The latest updates and deals on photo editing software

Today Topaz Labs announced their new Texture Effects 2 and is currently offering $10 off until October 30th with coupon code TFX2.

The Franzis NEAT Projects is 46% off till the end of the September (more info available here).

Macphun os also running some specials on their new Aurora HDR 2017 software (more info available here)

ON1 posted their first look of their upcoming Photo RAW software (more info available here).

Check Adobe's special offers for students and teachers.

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  • Tolot

    i hope on1 raw software runs circles around lightroom.. adobe is a crappy company.

    it´s so big it thinks it does not have to care about it´s customers anymore.

    i really hope that business is one day going really bad for adobe.. but with all the lemmings it doesn´t seem that way yet.

    don´t get me wrong i like PS and i use it but adobe as company is a PITA.. no support, only hotline people without a clue, constant licensing or update issues. forced to be online to do basic task (like changing a program language….). i mean why do i have to log into my adobe account to choose what language i want to install?
    since forever programs give you the choice to choose your language in the INSTALLER….

    adobe sure has a comittee with only the purpose to find new ways to annoy the customers

    plus…. it´s constantly spying on you. my firewall reports usually around 500+ connections to adobe a day.

    if i could use another software i would.. but for compatibility reasons i am bound to adobe….
    AE, Premiere at work.

  • doge

    I really like this on1 software. It looks like it could be a step forward in simplifying the post workflow. There’s a decent sale on it right now too.

  • Jeffry De Meyer

    On1 has a great vibe going for it self, hmm they should contact twip and do an interview.

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