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GoPro will soon announce two new models: HERO5 Session and HERO5 Black (see also the leaked HERO5 menu). Here are the specs of the HERO5 Black model (the manual is available here):

  • Video: 4K-30fps, 2.7K-60fps, 1440p-80fps, 1080p-120fps
  • Size: 62 mm x 44.6 mm x 33.7 mm
  • Weight: 118 g (including battery), 90g (body only)
  • Battery: 1220mAh, 3.85V
  • Terminal: USB Type C, HDMI
  • Storage: MicroSD card
  • LCD: touch panel
  • Wi-Fi: 802.11 b / g / n / a / ac
  • Bluetooth: BT4.1 + BLE

GoPro HERO5 3

Via Nokishita Camera

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  • doge


  • vasras

    Still no 4K @60fps. What’s the wait? Sensors can already do that. Is it a question of writing it fast to a card/memory?

    • Jesse

      There is so much more involved than just a sensor and a memory card.

    • nzswedespeed

      That will come next year when cops can support it. But I agree, I wonder what wow factor this is going to have considering these look like the yi2 specs which I’ve seen prices as low at US$213…

    • DANIEL Rogness

      These are the same specs as the Hero4. It might just be a place holder. Although, the video modes are already impressive It might be in their release plans to have new features introduced in Hero5 and then Spec increases in Hero6. For the near term, I think this is a mistake as GoPro needs serious WOW factor on this release. I don’t think they should wait. The Hero5 needs to be leaps and bounds ahead of the competition.

    • Wolf33d

      I cannot believe no 4k60p, after two years? No way…

  • nzswedespeed

    Hmmm this looks like what the 4black should have been. I wonder what chip it’s using, if it’s the armberella a9se it is going to look grossly overpriced compared to the Yi 2. If the hero session can do 2.7k at 60fps I could be interested in that

  • DANIEL Rogness

    I’m wondering if the current video modes shown in the manual are what will actually be on the Hero5. Looks like a copy/paste from the Hero4 manual. Might just be a temporary place holder. Plus, there is this link above it:
    show diagram of different resolutions: https://

  • Rainbow Dash

    What can I say, Hero5 got wi-fi ac, bt 4.1LE, LCD, GPS. it’s but over.
    Yi2 have two mic. can record audio in stereo and is half the price

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