List of upcoming/rumored mirrorless cameras

Here is what to expect from the major camera manufacturers in the next few weeks/months:

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  • Tsais

    Sony will put out RX100m5 in June

    And I’d love a Canon camera with one of Sony’s BSI sensors :p

    • MonkeySpanner

      Canon G7X? I think that is Sony BSI.

    • MdB

      All the Canon 1″ers are BSI.

  • James Donahue

    I still don’t get it..A digital Leica without a LCD.

    • Eno

      It’s a camera for purists. :))

      • MdB

        They already make ones without a sensor for purists.

  • Seeker

    you guys should really report about the A6300 overheating issues!

    a 1200 euro camera that can not shot more than 20 minutes of video because of overheating.

    A6300 and 4K recording in texas, phoenix or in greece in the summer… forget it.

    northrup wrote:

    “Our a6300 did overheat in the hot Miami sun, however, and we weren’t even shooting video, just stills. As long as you keep it out of direct sun, it should be fine.”

    what a bad joke….

  • Larry Ellis

    I heard the next Leica will have 1 TB of non-removable internal storage that can’t be accessed, deleted or viewed until the drive is full. At which point you have to break it apart to see your photos.

    So pure.

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