Hasselblad mirrorless medium format camera to be announced in less than an hour

Hasselblad will announce their first mirrorless medium format camera in one hour. Stay tuned for a detail coverage.

Here is the promo email sent from Hasselblad Germany for today's event (thanks Mistral75):

Sie sind Profi-Fotograf und arbeiten bereits mit Hasselblad? Die Geschichte der legendären Hasselblad und der Welt der Fotografie wird am Mittwoch neu geschrieben.

Sie sind kein Profi-Fotograf und interessieren sich deshalb nicht für Hasselblad? Genau darum sollten Sie am Mittwoch mit dabei sein.
Sie haben schon immer mit dem Mittelformat geliebäugelt, hatten aber gute Gründe, nicht den Schritt zu machen? Dann sollten Sie sich den Livestream unbedingt anschauen.

Kurz: Wenn Ihre Leidenschaft der Fotografie und der ko mpromisslosen Bildqualität gehört, dann dürfen Sie den Livestream vom Mittwoch nicht verpassen!

Am Mittwoch wird die Welt der Fotografie eine neue Dimension erhalten.
Freundliche Grüsse

And the translation:

You are a professional photographer and have been working with Hasselblad? The story of the legendary Hasselblad and the world of photography will be rewritten on Wednesday.

You are not a professional photographer and therefore are not interested in Hasselblad? That is why you should be there on Wednesday.

You've always flirted with the medium format, but had good reasons not to make the move? Then you must see the live stream.

In short, if you have the passion of photography and uncompromising image quality, the n you shall not miss the live stream on Wednesday!
On Wednesday, the world of photography will reach a new dimension.
With kind regards

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  • Mike

    This is one of the most exciting things to happen in the photo industry in a long time. I’ve been asking the universe for a digital Mamiya 6/7 like camera and the universe is about to officially respond. 🙂

    • Mistral75

      …with a 33×44 sensor :).

      • Mike

        True. But still. 😀

  • Brad F

    I really really enjoy these “cele-britized” unveilings. I used to work in the auto industry doing vehicle launches and ride and drive events for the media and having this sort of mysticism might seem cheesy but it adds to the experience for those that are serious about their passions and interests. Even if this event DIDN’T turn out what “we” want. It’s still fun.

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