2016 TIPA photo gear awards announced

TIPA (Technical Image Press Association) announced their 2016 awards:

Editors from the Technical Image Press Association (TIPA) member magazines recently met for their General Assembly to vote for the best photo and imaging products launched by the industry in the last 12 months. The voting took place during the General Assembly that was held on 1st April 2016 in San Francisco, USA. The trophies for the 26th year of TIPA Awards will be presented to the winning companies during Photokina in Cologne, Germany on the 20th September.

TIPA membership comprises 27 leading photo and imaging magazines from 15 countries on five continents. TIPA also has a cooperative partnership with the CJPC (Camera Journal Press Club), representing top photography magazines in Japan.

The TIPA Awards are renowned as the most influential photo and imaging product awards in markets around the world. All products and their advertising media bearing the TIPA Awards logo indicate that these have passed evaluations by TIPA’s technical committee and magazine editors. A TIPA Awards endorsement is the highest accolade for any photo and imaging product.

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  • MT personaly

    Hooray, my beloved “Everybody is a winner” award!

    • Dino Brusco

      Exactly what I was thinking– so every manager can get his dirty money and boast his product is the best
      This is so STUPID ! Also consider how many useless (double) categories are there ! “best prime DSLR lens” and “best professional lens” (a prime as well)

  • mlzphoto

    tipa and eisa and the rest are completely useless “awards” – just my opinion

  • Francisco Santos

    They used a weird definition of “best” … and “expert” … this is a really weird award.

  • outkasted

    So the D500 won Expert APC Award huh’ Swell Done!

  • Michael Laing

    Is it just me who feels that the TIPA awards are complete baloney.

  • Luke Szczepanski

    it’s like oscars of the film world. nobody really cares.

  • enosan

    so the Pentax K-1 has the “best full-frame DSLR Expert” award — but it’s not even out yet…

    • WillWeaverRVA

      Neither are the Nikon D5 or D500 and they won awards too.

      • enosan

        indeed, they should be called the TIPA “on-paper” award

      • nwcs

        The D5 is out…

  • BP2012

    This isn’t fair, where is that “best expert low light full frame sensor award” for Canon?

    • that award doesn’t exist.

      • BP2012


        • aaronbrethorst

          Canon probably hasn’t paid enough money to TIPA for them to create the category yet.

    • saywhatuwill

      I was looking for the category for Best camera with TWO XQD cards and Best Camera that has a frame rate of 14fps (yes, that specific).

    • Keith

      where is the “camera with most issues award”… im sure nikon would have won.

  • Bo Dez

    awards like these are based on nonsense and proliferate more nonsense into the hearts and minds of the worlds trolls.

  • MonkeySpanner

    Across top row of image – isn’t every camera not yet available – meaning no reviewers other than just press releases from manufacturers? How can these awards be taken seriously?

    • speedy fisher

      Absolutely. Makes you wonder how thorough the analysis is when half the products don’t even exist in final retail form yet.

      Might just as well have skipped them for other cameras that don’t exist yet like the Nikon 7, Canon 5D VII and Sony A7R IV.

    • Keith

      cameras are out for a while just not to the public.

  • R Leung

    You should all know that the TIPA awards were set up to make money from the rights to use the TIPA name and logo in ads. Companies submit products for “evaluation” and then if it gets an award, the company can, for a price, use the TIPA logo. So to maximize revenue they award to as many companies as possible.

  • saywhatuwill

    It appears that they created categories for every imaginable scenario so nobody goes home with a boo-boo on their feelings. Come on, Best Professional Action Camera and Best Professional Camera with Photo and Video? You mean like almost every DSLR out there for both categories but they separated it so Canon can win one and Nikon can win the other?

    • speedy fisher

      There are 4 CSC lens categories, all conveniently won by one of each of Fuji, Panasonic, Sony, and Olympus.

  • J-Man

    These awards have nothing to do with camera gear, and everything to do with marketing….
    Our “Bla-bla-bla Mk II” is amazing, see, it just won this award! That’s how amazing it is, and why you should buy it!
    This is as bad as every team at a tournament winning a trophy.

  • mikeswitz

    And in other news, McDonalds gets the James Beard Foundation award for Fastest Fast Food.

  • Albert

    Interesting that Sigma and Tamron won all the DSLR lens awards, a first in which neither Canon or Nikon win even one.

  • fjfjjj

    Best black shiny electronic gadget that you won’t be caught dead making pictures with in 5 years: EVERYBODY WINS

    • Keith

      did casio or hasselblad win something? … i am too lazy to check.

  • Keith

    sony FE 85mm f1.4 has nothing but problems (scratching sound, AF issues) but is the best… sure.

  • CHD

    It’s kind of like our school system nowadays…everyone’s a ‘winner’, participation ribbons for all.

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