The new Olympus PEN F camera is now in stock, new hands-on videos

The Olympus PEN-F camera is now in stock at Amazon (black). Update: the manual is now available online. Here are the latest PEN-F hands-on videos:

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  • Moo

    so what´s new?
    2 more art filters?

  • Caissa Martens

    50 MP hires, Tilt.Screen, viewfinder, new Design, Artfilter via Wheel, 20 MP Sensor….
    Thats more what you got last time upgrading from P3 to pen P5, isn t it?

    • Moo

      i mean new as in “new technology”.
      the hires mode in pen models is new ok.
      thought i doubt people buying this camera really make us of it.
      a feature for the featurelist.
      people are always complaining about canon making no improvements.
      yet i see many more technological improvements in canon cameras than in the steady flow of new m43 cameras.
      sure mirrorless cameras have zebras and focus peaking for years.
      that is a technological benefit of a mirorless camera.
      thought using magic lantern i have that too on my LCD.
      should mirrorless not be way more innovative than DSLR´s?
      yet all i see is baby steps from pana and oly.

  • Vertex

    the interest in this cameras.. as shown in the comments… is staggering.

  • sickheadache

    Loved what Kai said..Tooooooo Many buttons. lol Keep it simple, stupid.

  • Chris Niccolls pretty much put me entirely off this camera with his focus test (horrible). I do agree that it’s beautiful camera though.

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