Interesting: Olympus files a patent for a 28mm f/2 full frame mirrorless lens

Olympus 28mm f:2 full frame mirrorless lens patent
The latest Olympus patent filed in Japan is very interesting - it's for a 28mm f/2 full frame mirrorless lens. I guess we can now officially start the Olympus full frame mirrorless camera rumor (of course filed patents are no guarantee for future products). Additional patent information:

  • Patent # 2016-6469
  • Published on: 2016.1.14
  • Patent filing date: 2014.5.26
  • f 28.83 28.66 28.00 (focal length)
  • FNO: 2.06 2.05 2.00 (aperture)
  • 2ω: 79.64 77.07 70.21 (field of view)
  • IH: 21.633 21.633 21.633
  • FB: 15.65 14.70 12.01
  • Total length: 79.14 78.19 75.50

Via Egami

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  • TinusVerdino

    full frame 43?

    • Fabio Kruschewsky Lemos

      Full frame = 35mm format (24 x 36mm)

      • TinusVerdino

        full frame as in 24×32 :p still full height but not width keeping the aspect ratio.

        • carpandean

          Actually, to truly be FF, the diagonal should be maintained. So, roughly 26 x 34.6 would be 3:4 with a 43.3mm diagonal.

        • longzoom

          Very possible, due to narrower angle of the new lens…

  • MdB

    My immediate reaction was that Olympus were making this lens for Sony, but actually this is completely different.

  • Fabio Kruschewsky Lemos

    28mm f/2. Great for street photography!

  • Spy Black

    It would be awesome if Olympus ever returned to FF with a FF digital mirrorless OM with an adapter that would take old Zuiko optics. I don’t see it happening, but it would be great.

  • SteveHood

    Olympus has designed lenses for Sony in the past.

  • Narretz

    Wouldn’t you be able to see if it fits an existing system by the register distance (last lens element to sensor)? Is that data published? In amy case, it might be contract work for another company. Like Sigma actually designed the 75 and 25 1.8 and apparently the stabilisation of the 300.

    • MdB

      Last element to sensor is not going to tell you anything.

  • Adam

    You guys really need to learn to read the patents before you post these articles. Fun fact, the patent includes two 15mm f/2 And a 12mm f/2 lenses for four thirds format.

    • Did you look at the patent before you post your comment? it clearly says “full-size mirrorless”, which means full frame. Also, the 2ω (field of view) is 79.64 77.07 70.21. 2ω for a full frame camera is 82.34. This is pretty close – like somebody already mentioned, this lens is for a slightly smaller than “regular” full frame sensor.

      • Adam

        No…I didn’t read the patent…I just randomly guessed that there were 3 working examples of four-thirds lens designs.

        • Adam

          Olympus Files Patent For Wide Angle Lens

          As is common with lens patentsm working examples for various image circles were devised for common formats. Patents do not denote that products are in or will be developed. The image circles devised do not imply the development of products that will use them.

          This patent includes 11 working examples.

          28mm f/2
          Image height: 21.633mm (135-format)
          Back Focus: 12-15.63 mm
          Optical length: 75.5-79.14mm

          24mm f/2
          IH: 21.633 mm (135-format)
          BF: 20.37-22.87 mm
          Length: 79.65 – 82.15 mm

          22mm f/2
          IH: 21.633 mm (135-format)
          BF: 20.28-22.37 mm
          Length: 80.05-82.14 mm

          20mm f/2
          IH: 21.633 mm (135-format)
          BF: 17.9-19.63 mm
          Length: 85.41-87.15 mm

          15 mm f/2
          IH: 10.815 mm (4/3’s format)
          BF: 13.07-13.94 mm
          Length: 48.08-48.94 mm

          12 mm f/2
          IH: 10.815 mm (4/3’s format)
          BF: 12.74 mm – 13.75 mm
          Length: 53.59 – 54.6 mm

          28 mm f/2

          IH: 21.633 mm (135-format)
          BF: 13.69-17.14 mm
          Length: 74.7 – 78.15 mm

          15mm f/2
          IH: 10.815 (4/3’s format)
          BF: 15.5-16.33 mm
          Length: 69.86 – 70.69 mm

          28mm f/2
          IH: 21.633 mm (135-format)
          BF: 12-15.6 mm
          Length: 75.49-79.15 mm


          28 mm f/2
          IH: 21.633 mm (135-format)
          BF: 15.64 – 19.16 mm
          Length: 75.59 – 79.12 mm

          28 mm f/2
          IH: 21.633 mm (135-format)
          BF: 12.84-16.54 mm
          Length: 74.45-78.14mm

          • Yes, companies very often file multiple patent variations of the same lens. I think I clearly said in the post that patent filings are no guarantee for future products.

  • johnny

    The image coverage is not a solid proof of FF lens. I know some 135 lens can have image coverage of 6 x 6 in size. Kinoptik 100/2 is one example.

    • Dmitry Anisimov

      Some lenses may cover more, but with inferior IQ. Patents always specify image height where image quality is acceptable.

  • winfried

    This is the lens for the Olympus Q

  • LOL

    4×3 FF? Would be interesting.

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