GoPro is not doing very well

Just when Nikon decided to join the action camera segement: GoPro lays off 7% of its staff, warns of poor sales, faces a 30% revenue drop, stock down... read more at The Verge.

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  • fanboy fagz

    good. they raped people with high prices for years. now theres tons of great alternatives.I have the SJ5000 wifi and the xiaomi yi. excellent cameras.

    • Mike Gordon

      Too bad for all the people that lost their jobs…

      • fanboy fagz

        yes for sure – very bad

    • For those who use these cameras professionally or very seriously, GoPro is still the best. But for the most of us who just use them sometimes for fun, there are many alternatives. I have the Yi myself and I’m perfectly happy with it for my needs, especially considering the price.

  • TinusVerdino

    Saturation. Everybody who wanted one probably has one. Those who don’t really use them won’t replace. Loads of alternatives, etc.

  • Kyle

    I have a friend who bought 6 of the Chinese knock offs (knock offs of the SJ CAM even) to use in a 360 rig. Got all 6 for less than 1 GoPro 4 Black and they work very well.
    As noted below, saturation and these cheap knock offs have hurt.
    I have a Hero 2 that does everything I need… can’t see any reason to upgrade. In fact, I’m probably going to sell it since I don’t hardly use it any more.

  • CaMeRa QuEsT

    Can’t believe the Xiaomi Yi did this damage to GoPro in less than one fiscal year! GoPro must be doing something very wrong and are digging their own hole, as they did warn investors 2 fiscal years ago that this will eventually happen, and their reaction was, what, the Session? GoFigure.


    They made the same camera over and over again offering little to no advanced features for more money – I don’t see people being eager to replace their Hero3 with a Hero4.
    They should have diversified earlier. Their attempt to break into the drone market should have been done much earlier, now the market is already oversaturated.

    If you only make a product, you can be succesfull until someone copies you with a better or cheaper alternative.

    Anyway, no matter how will this end, GoPro, thank you for the amazing videos you have made possible.

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