Interesting: Samsung released new firmware updates for the NX1 and NX500 cameras

Samsung NX1 mirrorless camera 4
Today Samsung released new firmware updates for the already discontinued NX1 and NX500 (still in stock) cameras that fixes a Bluetooth connection problem with Android Marshmallow (Android 6.0 version). It is interesting to see that Samsung still has support for their cameras after numerous reports about the company exiting the camera business.

Here are the download links

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  • SH*T666

    They still are in the business and preparing big surprises!

    • That is a possibility.

      • nwcs

        A very remote one…

      • animalsbybarry

        Perhaps they sense an opportunity to take advantage of the shortfall in Sony production caused by the earthquake
        Or maybe they are gambling on continued earthquake activity

    • TO-DOUG

      They are still in the smartphone business! No big surprise…

    • Sakaphoto Graphics

      Marco, is that you?

      • SH*T666


  • TinusVerdino

    When you download the firmware you can read the changes:
    Fixed Bluetooth connection problem with Smart phone(Android Marshmallow(Android6.0 version)).

    That’s it.

  • Duncan Dimanche

    WHAT ?!!! oh my !! I really want them to make a come back.

    But it’s pretty tough because they curently have, like a lot of people said “the best dx camera” of the market. And I have to agree that they do have an amazing camera with the Nx1. With amazing specs…
    1) the highest res dx
    2) best video autofocus
    3) great video codec (we just need the sofware to follow)
    4) quite amazing lenses
    5) awesome and useable wifi (not like nikon or sony….)

    but apparently that was not enough to keep them afloat so I seriously dount that they will make a come back..


    • peevee

      6) The best standard zoom (16-50/2-2.8).

      They just needed to keep prices in the competitive range. $2700 for the APS-C kit does not fly. Nikon D7200 with their premium kit (18-140) is $1350 – and THAT is their direct competitor. Given that they are less established in the marketplace (especially, no users already invested in the NX system), they should have been right below to capture new system buyers, not 2 times above.

      • Duncan Dimanche

        yes probably right… But it did deliver 4k and 120fps full HD and so on so the price was not “that” crazy but yeah something did go wrong… They should have focused on make less cameras maybe…. or a full frame camera straight away… not like that d5 body with a 2″3 sensor crazy thing that they came up with…

        • peevee

          That 4k cost them about nothing (they just reused their mass produced mobile phone CPU), and anyway, the capability does not make the camera worth twice of their more established-brand competitor.

  • Neopulse

    I remember discussing against a poster from here that was quite adamant in that Samsung was going to take over and beat the competition. That they were competent and ready to expand into the camera business and pretty much kick ass and take names…. Although I’m the kind of person who lies in wait to see what’s coming around the corner. But… hate to admit that I wish I was wrong in a way.

    Would have been interesting to have seen what Samsung could do in this kind of business and maybe kept the competition on their feet kinda like what Sony did (somewhat) to the main players. Well at least Photokina is not too far away and can possibly give them a chance to surprise us or just add another death nail to the NX coffin.

    • Jeffry De Meyer

      They would have if they had kept up with what they started.

      • Neopulse

        True, too bad they didn’t try to throw more money at the division. I think they were afraid of their stock prices falling to save face against their main competitors like Apple.

  • AYWY

    Maybe they are planning to do what they did with their GX series. It went to die, then the NX was born. Perhaps letting NX die a bit before announcing a new mount that pairs well with a 35mm sensor…

    … maybe in my dream. :p

    • MdB

      Great! Then they can have 4 mounts in a decade, sounds like a brand I would really want to invest in!

      • Someone

        Sony agrees with you

        • MdB

          Well let’s look at some stats shall we?

          Mounts used for stills cameras by brand in the last decade (mounts abandoned in brackets)

          Canon: 3 (0)
          Fujifilm: 2 (1)
          Nikon: 2 (0)
          Olympus: 2 (1)
          Panasonic: 2 (1)
          Pentax + Ricoh: 4 (1)
          Samsung: 3 (3)
          Sony: 2 (0)

          But it’s a nice try.

          • Someone

            Sony actually 4: Alpha, Alpha APS-C, E, EF. (I count full frame and aps-c separately because they use different lenses).

            What 3 mounts did Samsung use? Pentax and NX, but what else?

          • MdB

            Different image circles are not different mounts genius. They don’t use different lenses.


            NX Mount
            NX Mini

          • Which mount did Pentax/Ricoh abandon? The GXR series?

          • MdB

            Leica M. Minor I know, but I was aiming to be fairly complete.

          • BP2012

            Pentax 67 is only temporary abandoned. They are just waiting for big enough sensor 🙂

  • Vertex

    means nothing.
    i have support for my sony notebooks after sony killed them.

  • duck

    Samsung CEO loves cameras, and he is using Samsung phone with android marshmallow. That’s it.

  • Hardcore_Fanboy

    poking a dead body with a stick…
    me: “lol, samsung, iz u ded?”
    samsung: “not yet, back off tosser”

  • Marco –

    They released a new fw just to block the hacks and mods that are being done. They are bad guys, dark side. I hope the jedi modders will kick their @$$ asap.

  • Ricardo Andrade

    Sadly their cameras were too expensive. Awesome lens but that greenish pictures never helped also to give photographers what they like. I must say i have all the system and i am thinking of selling it because i dont like the colours. I am always changing them to BW… But nice of Samsung to release this firmware update. Its a nice touch, but i dont believe they are coming back… Too many good cameras with pleasing colours on the market. Samsung has the lens, but the others have the respect, the sensor coulous and a legacy of followers and lens.

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