GoPro and Samsung are also working on 360 degree action cameras

Shortly after Nikon announced their first KeyMission 360 action camera (pricing not yet available), GoPro also confirmed that their own 360º camera is in development. It seems that Samsung is also working on one:

From The Verge:

"Just a few days after Nikon announced a 360-degree camera here at CES, GoPro appears to be ready to do the same. During YouTube's keynote presentation at CES this evening, GoPro CEO Nick Woodman said the company plans to release a "more casual" spherical camera sometime soon."

From Ubergizmo:

"Never wanting to be left out, it looks like Samsung could have a similar device in the works. The company has recently filed a trademark for the name “Gear 360” back in South Korea. Based on the Gear branding, it is definitely not a smartphone, and the 360 also seems to suggest that this could be some kind of camera."

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  • SH*T666

    Samsung camera still alive? I always thought Samsung is only changing the old camera business for a new one.

    • maybe they will just transition to action cameras – it makes more sense and it is a bigger market

      • Zos Xavius

        Their camera division will live on making all sorts of optical things like cell phone cameras for starters. It was innovation in that area that drove development of the NX1 with its BSI sensor. I would imagine that aspect of their business is much larger than what they had behind the NX line anyways. They probably just shuffled some employees down the hall and called it a day. All speculation of course, but samsung supplies sensor modules for a lot of phones and the reality is that they are still very much making cameras in a growing market. Just rather small cameras. 🙂

        It seems like everyone is taking a stab at action cameras right now. It makes sense I think. People want video more than anything and these cameras can be produced pretty cheaply with simple optics with fixed focus designs.

        I think the industry is going to quickly consolidate even further. Cell phones cameras are becoming pretty good for their size and for most people they are more than good enough. I hate to see the economies of scale that made these amazing advancements in cameras possible dwindle, but its just the reality of the shrinking market. The full frame market alone is really small and I can’t see it growing quickly in any short period of time. Especially with lens prices being where they are. Most people that shoot casually could hardly justify or afford $2-4k lenses and that’s where things are going. There will always be people like me that will want a FF camera just to throw vintage lenses on it and are willing to work slowly and methodically with their limitations, but those people aren’t exactly the mainstream.

        I don’t think sony or fuji really appeal to enough people to make them even a 2nd place player. Sony has the capability to create a truly professional mirrorless system, but their efforts seem very half assed quite honestly. I think the hotshoe and compressed raw debacles were good examples. I feel kind of bad for a-mount users too that supported sony during the transition from minolta since day 1.

        I hardly see m4/3 surviving other than maybe for video production. It just doesn’t make much sense to me as a camera system, but that’s me I guess. The 75mm was laughed at for being expensive and this 300mm looks like a joke when you read the price. Yeah, good luck with that.

        Needless to say I don’t like where things are really going. Samsung at least started to bring innovation to the market and its really sad to see them exit right when they started to show promise.

        And wow sorry for the ramble. I’ve just been thinking a lot where the industry is headed. It seems like the dslr will likely live on with the pros for some time for a variety of reasons so that only really leaves a handful of players. I wonder how many D500s Nikon will sell.

  • Les

    Let’s not forget that Kodak’s 360 degree action camera has been out for a few months already. This article makes it sound like Nikon invented a new type of camera that GoPro is copying. They are both just responding to existing products.

    • No, all I am saying is that two days after Nikon’s announcement, GoPro jumped in and said that they are also working on one.

  • fanboy fagz

    ah the “me too” gang right behind

  • saywhatuwill

    I need one of these cameras in my car facing forward and back.

    • I had the same thought. I hope Nikon will come up with a decent car mount.

      • TheInconvenientRuth

        Would the best place to mount it be on the car ceiling, between the driver’s seats and passenger seat, so you can basically ‘see’ out of all windows at once? I drive in China and you NEED one of those here, between the people driving without license, blind pedestrians and insurance scammers everywhere..

        • exactly, I hope Nikon comes up with a car mount, will buy one right away

  • Cynog

    How is this different from the Ricoh Theta?

    • BlueBomberTurbo

      Higher video quality, lower lens corner sharpness and stitching quality.

      • Mike

        And waterproof/action oriented.

  • TheInconvenientRuth

    When I saw the announcement, I had a healthy dose of WTF?! But then I saw the footage and now (regardless of the quality of the footage – I don’t judge anything by YouTube compression..) I’m quite impressed. The way you can change the footage angle with the mouse during playback seamlessly is amazing. There are so many applications where this would be hugely valuable other than extreme sports, like law enforcement, firefighters, dash cams etc. (I realise Nikon isn’t the only one and not the first to make a 360 action cam, but it’s the firs tone I’ve HEARD of and that often makes all the difference for the market…)

  • whisky

    is Samsung still building cameras … and if so for how long?

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