Zeiss teaser for a new lens to be announced at Photokina

Zeiss has a new teaser on their Facebook page about a new lens being announced at Photokina:

Update: the new Zeiss lens will be Loxia 2.4/85.

Hey friends of the @Sony α7! At #photokina you'll have the chance to test a new lens. Any guesses? #ZEISSphk16

As you can read from the comments on Facebook, this will most likely be a new Loxia or a Batis lens (Zeiss already announced three new Milvus lenses last week).

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  • Neopulse

    Looks like Batis. Hopefully a Macro 100mm f/2.8 with IF

    • Jeffry De Meyer

      Looks like a slow wide lens

      • Neopulse

        What do you think? There’s an 85mm, 25mm and 18mm Batis already.

        • Jeffry De Meyer

          14mm f4, utrawide but still portable and capable of taking a filter.

          this is purely a guess, the lens on my sigma dp0 kinda looks the same from the front
          The view of the diaphragm is similar to what I see when I look at the front of my samyang 14mm

          • Neopulse

            Hmmm interesting. Also cool you own such a camera, was interesting in the DP3 with the Macro, but got turned off when I had to sell something first before taking that dive. And then I just forgot over time. The latest SD with the APS-H sensor looks interesting though.

          • Jeffry De Meyer

            Looks like I was wrong, 85mm loxia

            And I wouldn’t buy a dp3 for macro, you can get fairly close but not close enough to do fun shots .
            Wide open it is a fun camera for portraits, the moment you close the aperture down, the bokeh become extremely busy.

          • Neopulse

            I did not know the bokeh was bad on it. But yeah, you can get quite close, the Camera Store guys did it and he thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks for the info btw on the lens being a Loxia 85mm. Was hoping it was a 60mm or 100mm Macro Batis.

          • Jeffry De Meyer


            5 aperture blades, when they are open everything is fine but once you close them down a bit chaos.

            Just look at the snail background and the background of the image of my grandfather.

            (these are from the dp3m not q, but they kept the same lens on both cameras)

          • Neopulse

            Hola crap, quite noticeable, very…. odd looking the snail background. Your grandfather pic’s background could be attributed to lots of vegetation and many reflective surfaces that give that look. But the snail background given by the lens looks unrefined. But Sigma I think has been paying more attention to sharpness, microcontrast and detail rather than bokeh. Thank you for sharing though.

          • Jeffry De Meyer

            it is just the low amount of unrounded aperture blades, wide open there really isn’t a problem so the lens really is OK.
            Close it down far enough and the problem is gone too. (but since the camera falls apart at ISO 200 you need a lot of light to use it at high f-stop numbers)

            odd thing is that the dp2 and 1 both have more blades.

            anyway if you want to shoot macro, just get a nice aps-c body and a long macro lens like the 150mm.
            you will end up with more detail for the same amount of money.

          • Neopulse

            Thought the ISO was cleaner in comparison than the previous gen to 800?

          • Jeffry De Meyer

            I don’t like using the Dp0 over 200, colours diminish and noise just go up so much faster than any modern camera.

          • Neopulse

            Damn, depressing, was sold on the fact it could handle ISO 800 very well which the previous gen was capped in IQ around 400.

          • Jeffry De Meyer

            You need to stay at base ISO or it really isn’t worth the trouble.

            and it really is trouble, they have a low dynamic range so you need to protect your highlights because they blow out really quickly and you aren’t getting them back..
            You end up underexposing your shadows which become noisy when you raise them to much in post. To much is more than a stop…

            At least the problem the dpm range had with the body were somewhat solved with the q range.

            I love it when an image works, a line is a line and not some blury bayer interpolation.
            But for every image that works I probably would have created 50 good ones with my regular camera

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