Almost all Samsung NX lenses now listed as “closeout” at Adorama

Almost all Samsung NX lenses are now listed as "closeout" at Adorama. Even third party NX lenses are heavily discounted.

In the past few months there have been several rumors and reports that Samsung will be closing their camera business. This Adorama closeout is the first sign of Samsung closing shop also in the US.

Update: BestBuy also has many Samsung NX lenses on sale.


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  • Spy Black

    Yes but are they any cheaper? If significantly so this is the time to put together an NX system, as long as you con mind buying into an orphaned system. It appears to be a pretty solid camera if you’re into DX, and it shoots 4k.

    • MonkeySpanner

      They don’t appear to be discounted.

      • harvey

        its like a 10% discount, if that.

    • Fstop This

      What’s the point of buying lenses when you know you won’t ever be able to upgrade your body?

      • Spy Black

        Because you use the system as-is. It’s obvious a gamble, but as long as it holds out, you’ll certainly get your money’s worth.

        • Zos Xavius

          You would advise spending thousands on a camera system that’s going to give you at best a few years of good service. Then what? But another aging nx1 when yours breaks? A camera not produced in large numbers to begin with. Samsung isn’t exactly known for amazing build quality when it comes to their bodies either. The only people that would buy this right now would be a videographer looking for a cheap capable 4k solution and even that case use makes little sense at this point. If you are going to invest real money you always leave yourself a future somewhere else and an exit strategy. Mirrorless is appealing I guess to some, but I prefer native lenses. Adapters introduce a lot of variables unless it’s m42 or something simple.

          • Spy Black

            Well, I still shoot with my F2 and Ai Nikkors, so I guess I would get my moneys worth out of it. 😉

    • Zos Xavius

      That would be pointless. Why on earth would you buy lenses for a dead system with no possibility of migration through adapters?

      • Spy Black

        See my reply elsewhere.

  • SH*T666

    The same story again and again. Samsung here and there. A lot of free
    media coverage and no comments. This is no doubt the end of the NX mount
    but not the end of Samsung cameras. To be continued…

    • do you think they will kill the NX and come up with a new mount/system?

      • SH*T666

        Yep, that´s my point. My guess is they are going to make FF and MF systems. Probably a Leica M mount for FF (the difference with NX flange distance is minimal) and also medium format, maybe in cooperation with Schneider-Kreutznach as it was already “rumored” here:

        • I remember that, it will be interesting if true.

        • BP2012

          I would like to have FF Samsung camera with Leica M mount but that is not realistic. I would also like to have Samsung refrigirator with MF camera and that is, based on Samsung business model, a little bit more realistic than previous. Back in 2011 those square prototype cameras were pure gimmick for hipsters. “Small sensor and big body”, just like famous WB2200, “compact camera with vertical grip” for “wanna look like cheap pro” audience. I would like to see Samsung as a major player in camera business but they probably concluded that NX cameras will never be profitable based on costs, sales volumes and market trends. That does not mean that will not have interesting “gadget” cameras, drones, vrs and similar products in nearest future. If they still wan’t to make serious cameras my advice is to target pro video market with new camera models. 8K cameras with MF mount and lenses from Schneider will be appropriate.

        • johnny

          Samsung already missed the great opportunity of FF mirrorless camera. I think it’s too late. SONY takes all.

        • hje

          That would be nice.

          Samsung, Schneider-Kreuznach and Alpa.

          But currently alpa is available in a phase one bundle. Phase One A-series

      • johnny

        The chance of doing that is minimal due to the current financial figure of Samsung electronics.

        • I also think this is highly unlikely.

        • SH*T666

          There are several reasons why I think Samsung will continue existing. First, they have all the technology they need to make excellent cameras and are not going to sell their patents and factories in the flea market for a fraction of its cost. Second, they are Koreans and Koreans will never allow Japanese to expell them from the camera business.

          • TinusVerdino

            Samsung new continue in new categories, VR, Mobiles with big sensors and lenses, probably sensors and soc’s, but ILC’s are a closed chapter. Maybe we’ll see an NX-mini mount on a smartphone.

  • Mike

    What’s a Samsung?

  • Joseph Ferrari

    APS-C is dead, long live the full-frame!

    • nwcs

      Hmm, APS outsells 35mm more than 2:1. Long live APS!

      • Zos Xavius

        Its more like 10 to 1.

      • Joseph Ferrari

        Didn’t you get the memo?! There’s a reckoning in progress!

        • nwcs

          Very slow progress, though!

  • Marco –

    Sure is one thing for me: if they discontinue nx system, and ever come out with another mount not compatible with nx, I won’t consider it even if it’s outstanding.

    So, for me it’s the same (I mean…them getting out from ilc in general or presenting a new system). No more cameras from samsung for me, if nx mount is dead.

  • Fstop This

    Where is your mirrorless gods now? A lot of good those new features are going to do you when the only place you can find a lens is ebay.

  • dclivejazz

    Hopefully this does not foreshadow similar moves by other good camera makers.

  • Wesley

    Those are list or the same prices they’ve been for months. Is it really a “closeout” sale at full price????

    • maybe closeout means last few pieces left and last chance to get them?

      • Wesley

        Probably. But you’d think there would discounts if they wanted to get rid of them. Selling for full price when chances are slim there will be additional NX gear released is a hard sell. And then there’s Amazon’s listings for some that say “more on the way”. So who the heck nows at this point.

        • maybe this is the next step, you know how retailers are 🙂

  • alfredo_tomato

    I think they should keep making lenses for various mounts.

  • Andrew Choe

    Fire sales has started!! Who’d buy the Sammy’s left over bullsh*t?

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