Rumors: new Panasonic GX85 camera to be announced soon

I received some information from a good source that Panasonic will soon announce a new GX85 camera that will be a smaller version of the current GX8 model and will come with 4k pictures and video. The new camera will be available in two colors: black (DMC-GX85KK) and silver (DMC-GX85KS). Stay tuned for additional details.

Update: here are the first pictures of the new camera.

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  • Spy Black

    Wasn’t the GX8 introduced about 6 months ago? I guess it’s not much of a sweat to create a mildly upgraded model.

    • Narretz

      The rumor says it’s a smaller body. Creating a new body is not trivial. It sounds like this was a GM body and now Pana wants to make it more attractive to people that found the GX8 too big.

    • Sakaphoto Graphics

      This is also the easiest way to create a GX7-sized, not weather-sealed body to satisfy people who considered a GX7 replacement, but don’t like the GX8.

  • MdB

    Should that be GX8.5?

    • R Leung


  • R Leung

    No GM5 replacement…

  • Narretz

    What is going on … why no new GM? I mean technically a smaller GX is a GM. But what’s the reason for calling it GX?

    • Sakaphoto Graphics

      Putting 4K video in the GM5 replacement may create too much heat and they’re probably trying to find a good size that allows the 4K video but doesn’t increase it too much.

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