Another price drop on the Lytro Illum lightfield camera

The price of the Lytro Illum lightfield camera dropped to $379.90. The original price at launch was $1,599.

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  • D800GuyIsBack

    I guess it’s an example of tech that’s too immature/advanced for consumer use, not when it lacks the sharpness and ease of use of regular sensors.

    • Duncan Dimanche

      and the 4mpx output resolution and very poor low light quality and slow and and and…. go pn BH to read the many reviews 😉

  • sickheadache

    I want 40 Megarays. In MP that is 3. I feel sorry for the dopes who paid out Megabucks for MegaRays..3. Wait for it…Wait..someone with no clue is actually going to correct me. lol

    • purenupe1


  • Jeffry De Meyer

    at some point it will be priced at a point it will be an interesting toy to play with for a couple of days.
    I would get one if I didn’t have more pressing needs and wants

  • fanboy fagz

    $1600 to $380 what a drop in price. the next drop will be them paying me to take it.

  • One word apply: LOL

  • nwcs

    It is an interesting technology but it solves a problem most people don’t really care about honestly.

  • Spy Black

    C’mon guys, $99…

    • sickheadache

      You Want Some MegaRays?

  • Just doesn’t seem to be selling. I wouldn’t be surprising if Lytro has a near-zero or even negative profit margin at this point.

  • Michal Rosa

    This camera was like politics in general – it is a solution nobody wants to a problem that doesn’t exist.

    • Dmitry Anisimov

      There is a major problem not having enough DOF in macros and people use focus stacking to circumvent it.

      • Michal Rosa

        And obviously thousands of those people rushed to buy this camera which solves this “problem” in such a spectacular fashion. Oh, wait.

        • Dmitry Anisimov

          Thats like pointing that first cars were worse than horses.
          Lytro failed to properly market it and forced users to use their software, it’s not problem of technology.

  • James Donahue

    Maybe if they gave about 5 lbs of Bar-B-Q with it, it just might sell

  • Larry Ellis

    What really killed Lytro was its dependence on their software and policies on image ownership. I’m surprised people are so narrow minded on how much potential the technology has to tell more involved stories within a single photo. It’s pretty amazing technology that was once the stuff of dreams. You’re a jaded bunch.

  • BdV

    If it got it as a birthday present I’d have to force myself to smile.

  • Bronica

    My Lytro is called Lumix GX8 – 8MP with interchangeable lenses. What overs Lytro?

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