Primoplan 75/f1.9 is another Meyer-Optik lens on Kickstarter

So there were two new Meyer-Optik lenses on that teaser after all - the company just announced today a second lens, the Primoplan 75/f1.9, that will join the Primoplan 58/f1.9 on Kickstarter:

Additional infromation:



At the request of many of its backers from around the world, German lens manufacturer Meyer-Optik-Goerlitz announced today that it is adding the Primoplan 75/f1.9 to its already successful Kickstarter campaign to resurrect the Primoplan 58/f1.9.

Both lenses are now available as a package deal on the Kickstarter campaign, which launched on Friday and has already raised more than $350,000 in pledges.

The original Primoplan 75 was sold from 1935 as the Nacht Exakta by Exakta, but was then redesigned after the war between 1952 and 1955, this time with a ‘V’ in its name. In this short time, the Primoplan 75 established its legendary reputation as a lens for portraits and sports. Today, the vintage Primoplan 75s sell for thousands of dollars on the second-hand market.

The new Primoplan, which will go into serial production immediately, will maintain the classic sharpness and versatile bokeh that vintage enthusiasts love while incorporating modern technological advances for today’s DSLRs and mirrorless cameras.

The Primoplan 75 is known for its fine progression from sharpness to blur, exceptional base sharpness and unique, dreamy bokeh. It is also hailed for its almost perfect skin tone reproduction, which greatly simplifies post-production.

The 75mm focal length ensures a natural viewing angle and does not compress as much as longer focal lengths. Thanks to its 14 aperture blades, it features impressive blur patterns even when stopped down.

“I've worked with many lenses, but none of them perform as well as the Primoplan 1.9/75. It’s like a paintbrush that I never want to let go of,” said Benedikt Ernst, internationally renowned fashion and portrait photographer.

The Primoplan 75/f1.9 was developed by legendary designer Paul Schäfter. The new version will also be handbuilt in Goerlitz, with Meyer-Optik developing them with the support of engineer Dr. Wolf-Dieter Prenzel, who was part of the former Meyer-Optik engineering team in Goerlitz in the 1970s. He has been working hand-in-hand with Meyer-Optik to rebuild the brand since it was relaunched in 2014.

Now, the Primoplan 75 and the Primoplan 58 mark the resurrection of the storied Primoplan family of lenses – a revival that has been met enthusiastically by the brand’s supporters.

“We are deeply impressed how photographers from all around the world have reacted to the return of the Primoplan 58/f1.9,” said Dr. Stefan Immes, CEO of net SE, owner of Meyer-Optik. “The response to our Primoplan 58 Kickstarter has, frankly, blown us away. We hit our initial funding goal in a half hour and received $230,000 in pledges for this ultimate art lens within 24 hours of our launch.”

To see the Kickstarter, click here.
To see the Press Kit, click here.
The Primoplan lens will be available with mounts for
* Canon EF
* Nikon F
* Sony
* FujiX
* Micro Four Thirds
* M42
* Leica M (rangefinder not supported/focusing via live view)

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  • MB

    I wonder whats all the hype about these toy lenses lately … are we all becoming nothing more than a posers or what?

    • yaley

      I understand that the swirly background can look really cool. Plus it’s something that can make your pics stand out. Expecially against smartphones.
      But I don’t get the price. Why are so many people willing to pay so much money for it?

      • Mistral75

        Why are so many people buying Louis Vuitton bags, the retail price of which is more than ten times their unit cost?

        • yaley

          I guess you’re right…
          Sometimes I just wonder what would be possible if someone used modern design to actually design a lens FOR swirly bokeh. With these old lenses it was just a byproduct, not something they wanted to do…

      • TheInconvenientRuth

        It’s usually affluent hobby photographers who can easily afford them because of their main job that enjoy experimenting with different lenses. People spend thousands on a diferent looking set of wheels for their car that is still functionally identical. My father just spent $1500 on a fishing rod that will last him 2-3 years…It’s just people enjoying themselves, let them have their fun. In a year they’ll ghet bored of it and you can buy a mint condition one on eBay for half the price.

        • yaley

          Don’t get me wrong! I’m not complaining about them! I am just curious 🙂

        • ElDiablo

          I am not a hobbyist photographer and I am interested in this lens. It produces a different look that I can definetely use in some of my work in progress. Taste is subjective, why are you judging people by their set of wheels and their function? Is your photography functional (commercial work might be…) or serves a specific purpose beside making you feel good, exciting the viewers senses?
          In a year they will get bored of it… that’s at least insulting.
          Usually people bashing others for their choices are just jealous. Usually people marking themselves as professionals making the right choices simply suck. I bet your portfolio is as good as that. Would you mind to share your Pro wonders with us?
          What lenses a Pro like you use? Why a unique 14 blade German concept lens made of metal (manufactured in any asian country, i don’t really care) should cost less than my plastic Nikkors made in China / Thailand?
          And yes I am having FUN shooting, that’s the whole point. i don’t know how old are you and what your psychological state of mind is but you should just stop there for a moment and realize why are you so upset with other people’s choices. It doesn’t really make sense, if you don’t like a lens just… don’t buy it. You spent time bashing it without even trying it out. Why?

          • TheInconvenientRuth

            “why are you judging people by their set of wheels and their function?” I’m not judging anyone, I didn’t say whether that was a good or bad thing, I was merely explaining who this kind of lens is generally aimed at. Calm down.I didn’t bash anything.You did.

    • Michael Turner

      Some of these lenses look awful. Some look great(100 and 58) and some are just a one trick pony. I like the gritty yet real look that the 100 has but other than that one I probably won’t get any.

  • TinusVerdino

    Mount for Sony….. A or E?

  • alphaPDX

    No love for Pentax even with the K•1 selling well. Ah well, I guess the M42 is sufficient.

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