Ricoh GR II “Silver Edition” camera, GM-1 macro conversion lens announced

The Ricoh GR II “Silver Edition” camera and is now officially announced (see full press release here). US pricing is not yet available The US price will most likely be $699 (price of regular version: $559). Shipping will start on March 18th. Only 3,200 units will be produced worldwide. Features of the GR II Silver Edition include:


  • Stylish silver camera body: The camera body has a high-grade, silver-color leather-tone finish, featuring an elegant, grained texture.
  • Distinctive features compared to the standard GR II: The Silver Edition’s shutter release button and the ring cap have been finished in silver identical to that of the camera body. Additionally, the lens descriptions are engraved on the front ring using a diamond-cutting process and the GR logo’s color on the camera’s front panel has been changed to white. Even the product box has been specially designed for this package.
  • Termination screen: When the camera’s power is turned off, the camera displays an original termination screen, which has a solid, high-grade design expressing the GR II’s product concept.
  • Genuine leather camera case: The package includes a black, genuine-leather camera case exclusively designed for the GR II camera body. It provides features useful for quick-action snapshot photography, including a belt loop on the back, and a top cover that opens fully for easy removal of the camera body.

Ricoh also announced a new GM-1 macro conversion lens for the the GR/GR II cameras.

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  • SH*T666

    Ugly as hell. A perfect candidate for the next “worst camera of the year”.

    • Stan Dibben

      It’s a tool. Not a simple camera. Shapes follow functions.
      It’s not ugly. It’s functional.

      • SH*T666

        I was speaking about aesthetics not functionality. Speaking about functionality, it lacks VF and articulated screen and it is essentially the same camera that was launched in 2013.

        • Stan Dibben

          Try grab one, configure it and take a walk downtown. No EVF nor articulated screen needed. And one-hand operations. I prefer it in black, too.

        • Moo

          the majority of people who buy such a camera don´t use an EVF anyway.
          go out and do a reality check.

          an EVF adds a lot to the cost and most consumers will just use the display anyway.
          because that´s what they know from their smartphones.

          the sunshine argument..?
          well it doesn´t seem to bother the billions of smartphone users….

          • SH*T666

            Yep, you are right. I don´t understand why other camera makers bother about VFs and articulated screens… Plain stupid gimmicks!. I´d also get rid of these absurd sensors and lenses.

          • Vertex

            and look how much they sell! 😛
            with all these nice gimmicks they still don´t succeed.
            the eso-m is lacking so many gimmicks.. yet it´s no.3 in japan. how comes?
            as a jobless wannabe marketing guy with a sh*tty name can you tells us why that is so? 😛

          • SH*T666

            When you can´t give good rational arguments, your only reasoning is insulting. Good luck with it, dear little man.
            And speaking of my name here, for sure you didn´t realize it also could be ‘Shot’ or ‘Shut’. Poor intelligence, indeed.

          • Les

            It’s a fixed-focal-length wide angle, no need for a fancy viewfinder.

            You need to know your lens, and what it sees. Being able to assess a scene before looking through the viewfinder is a sign of experience and proficiency.

  • Moo

    i bet they will sell 10 of them in europe….

    • Zos Xavius


  • Stan Dibben

    It’s a tool. Not a simple camera. Shapes follow functions.

  • DouglasGottlieb

    I love my Ricoh GR but would love it more if it had a tilting screen, an EVF and weather sealing. It would still be pocketable. Has great IQ and ergonomics. Great for street shooting. But these additions would make it better for street AND more general use.

    I have no interest at all in special editions. Give me the generic and stealthy black ninja version any day 🙂

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