Big Canon announcement on August 25th, 5D Mark IV camera price: €3,799

Canon will announce the Canon 5D Mark IV DSLR camera plus new lenses and accessories on August 25th, somewhere between 5-7 am European central time. The price of the 5D Mark IV in Europe will be €3,799 (almost $4,300, US pricing is usually lower). For reference, the 5D Mark III currently sales for 2,599 after $200 discount.

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  • ZZ

    An ode to 5D

    4K 4 5D
    with 4K Video yay
    I wait 4K days …

    • Duncan Dimanche

      this is the most confusing post so far. good job

      • ZZ

        (Haiku translation … the above post …)

        $4,000 for a 5D
        with 4K Video, whoop de doo
        I’ll will wait 4,000 days (roughly 11 yrs.) …
        to score a used one while the Mk III putters along …

  • Photog

    that is a hefty sum they ask in the current market situation.

  • sickheadache

    4,300 for That Camera…I see Canon is taking the Sony Approach to Pricing.

  • Jeffry De Meyer

    That must be a kit price

    • Jean Lebreton

      I hope that you say is true

    • Could be – I have to ask again. This is the only price that was given to me.

  • Bo Dez


    • This is a direct conversion of the EU price, US pricing is usually always lower plus I believe the EU price I was given is with tax incl.

  • Steve Morgan

    That price will include VAT at 20%. That’s nearer $3600 + tax.

  • David Matei

    So what ?

  • Photog

    at least 3799 euro body only would leave a big gap for the 6D MK2 to fill… 😉

    after putting some thought in it… i think i will wait until the price dropped to 2800 euro.
    it´s just not worth it for me to be one of the first and pay a premium.

  • Neopulse

    It better perform immensely well if it has that price tag.

  • Eric Calabros

    Please don’t let Nikon see this price

    • Duncan Dimanche

      hahahah so true !

  • Duncan Dimanche

    That is a VERY impressive…. price Canon !

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