The Impossible I-1 analog instant camera

Impossible-I-1-analog-instant-camera-3 Impossible-I-1-analog-instant-camera-5
A reader already received his Impossible I-1 analog instant camera and sent me few unboxing pictures (thanks Andrew):



Impossible-I-1-analog-instant-camera-6 Impossible-I-1-analog-instant-camera

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  • Ugly. Just. Ugly

    • Duncan Dimanche

      regardless of the look.. it just doesn’t seem pratical at all for aming with the viewfinder so high on that pyramid of a camera… how do you even get your eye close to it without hiting your chin againt the bottom of the camera.. sigh

  • Leonhart0512

    It’s fairly efficient. I was able to play around with a prototype. Though I haven’t used the LED as a flash, it’s also said to be a counter of how many Polaroids you have left to use.
    But that viewfinder is beyond excellent! Easier to look through compared to the land polaroids and instax ones as well. But that impossible film’s price. Ouch!

    • waterengineer

      I agree. The film price is the only thing holding me back. As an event photographer, I could have a lot of fun with one of these as an ice breaker, but the film price……..

      • Leonhart0512

        It definitely is a good marketing scheme

      • nwcs

        It’s the same as razor blade companies. Very good market if you can get it.

  • sperdynamite

    I do not get it. can you even focus close? That was one of the HUGE advantages of the SLR polaroids.

    • nwcs

      I’m sure it’s fixed focus like the polaroids I grew up with.

      • Patrick McKay

        Which would explain why it has auto focus, just like all of the Polaroids that I had. lol

  • Paco Ignacio

    I have it already, and serves as a phone too

  • Ric of The LBC

    Why is there a USB connection?

    • charging?

      • Ric of The LBC

        for the light I guess.
        I recall, from my Dad’s SX-70 that battery power was part of the film cartridge.
        Hehe, I bet it’s still in the top drawer of my dad’s dresser and hasn’t seen the light of day in 30 years.

  • Russell Ferris

    Looks terrible compared to the mini instax I’ve been having tons of fun with.

  • Fox sweN Lies

    It looks like a prop from a 50’s space B movie. I own a several Polaroid camera’s haven’t used them for over 15 years.

  • andy kahl

    USB charges the camera, so that the film packs do not need batteries, keeping the cost on the packs for this camera down. It powers the VERY bright (when needed ring flash) as well as the Bluetooth connection. The latter being a great feature. I know, “who needs bluetooth on something like this”? Everyone. You can control a self timer, double exposure ‘ala the Spectra timer “hack”, as well as full manual mode if you are shooting on a tripod, extended exposures, light painting, and even a noise trigger. Focusing is actually “auto” not fixed “pseudo auto” of the Spectra’s and later 600s. You half depress the shutter release for it to focus and meter, allowing you to recompose as if it were a “real” camera. I’m pretty sure that the reason to not make it an SLR (which admittedly I was bummed about initially), had a lot to do with the shear minimalist industrial design that went into this VERY well put thought out and put together camera.

    Additionally, the packaging is absolutely stunning. It was a more thrilling, simplistic and cleanly packaged camera than my M240 (at that is one sexy box). The tear apart box was brilliant.

    The shooting experience takes a little adjustment, especially having shot SO much on the SLR 680s and the SX-70s. but it is actually quite nice one you get your head around it. The built in frog tongue is great. A draw back is the missing simply frame counter, again, no doubt due to the super clean design. You can check the remain exposures by counting lights on the ring flash, OR, by using the Bluetooth and the free App, which is clutch.

    I’ve had mine a couple days now and for a first effort, I have to say I am super impressed.

    The Black and White film, is (as has been my general experience) a more refined product, but the color isn’t all that bad. Coupled with the drop in price for packs, if you are at all interested in shooting the “true Polaroid format” than this is your best bet these days.

    The Instax is fun, sure, but the sizing just isn’t right for me.

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