Hasselblad X1D shipment delayed again

The shipment of the Hasselblad X1D medium format mirrorless camera is delayed again till the end of November according to German Profifoto. In the US B&H now shows the shipping date as December 1st:

Hasselblad's CEO Perry Oosting issued this statement regarding the delay:

"The X1D is a tremendous success and will continue to be in the future. We apologize for the delay from previous announcements, but a solid foundation is important for sustainable growth in the future. In addition to the three existing XCD lenses, we will offer a wide range of other lenses next year. The X1D will be a key core product of Hasselblad in 2017 and beyond. "

The X1D was initially expected to start shipping in late August/early September. Here are the pre-order options:

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  • Spy Black

    “The X1D is a tremendous success…”

    Pre-sales success, I suppose.

    • and all this was before the Fuji GFX was announced…

      • dredlew

        The Fuji and Hasselblad don’t really compare, I’d say. The Hasselblad is still smaller and also offers leaf shutters (which I could do without). But the Pentax’ 645z (or successor) and the Fuji GFX will battle it out. I wish PhaseOne would bring a direct competitor to the Hasselblad X1D, but that is unlikely going to happen anytime soon. So Hasselblad can charge a premium for the time being.

        • Yes, they are different but still both are mirrorless medium format solutions that did not exist before.

          • dredlew

            Sure but the Fuji being mirrorless doesn’t have as much influence, since it’s still the size of a DSLR. It’s smaller than the 645z, definitely, that’s why I’m hoping that Pentax will make a smaller successor as the 645z is getting dated. The Hasselblad however is truly mirrorless-sized and that’s where they can command a premium for and there is (currently) no competition that would force them otherwise. Given their other product pricing, the X1D will certainly be a “success” for them, relatively speaking.

          • Spy Black

            Hope the Rumors Headquarters is holding out well with it’s brush with Matthew.

          • Yes, we got lucky this time.

          • Les

            I think the X1D will compete with the Sony A7R2. They share similar tech and philosophy. Obviously, there are differences (which many will be keen to point-out, as if they weren’t obvious), but someone who is looking for the ultimate image quality in a small mirrorless still camera should consider both. The Sony is cheaper, but a small system with high-quality lenses still pushes well past $5K, so it’s not that much cheaper.

            I’m still not sure where the Fuji fits-in. It’s is no smaller than the Leica S, and probably not much cheaper retail (no used options for the Fuji). Leica has a full lens line that is peerless in terms of image quality, speed, and high-quality viewfinder. The Pentax option is bigger, but even cheaper, and uses the same basic sensor as the Fuji. Is the market big enough to accommodate a system that costs slightly more than Pentax, slightly less than Leica, with no IQ advantage?

          • CHD

            The Fuji is considerably smaller than a Leica S….the GFX is also smaller than a FF DSLR….so I would hardly call that ‘big’. Also how do you figure the Fuji will cost ‘slightly less’ then a Leica S?? Fuji already stated the kit would be ‘well under $10k’. Have you looked at the cost of S lenses?? The cheapest one you can find is $4400 and the S is $13k so you are looking at $17,400 vs ‘well under $10k’.

            At least do some simple homework before spewing off a bunch of garbage as facts.

          • Les


            The Fuji is very thick, have a look. They put the battery between the sensor and the rear screen. That’s probably for a good reason, but only Fuji knows why. The grip is hand-sized, like the Leica, or any full-frame Canon or Nikon.

            As for the price, I have done my research. I own an S, and I paid considerably less than what you quote, for a new camera with full warranty.

            I stand by what I wrote. The Fuji will slot-in between the Leica and the Pentax, with no great advantage over each. I’m sure some people will find that it’s the right rung on the medium format ladder for them, but it will always be a hard decision. A little more money will get you Leica’s amazing lenses and viewfinder. Or you can get a similar sensor (and some pretty good lenses) for less money from Pentax. All three can be adapted to use most legacy medium format glass.

            The X1D, on the other hand, is unique in this segment. Its closest competitor is the A7R2. It’s spiritual ancestor is the Contax G2: it’s not fast, and it’s a closed system, but it provides the quality of bigger systems at half the size and 80% of the cost.

          • CHD

            B&H sells a new Leica S Type 006 for $13k, the type 007 is $17k. So once again…not sure how you think a Leica S is slightly more expensive then the Fuji…that is simply false. Not to mention that if you’re comparing the cheaper CCD sensor Leica to the CMOS in the Fuji the two are lightyears apart.

            The biggest advantage I see to the Fuji is they are excellent at making lenses (better then Pentax IMO) and much cheaper then Leica.

          • Thylmuc

            As I said, the X1D has a heat problem that Fuji avoids by putting the battery between sensor and LCD.

            According to an interview that someone linked in the FB Fuji GFX group, Fuji aims at a price comparable with a professsional “full Frame” DSLR – hence maybe not slotting in between Leica and Pentax.

            Will the X1D really be a closed system? There are cooperations with Leica and with Alpa. It seems as if Hasselblad wants to become rather open.
            Good to hear that the horror price of the Leica is only on paper 😉

        • Thylmuc

          They do really compare, after Fuji announced that there may be support for leaf shutter lenses in the future, and evidently, an H lens adapter.

          The smaller size of the X1D demands a high price, i.e. a hot sensor in direct vicinity to the LCD. The Fuji interposes the battery between sensor and LCD.

          Maybe, Hasselblad tries to take into account Initial Feedbacks from Photokina visitors. The EVF has a noticable delay, for example.

          Incidently, “manual” focussing on the X1D is by wire, and I wasn’t impressed at Photokina, since after playing with it for just like 30 seconds, the focussing stopped working.
          So, I am not surprised by the delay. Better later than buggy.
          If this is any indication: the Facebook group on the GFX has more than 3000 members, the groups on the X1D like 100. It Looks as if some people at Hasselblad should panic.

  • Paco Ignacio

    Rich people problems… (sigh)

  • Per K

    Admin: The first batch has already been delivered. Now we wait for the second.

  • Glen

    I’m Blad to the bone but this is seriously making me reconsider.

  • raziel28

    It looks like a big Lego toy.
    Also, much better than new Fuji (In my opinion).

  • Mistral75

    Ming Thein has given additional details on this delay:

    I’ve been told that a decision has been made to reorganise the production facility to cope with much higher volumes than were initially anticipated (even so, the back order list is expected to extend into early next year). This reorganisation is currently in progress and means delivery of the first cameras is now expected late November.

    See https://blog.mingthein.com/2016/10/08/hasselblad-x1d-on-location-modern-heritage-mini-movie-and-status-update/

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