What else is new at the 2016 CES show?

2016 CES show
In addition to my CES coverage here on PhotoRumors and NikonRumors, here are few other photo related products that got announced during the 2016 consumer electronics show (full list with pricing is available here and here):

Sony HDR-AS50 full HD action cam
Sony announced several camcorders and a new action camera:

Zeiss lenses for mobile phone
Zeiss announced a new line of lenses specially designed for mobile phones.


Kodak announced a new Super 8 Filmmaking Revival Initiative and had a prototype of a new Kodak Super 8 camera on display.

Polaroid Snap+ instant print camera
Polaroid announced a new Snap+ instant print camera.

MindShift gear the lightest weight photo backpacks
New MindShift gear: the lightest weight photo backpacks released:

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  • ZoetMB

    While there’s great romanticism about film and there’s a trend by hipsters to go “old school” for everything: CRT TVs, VHS recorders, reel-to-reel analog audio, cassettes and vinyl; and there’s a great fuss being made about the 70mm release of “The Hateful Eight” (although most theaters have already stopped playing the 70mm version), I think Kodak and Polaroid are fooling themselves. There is absolutely no desire for film by the masses. These are gimmicky, niche products. They’ll get a ton of press and hype, but they won’t sell.

    Even if they did provide better quality (and they probably won’t), consumers have always chosen convenience over quality. Certainly, the explosion of smart phone photography and the decline of most of the rest of the photo business has taught us that as well as the growth of inferior compressed MP3 over other physical digital and analog media.

    But if I’m wrong, fantastic. I’d love to see film survive a bit longer. I still shoot a bit of b&w film every once in a while. I still have a Nikon F3, a Nikon N80 and a TLR Rollei, all in working condition.

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