failed to understand – again. You tried to be a smart ass but got yourself in the same hole again but this time we won’t be talking again, even if you become 16 or older, plus you were already trashed in other comments because of your lack of simple text interpretation, poor kid.

          • JoeJohnBear

            Lol, have fun with the long winded essays. Someone sounds but there.

          • JoeJohnBear

            Lol, keep typing. Someone has too much time on their hand.

    • JoeJohnBear
      • Eat what? What are you talking about? What’s the point of digging into such old comment? Only children have such spare time, I get it.

        I’m happy Canon is finally going to bring 4K, not so happy about their codec choice though.

        • JoeJohnBear

          Ahahaha, sore loser with canned comeback. On a serious discussion, hopefully they’ll come out with uncompressed output for an oddesey 7q or ninja atamos.

  • Hum. The Canon Empire Strikes Back?
    4K, huh. Well, without a C-label attached to the cam? Nah. Either not at all, or very crippled. Then again, Nikon crippled theirs as well.

    • JoeJohnBear

      Why would it be crippled? The 1Dc already had 4k on the entire full frame already for 29.99 minutes or whatever.

      • MdB

        Nope, 1DC was never full frame in 4K.

        • That too, although I wouldn’t really call its crop crippled. The 1D C is actually a pretty stunning camera and the image is great. Traditionally film was shot a lot on Super8, Super16 and Super35. So, the 1.3x crop APS-H is not really that big of a deal.

          But it’s 2016 and I don’t like mirrored cameras too much anyways.

          • Eno

            The Canon 1Dc has a 1,367x crop factor opposed to 1,465 the Nikon D5. The only real difference between them is that Nikon can use APSC lenses to achieve wide angle and Canon can’t even do that.

      • What part of ‘without a C-label’ do you not understand?
        In order to protect Cinema line sales, they’ll cripple everything that is not a camera with the C-label slapped on it. So a 1D X mkII with super great 4K??! Uh… I think not.

        • JoeJohnBear

          Derp, Canon’s merging the 1DX and 1DC into the 1DXII.

          • JoeJohnBear

            Fking called it, lololol.

      • Eno

        ” The 1Dc already had 4k on the entire full frame”
        The 1Dc has no FF 4K video but a nasty 1,367x crop factor which makes the wide angle very hard to achieve and super wide angle impossible! Other top features are also the crappy motion jpeg codec and above all the insane price asked for it over 1DX…

        • Les

          “super wide angle impossible!”

          Yeah, it’s a big problem that you can’t go wider than 11mm! Even with a slight crop factor, that’s much wider than any lens that was available during the first 100+ years of cinema, but the limitation is too much for you.
          Are you for real?

          • Eno

            1,367s is anything but a slight crop factor!

            But again, what is from your favorite company a very little crop factor 1,367 (1DC) is a very big one from Nikon D5 with 1,46x. In reality they are both big and negligible in comparison. 🙂

          • JoeJohnBear

            Hurr durr 1.46x for 4 minutes? Come on, Nikon’s not a cinema company, never has.

    • JoeJohnBear

      You totally fail: 4K at 60 FPS, 1080P at 120 FPS. BOOM!

      • Yeah, no C-Log. MJPEG???! Really? Cropped. No monitoring aids. No 4K output.

        I didn’t say that it wouldn’t do 4K ever. I said that if, it would be ‘crippled’ or not ‘super great’.

        But yeah. 😉 Just pulling your leg. In all honesty, it’s pretty un-Canon-like to do what they’ve just done. Pretty exciting. The 1DC was super expensive. If you’re a hybrid shooter, especially with focus on stills, this would be the one to aim for!

        • JoeJohnBear

          Yeah, I’m hoping those are firmware upgrades at some point. The DCI 4K is in 1.335 crop, which is still better than most low-light cinema cameras in the price range out there?

          What codec would you want? Isn’t 800 MBps MJPEG is better than H.264 for quality? I do hope that it can get updated to do 4K output so I can capture in prores on an external recorder for workflow purposes.

          Do you know if it can do the 1080p output in 120fps? I’m wondering if I can add a Ninja Assassin or something like that for this purpose to bypass the H.264 internal.

          I think I’m going to purchase this in April anyways for that very reason. $1.4K more expensive than the 1DX for quite a few features on both stills and video sides of the camp.

          • Yeah, it’s not at all terrible. 😉 The 1DC didn’t deliver fullframe video either. And S35 is what we’re used to look at anyways, so no biggie. Still a better crop to handle than that of the MFT Blackmagic cameras.

            Canon, Sony, Blackmagic, Samsung, everyone has pretty efficient codecs these days. But I guess the 1DX mark II partly uses MJPEG so you can use the ‘grab stills from video’ feature, kind of like the GH4 4K Photo mode.

            Not sure what it actually outputs, haven’t actually looked that close into it. Not actually considered this camera for myself. But it’s dope that you’re thinking of purchasing! Nice going!

            I travel around a fair bit, so I’ll stick with light ‘n compact cropped system cameras anyways. Never much a fan of optical viewfinders either 😛 Good thing that there’s focal reducers and smart adapters for both M43 and E-mount as well. Having gone through the paces with the GH2, E-M1, BMPCC, GH4, Z E1 and D5300, I think it’s time for a Sony this time around. I do feel the pixel information is of much higher quality once you get into bigger sensor cameras and I think APS-C is a fair middle ground (the Nikon D5300’s sensor roughly covers what I need). I think I’m going to give the A6300 as spin. Still possible to keep very compact, yet, you can also thrown on some serious (adapted) glass when the occassion when I’m sticking to a location.

            In the end you were right! They did actually do it… and it has turned out to be a pretty cool camera and as a professional level tool, a very nice option, and compared to Nikon’s new offerings, or even Canon’s 1DC placing itself very nicely for a serious hybrid (stills/video) package, excelling at reportage kind of shooting of events and sports. Should you end up getting one… enjoy!

  • Gary Halcon

    What’s the likelihood that Sony is going to delay their camera announcement, if there’s going to be any?

  • Pancanikonpus

    If 4K recording is 3:01 is already win over Nikon.

    • Mike Gordon

      Nikon is bringing out D5 FW that matches the 30min time of the D500

  • Eno

    I’m very curios how is Canon going to intentionally cripple the 1Dx mk2 to protect it’s over expensive C300 mk2.

  • About the same time the Sony A99 replacement will be released, the A1. Since Sony and Nikon work together it was quite obvious why Sony didn’t release a professional body at CES (or any other time in the last few years). Didn’t anyone notice how many A99 photos were in the slideshow of the Sony press conference? That was not by chance. Sony is just waiting to (finally) release a professional camera around the time Canon does.

  • VanHoff

    What about beating the poor DR of the canon’s champion of DR, the 6D??? that alone would sell many 1DX MKII. =D

  • Dino Brusco

    any other spec than 4k ?
    Just to know…

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