Samsung already registered for the 2016 Photokina show

For some odd reason Samsung is already listed/registered to be part of the 2016 Photokina show that will take place in September (thanks for the tip Tinus). Maybe they registered before they decided to kill their camera business or maybe they really have something new to announce?

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  • SH*T666

    Hahaha! It seems I was right!

    • SH*T666

      I know, I know… don´t laugh folks! 😉

  • duck

    Probably their camera department employees have nothing to do now, but registering just for fun.

    • SH*T666

      Registering more space than Canon or Sony only for fun? Do you have a clue about the cost of reserving 14 booths at Photokina?

      • BP2012

        Do you have a clue how big is refrigerator with MF sensor 🙂

        • SH*T666

          As long as I know, Photokina has banned refrigerators this year 😉

          • duck

            not those with a camera embedded. lol

    • Jón Ingólfur Hermannsson


  • Marc

    sorry, but actually you can see only the exhibitors from 2014 !!!!

    • SH*T666

      True. The list of booths is exactly the same than in 2014. Shame on Photokina´s web!

      I was happy to read this and made not further investigation, but of course is too early to publish the relation of booths for the exhibition in September. Still dreaming of Samsung following Fuji´s path and making more attractive cameras for photographers.

  • Marc
  • Jón Ingólfur Hermannsson

    Maybe there is some new point and shoot they might come out with and a firmware update for the NX1 – what else can it be – they have closed 90% or more of their Camera business – so maybe a firmware update to push out the stock of NX500 and NX1 they have 🙂
    How pathetic it is – about 2 years ago I heard their big chief talk about how they intended to be one of the top camera makers in few years –
    and certainly Samsung has the know how and money ! and really marketing as well as what country does not sell Samsung products ??
    So how could the guys in the camera division blow it so badly – unless their management set some totally unrealistic goals – I was really hoping to see Samsung pushing the others to start putting more smarts into cameras – Sony APPS is a good idea but poorly implemented – Samsung is now using Voice Command on they TV’s and of course who does not own a Samsung tablet or a cell phone with Voice – why not implement into cameras ??? there will be time where not just phones are smart devices but cameras should be as well – Samsung did put out a Android camera – I think still that a camera has to be a mix of manual dials and buttons and Touch – their Android camera was just touch – Anyway seems without Samsung now it will be a long wait – as Fuji does not even want to implement Touch or Touch shutter – with Sony refusing to use Touch so far except in the NEX/A5000xx and only for limited things –
    Although rumor has it that the A6100 will have touch – just a rumor –
    The rest can learn from Panasonic as far as Touch LCD – but cameras can be so much smarter –

  • TinusVerdino

    Oops, bad bad photokina for keeping old old info online. Not my fault at all for not paying attention. Somebody on eos hd pointed it out and I did a quick search.

  • Thom Hogan

    You have to understand how big show exhibitor registration works. Back in 2014 when Photokina closed, exhibitors were required to register for 2016 if they wanted to keep their “booth priority.” That applies both to position and to booth size. If you don’t do that, you go to the very back of the list that’s active at the time you decide to register, meaning that someone else can come in and snap up your space.

    So, no, it’s not at all surprising to me that Samsung has space registered for 2016.

  • Andrew Choe

    Samsh*t got what they deserved.

  • MonkeySpanner

    It takes massive cash to break into a mature market of professional tools like high end cameras. Samsung could have done really well with the nx1 had the priced the kit at $1100. As it is, the nx1 was a massive failure due to high pricing. Not saying the nx1 isn’t worth that, but Samsung, as a minor player needed to sell these at a loss to really get lots of market penetration. Then after that is established make it up later in accessories and follow on products. Too bad, the nx1 was great. But I am sure the D500 will make everyone forget about it.

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