Rumors: new Hasselblad True Zoom camera module for smartphones

Similar to Leica, Hasselblad is rumored to be soon joining the smart phone business with a new camera module accessory for the Moto Z smartphone. The specs of the Hasselblad True Zoom camera are:

  • 10x optical zoom
  • Xenon flash
  • Phisical shutter and zoom
  • Easy sharing
  • Automatic backup
  • RAW format capabilities

A few weeks ago another picture/rendering of a unknown camera module appeared online:

Hasselblad True Zoom camera module for smartphones
Also similar to Leica, Hasselblad recently introduced a new mirrorless system camera after announcing plans to open up their market. dominated by professionals, to a wider audience.

Via HellomotoHK

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  • Thylmuc

    Very much doubt that. Very much. Why choose some arbitrary smartphone that is here today, gone tommorow? Why from the greedy Android fraction? They might end up releasing a module for a smartphone which is not only out of production already, but gets no support any longer. In the smartphone business, time is of the essence, and Hasselblad is not known for being quick.

    • El Aura

      Choosing a specific phone model allows them to create something that works like a well-fitting case with decent ergonomics. Maybe even the software integration can be improved.

  • a-traveler

    Makes no sense. At all.

  • nwcs

    It’s the Sony QX again. Nice ideas but poor execution and the software usually is terrible to use.

  • chrisgull

    Brand dilution… if you want to extend your brand down-market, make sure you carry the attributes your brand is known for. I don’t see that happening here.

  • FountainHead

    Not made out of Brazilian Rainforest Wood and Unicorn Horn?
    No sale.

  • Thylmuc

    Shure. But does the Moto Z have a proven history of form factor stability, like e.g. the iPhone 5->5s-SE has? (Don’t know about Samsung). When they’re done with their software Integration, will there be any Moto Z left in active use?

  • outkasted

    stop. please just stop…..please..

  • outkasted

    fallen angel….sad really. (sigh)

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