Canon EOS 5D Mark IV camera rumored to have 4k video

The Canon EOS 5D Mark IV camera is rumored to have 4k and 1080p at 120fps video recording capabilities. The camera is currently in the testing phase and will most likely be announced for Photokina in September.

Via Canonrumors

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  • sickheadache

    Hello Nikon D820/D900 70-80 MP and 4K. Wow I see how this works.

    • Disqus Discuss

      You’re saying that it’s just a catch up to Nikon? I’d have to agree, except that Nikon has yet to catch up to Sony in terms of 4K abilities. So, the Canon is actually a couple of generations behind in terms of 4K abilities, dynamic range, and low ISO. Perhaps the 5K Mk IV will only be one generation behind Sony by the time it is released next year – assuming Sony doesn’t come out with something better in the interim.

      • Eno

        Actually the first to bring 4K in the interchangeable camera market at acceptable prices was Panasonic with GH4, that was almost one year before A7s + a 4K external recorder.

        • Disqus Discuss

          I think we’re talking full frame here…..

          • Eno

            The sensor size (except heat), has nothing to do with a good or a bad video implementation.
            Sony rocks on specks but in real use it doesn’t rock that nice with: bad colors, 8 bit codec (also on external recording), extremely bad highlight roll off, bad ergonomics, overheating, a joke of battery life, and a lots of many other small problems winch makes the use of their cameras…unpleasant.

          • Disqus Discuss

            Not just a question of video here – it’s the overall camera. Let’s talk about resolution, dynamic range, full frame “look” (i.e. DOF both in video and photos), and high ISO. No comparison in all of those factors. These aren’t just spec’s.

          • Eno

            The discussion was about 4K video recording.

            For a true photo experience 🙂 the Nikon, Canon and Pentax 35mm cameras are definitely better suited!

          • Disqus Discuss

            Nope the discussion was about a full frame camera, and what’s coming up for the next generation of what is Canon’s most popular full frame (which is VERY long in the tooth). Each system has strengths. One of Sony’s is that they have the best sensor in a full frame (have to go to a Sony MF to exceed it). Each of the other systems may have a model that is superior a number of factors, such as in frame rate, fastest focussing, resolution, dynamic range, high ISO, etc. However, overall, to exceed the A7rii you’d have have to schelp around several camera bodies, and an array of lenses for each. That’s irrational, and you seem to want to say anything with the sole purpose of maligning Sony’s offerings. One thing I’ve learned in life is that you can’t argue with a fanatic or a hater (I’ll go with Churchill’s definition here). No sense continuing this discussion.

          • Eno

            Agree, man can’t argue with a Sony troll. 🙂

          • MdB

            “Agree, man can’t argue with a Sony fanboy, troll or whatever.”

            What people against the A7R II don’t seem to get is the culmination of things that make that camera, they cherry pick all the ‘best in class’ and other random tidbits from every camera out there in an effort to ‘prove’ it isn’t very good. They’ll say things like:

            – It doesn’t AF as well as a 5D III
            – It doesn’t have IBIS as good as an Olympus
            – It doesn’t have the dynamic range (at base ISO) of a D810
            – It doesn’t have the simple menus of a Canon
            – It doesn’t have the battery life of a GH4 in 4K video
            – It doesn’t have Canon/Nikon/Olympus/Pentax colours (whichever the person posting happens to prefer, usually based on the brand they happen to use)

            That’s all wonderful stuff. Now if that person could then point out the Canon/Nikon/Olympus/Fuji or whatever that does have the best in all those things, then they might have a case. But you can’t buy ONE camera that is the best at all the above, not one. If only anti-A7RIi enthusiast with all the answers could in fact get Nikon and Canon and Olympus and Panasonic and Pentax and Fuji to come together maybe they could make a better single camera that does it all better than an A7R II. As it stands now though, to have all those things ‘better’ than an A7R II you have to carry around a half dozen different cameras with associated lenses, fun stuff!

          • Disqus Discuss

            You said it best! Take THAT Eno

          • BdV

            Well, if any of those issues are important enough to make you choose the other camera, then you should choose the other camera. Anyone can say things like the ones you mentioned about any camera. We don’t all end up buying the same one, and we can’t say the ones that buy the other cameras are dumb. They probably bought their camera(s), because there was something they liked about it.

          • MdB

            Completely agree. If you want a camera that excels in one thing, it’s probably not the best choice.

          • Les

            You forgot one thing:

            It has a terrible viewfinder that makes it impossible to follow action.

            As far as I am concerned, it’s a non-player until they fix that problem. All that other stuff, like for instance the fact that it has the second-highest pixel count of 24x36mm cameras, is irrelevant.
            I could live with the lens adapters, the pocketful of spare batteries, the poor ergonomics, the fact that it can’t shoot decent video without an external recorder, the fragility, the “gotcha” functionality (for instance, the fact that it drops-down to 12-bit in certain modes, or that electronic first curtain doesn’t work reliably above 1/1000).

            All of that would be OK if it wasn’t for that damn harsh, low-res, and slow viewfinder. It’s always four or five frames behind, with weird colors that (thankfully) have no relation whatsoever with what’s being recorded, it crams the shadows and looses the highlights.

            I hear that some people can work around this issue in a landscape or studio context, so I guess that’s where you’re coming from. If that’s the case, then you are correct: it’s a good choice for you.

            One more thing I don’t understand: why would you choose a posting about a new action/event Canon camera to tell the world how happy you are with your still-life/studio camera? It seems like such a random thing to do. The two cameras have so little overlap in functionality. In fact, they are almost perfect complements. One is the rugged and athletic outdoors type, and the other is the fragile but super-precise “indoors type.” You wouldn’t use one to do the other’s job, and vice-versa.

          • MdB

            And there you go, again missing the point. Other camera has a better viewfinder? I’m sure there is.

            As for the rest, well that’s all very personal, I could spend a week arguing why your so called ‘best’ viewfinder, isn’t.

            As for why? What cameras live in a bubble now do they? Only to be compared to ‘equal’ cameras (esteemed by glorious internet experts such as yourself of course)?

            I owned a 5D III alongside A7R II and they are very comparable cameras. You don’t like EVFs? That’s great, nice story.

          • Les

            Quick simile: do you post comments on cake recipes to say how you love roasted vegetables? It would make as much sense as what you are doing here.

            Don’t get me wrong. I’m glad that the latest Sony camera is fulfilling your photographic needs. I am very happy for you.

            But I wonder why you think any of that is relevant here. This is not a beginners’ forum. We are all familiar with mirrorless cameras and with SLRs. There is no need to randomly blurt-out “I love my Sony!”

            Cameras are not a religion, there is no need to swear allegiance to just one. They won’t get jealous if you use an SLR for sports and a mirrorless for tabletop.

          • MdB

            So you ARE saying this camera should be in a bubble and has no point of comparison, good stuff.

            Considering it is an article about a full frame digital camera having one specific feature, 4K video, you bringing up OVFs vs EVFs is more off topic than I have been, but of course yours was in response to mine, but guess what? Mine was in response to someone else’s. See how discussions work?

            I know you would rather everyone circle jerk over the new Canon and never mention any other cameras because they aren’t exactly the same (people will always find why another model isn’t relevant, be it lenses, or controls, or design philosophy or whatever).

          • Les

            re: “I know you would rather everyone circle jerk over the new Canon(…)”

            Oh, grow up. I’m sorry I called your baby ugly. To be fair, it’s just a camera.
            Like I said, I’m glad you love it (almost too much?).

          • MdB

            Still misses the point (what a surprise). Enjoy your 5D IV OVF in an otherwise lackluster camera (but it can’t be, it’s the ‘best’ because no one is allowed to compare it to anything else).

            Good day.

          • TwoStrayCats

            But it does sound like you could buy one that doesn’t have any of them.

          • Disqus Discuss

            If they’re all taking good pictures, then there’s no sense in improving cameras. Might as well just keep selling the same out-of-date cameras, like the 5DMkIII, forever.

          • MdB

            “I have a good feeling about 5D m4K which probably won’t surpass Sony on specs, but will probably deliver a much better experience. :)”

            Just like the 1DX II does right? 😉 Canon battery life is woeful in video / live view even though it has a significantly bigger battery. They have better battery life when using OVF, but that is zero use in video. GH4 has worse video, period, because of the smaller sensor, so yes, sensor size matters and wrapping it up in however many bits makes little difference.

            You might be in love with Canon Colours, but I can’t stand the muddy brownness personally.

            Lots of other small things? Like standard video features Canon save for their C series like peaking and zebras, the ability to use XLR audio, those types of things that make the Sony’s bad to use?

            Have you used one or just repeat what ‘facts’ you can find on the internet?

      • sickheadache

        Well a lil birdie told me..that Sony who supplies Nikon with their sensors..has a 70-80 full frame mp ready and testing. Hence…D820/D900. Plus over at Sony…if it is to be true..Sony has a replacement for the Sony A7rll in the works..A9 with 70-80mp and 4-6K Video.

        • Disqus Discuss

          Wow, thanks to you and your little birdie! That’s a game changer in terms of bragging rights. The A7rII is a great unit, and might be the best overall camera out there. It’d take a huge leap to exceed that in any significant way, and what you describe would fill the bill.

        • Goot

          and then you shot 70MP cat photos.. lol.. gratulations.

        • Henri De Vreese

          There is a HUGE difference between 4K and 6K. I’m 100% possitive that there won’t be a Nikon with 6K video any time soon.
          Look at the RED Weapon, it’s basically a high end PC with a sensor in front of it so it can record 6K video. Nikon would need at least 4 of their current processors to pull that off. And it would need a huge heatsink on the bottom to keep it from combusting.

      • Disqus Discuss

        PS – I meant high ISO.

  • dave

    please give it a c-log instead of just standard profiles like the 1dx2

    • Ethan

      A lower level canon having more than a flagship? Ill believe it when i see it.

      • Goot

        well you obviously have no clue …history has proven that newer low level models had better features than older top model.

        it´s not to unlikely the 5D MK4 will trump the 1DX II when it comes to video.

        • Ethan

          Show me an example.

          • duck

            1DS3 vs 5D2?

          • Ethan

            5d2 was the first canon to have video correct?

            what else did it have that was better than the 1ds3?


            after the release of video featured canons, there are NO lower models that had better specs than their upper class cameras.

          • johnny

            I believe Digic7 was first used on a point & shoot if you think DSP is a feature.

    • johnny

      +1. For really serious PS work, c-Log is much preferred.

  • TinusVerdino

    Mirrorless is probably better for video than dslr.

  • Eddy Kamera

    4k is like..standard feature now? It’s like saying future Ford car rumored to have wheels.

  • TwoStrayCats

    When geeks get together to argue minutiae, which side of a photo receptor smiles?

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